Jeffrey Kottler and children from NepalFighting Fires

As fire raged, causing massive destruction throughout the region, Cal State Fullerton's South Central Coastal Information Center was deployed to identify historic and prehistoric archaeological sites in an effort to preserve them.

Cost of Dirty Air: $28 Billion

Air pollution contributes to 3,800 premature deaths and costs the California economy more than $28 billion annually, according to a new study by two Cal State Fullerton economics professors.

Working For a Cause

Economist Morteza Rahmatian, an expert in resource and environmental economics, is helping world leaders develop their countries without damaging the Earth. The professor's expertise was summoned in Tehran by the United Nations.

Predicting So Cal Climate

The trend since the end of the last ice age, about 10,000 years ago, is for the climate to get drier, according to Matthew Kirby, assistant professor of geological sciences.

Coastal Ecology Under Attack

Native seaweeds off the coast should be considered under assault because native herbivores mostly prefer to eat the native seaweed, leaving the invaders without natural predators and free to proliferate, according to research by a CSUF lecturer of biological science.

Scientists Study Endangered Plant

“This plant and others will help us determine how our entire ecosystem is being modified. It is a major indication of disappearing river habitats in Southern California.” — C. Eugene Jones, emeritus professor of biological science

Revamping Recycling

Find out how Cal State Fullerton recycles at the university's new and improved website. Features include a schedule for recycling services and tips on how to recycle and why.

Space Sense

"Remote sensing is a critically important tool in regional planning and environmental monitoring and research, but it has a wide and expanding variety of applications." — Dean Thomas P. Klammer on CSUF's Center for Remote Sensing