Promoting Prevention to Reduce Obesity, Cancer Deaths

Sora Park Tanjasiri, professor of health science and director of Cal State Fullerton's Center for Cancer Disparities Research, recently garnered nearly $7 million in grants to fund efforts to prevent obesity and cancer deaths in the Pacific Islander community over the next five years. “Through research studies, evaluation, education campaigns and training, we’re hoping to reduce obesity and promote early cancer detection among this very medically underserved population in Southern California," Tanjasiri says.

Short description of image content Raising Awareness
Tu-Uyen N. Nguyen, assistant professor of Asian American studies, and 11 of her students spent the past year engaged in a community project that has resulted in heightened awareness of sexual and reproductive health issues in the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities in Orange County.     .

Short description of image contentDesperate Measures
Eliza Noh's sister committed suicide two decades ago, she dedicated herself to researching the causes of suicide among Asian American women. Today, the associate professor and coordinator of Asian American studies is writing a book based on her research findings. "Recent data on the alarming suicide rates among Asian American women are directing increasing public attention to this important mental health issue. The 'model minority' pressure — socially produced pressure internalized by families of some Asian-American children to be high achievers at school and professionally — is a big part of the problem," she says.

Short description of image content Second Generation Faith
Sharon S. Kim, assistant professor of sociology, recently authored "A Faith of Our Own," based on a decade of her research on Korean American Christianty. "Rather than assimilating into mainstream American evangelical churches or inheriting the churches of their immigrant parents, second-generation pastors are creating their own hybrid space," Kim says.    

Short description of image contentAsian American Studies HonoredFor its kokua (Hawaiian for extending help to others and for their benefit rather than personal gain), Cal State Fullerton’s Asian American Studies Program was recognized by the Orange County Asian and Pacific Islander Community Alliance.


Short description of image content Emeriti Receive Highest Honor
Dennis F. Berg, emeritus professor of sociology, and Thomas P. Klammer, emeritus dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, have been awarded the highest honor bestowed on educators by the Vietnamese government.

Short description of image content Growth Opportunity
Senior business administration major Steve Duran last year became the first CSUF student to receive a California State University Wang Family Scholarship to spend a year in China, studying at Peking University. Upon his return, he says his outlook, opinions and way of thinking have changed.

Short description of image content Practicing Reporting Skills in Vietnam
Jeff Brody, professor of communications, traveled to Vietnam with 14 students last spring. The students learned about the culture and people of Vietnam through writing assignments. They spent 10 days reporting on the work of medical professionals as part of Project Vietnam Foundation.          

Short description of image content Expanding Business Borders
Three business faculty members — Bhushan L. Kapoor, Ofir Turel and Pawel Kalczynski — are developing curriculum to help Vietnamese educators teach and assess students working on a bachelor’s degree in e-commerce.

Short description of image contentFostering Civic EngagementA study focusing on the civic engagement experiences of voters from the Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese American communities in Orange County shows that reaching them requires a fostering of trust. The report’s author, Eric E. Reyes, assistant professor of Asian American studies, says the purpose of his research was to “provide local public policy makers and community members with insights into the state of civic engagement by Asian Americans in Orange County.”