May 2012

Posted May 31

In March, Doug Eernisee, Biological Science, gave an invited research seminar on “What Ed Ricketts Did in the Year Following His Famous Sea of Cortez Expedition” at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles.

Todd Cadwallader Olsker, Nicole Engelke, Scott Annin and Amanda Henning, Mathematics, presented “Does a Statement of Whether Order Matters in Counting Problems Affect Students' Strategies?” at the 15th Annual Conference on Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education in Portland, Ore. Engelke was an organizer for the “Research on Using Technology as a Research and Formative Assessment Tool in the Calculus Classroom” working group during February program.

John D. Spiak, Grand Central Art Center, was a panelist on “Getting Into the Bones: Museums, Dance and Social Action” and “New Roles/New Culture: Tackling Topics and Engaging New Audiences” at the April 29-May 2 American Association of Museums Annual Conference in Minneapolis. Spiak also served on two panels at the May 18-20 Open Engagement Art and Social Practice conference in Portland, Ore. They were: “It Turns Out There Is Room for Everyone: Museums and Social Practice” and “Prison Communities: You Can’t Arrest Your Way to a Solution. Social Practice Engaging the Criminal Justice System.”

May 21

Patty Malone and Javette Hayes, both Human Communication Studies, co-authored “Backstabbing in Organizations: Employees’ Perceptions of Incidents, Motives and Communicative Responses” at the Nov. 17-20 National Communication Association Convention in New Orleans. Malone also delivered “Tell It Like It Is: TV News as Narrative, the Real Story.” Also presenting at the conference were fellow department associates: Erika Thomas, “Challenging Gender Binaries Through a Defense of the Transgender Self: An Examination of the Apologia of ‘The Pregnant Man’”; Jason Teven, “Personality and Its Association With Student’s Prosocial/Antisocial Communication Orientations”; Stella Ting-Toomey, “Establishing Cross-Cultural Measurement Equivalence of Scales Associated With Face-Negotiation Theory: A Critical Issue in Cross-Cultural Comparisons”; and Marcia Dawkins, “A Different Kind of Professor” and “Passing As Rhetoric.” Peter Lee chaired “Symbolism in Popular Culture: For Good or Ill” at the conference.

May 18

Graduating biological science students Sarah Taylor and Emily Nguyen Wieber tied for first place for best poster in the “Ecology and Evolution” category at the May 4-5 meeting of the Southern California Academy of Sciences. The duo ave conducted research on a plant’s hydraulic system in the lab of H. Jochen Schenk, Biological Science.

May 17

Sprinter Morgan Thompson was selected 2012 Women's Freshman of the Year in voting by the Big West Conference track and field coaches.

Lori Morris was named assistant coach for women's basketball May 17. She previously served four seasons on the women's basketball staff at University of Louisiana, Lafayette.

Physics graduate student Daniel Henriksen and Ionel Tifrea, Physics, coauthored “Confinement and Diffusion Effects in Dynamical Nuclear Polarization in Low Dimensional Nanostructures” presented at February divisional meeting of Condensed Matter Physics of the American Physical Society in Boston.

Students from the lab of Hope Johnson, Biological Science, presented posters at the April Southern California Geobiology Symposium in Riverside. SeongEun Kim delivered "Regulation of the Manganese Oxidizing Protein in Erythrobacter sp. SD21"; Krystle Collins and Katherine Nakama shared “Purification and Stimulation of the Manganese (II)-oxidizing Peroxidase From Erythrobacter sp. SD21.”

In April, undergraduate geological sciences student Sean Hartman, who works in the lab of Phillip A. Armstrong, Geological Sciences, presented “Underplating Below the Western Chugach Mountains in the Southern Alaska Block Syntaxial Core Constrained by Low-Temperature Thermochronology” at the American Association of Petroleum Geologists annual meeting in Long Beach. His paper was co-written with Armstrong and alumna Jeanette C. Arkle (B.A. geography-environmental analysis ’05, B.S. geological sciences ’08, M.S. geological sciences ’11).

May 16

Graduate student Gagandeep Bains, who works in the lab of Christopher Meyer, Chemistry and Biochemistry, was the winner of the Masters Poster Presentation at the 23rd Science Conference of Graduate Women in Science, Sigma Chapter March 3 at Chapman University. Her paper was titled “Probing the Role of Proline-288 in the Regulation of Agrobacterium Tumefaciens ADPG Pyrophosphorylase.”

Graduate geological sciences student Aaron Katona was awarded the Jonathan O. Davis Scholarship in Quaternary Sciences from the Desert Research Institute of the University of Nevada. The $4,000 national scholarship is awarded annually to one master's or doctoral student whose proposal shows a strong reliance on geological techniques and is focused on the U.S. Great Basin region.

Junior biological science major Sophia Hernandez received a 2012 CSUPERB Presidents’ Commission Scholar Award to fund her research, “Investigation of the Association of Soluble Intracellular Manganese in Pseudomonas Putida GB-1 and its Corresponding Mutant.” She was among 67 applications received from student-faculty teams on 18 CSU campuses; 25 awards were made.

May 10

Adam Golub, American Studies, authored “A Transnational Tale of Teenage Terror: ‘The Blackboard Jungle’ in Global Perspective” published in the March 2012 issue of Red Feather: An International Journal of Children's Visual Culture.

Mathematics students who presented at the March 7 Pacific Coast Undergraduate Mathematics Conference at Cal Poly Pomona included: Nicholas Blackford, Daniel Lenders and Danny Orton, from the lab of Scott Annin, “An Inverse-Based Generalization of the Probability That Two Elements in a Finite Group Commute”; Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation student Nancy Garcia, from the lab of Nicole Engelke, “Gestures as Facilitators to Proficient Mental Modelers”; Mikhail Popov, who works with Sam Beheta, “Assessing Uncertainty of Clustered Neuronal Intensity Curves”; Kevin Oskar Negron, who works with Zair Ibragimov, “Isometries in Metric and Ultrametric Space”; and undergraduate Jorly Chatouphonexay, under the direction of Angel Pineda, “Maximum Likelihood Estimation of the Fat Fraction Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging at High Signal to Noise Ratio.”

May 7

Cindy Smith Greenberg, Nursing, was elected president of the California Association of Colleges of Nursing for a two-year term that began April 20.

Physics students presenting at the 2012 meeting of the LIGO Scientific Collaboration and Virgo Collaboration at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge were Fabian Magana-Sandoval, Thomas Abbott and Chris Griffo. Joshua Smith, Physics, delivered a plenary update on detector characterization activities in LIGO.

Lynda Randall, Secondary Education, and Elahe Amani, Student Affairs, presented “‘Power Up’ Project: Ensuring Student Success in Online Learning” April 18 at the 17th annual online conference “Technology, Colleges and Community.” 

May 3

Ed Knell, Anthropology, co-authored “Linking Bones and Stones: Regional Variation in Late Paleoindian Cody Complex Land Use and Foraging Strategies” published in the January issue of American Antiquity. Knell is curator at the John D. Cooper Archaeological and Paleontological Curation Center.

Scott Annin, Mathematics, presented “Mathematics and Mountaintops” at the April 14 Mathematical Association of American, Southern California-Nevada Section, meeting  on campus. The talk shared his experiences taking people on hikes and compares it with guiding students on the trek of mathematics.

Murtadha A. Khakoo, Physics, co-authored “Tuning Out Vibrational Levels in Molecular Electron Energy-Loss Spectra” in Vol. 85, Issue 1 of Physics Review A.

May 1

Hye-Kyeung Seung and Minjung Kim, both Human Communication Studies, read a paper on “Speech Sound Development of Bilingual Children With Autism” at the November American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Convention in San Diego. Seung also delivered “Are Korean Immigrant Parents Satisfied With Their Children’s Intervention?” and Kim co-authored the paper “Influence of Non-Semantic Gesture on Low-Frequency Lexical Retrieval” presented at the conference.

Michael E. Loverude, Barbara L. Gonzalez and Roger Nanes, all Physics, co-authored the paper “Inquiry-Based Course in Physics and Chemistry for Preservice K-8 Teachers” in “Teacher Education in Physics: Research, Curriculum and Practice” published by the American Physical Society.

Jesse Battan, American Studies, was appointed an Eccles Centre Visiting U.S. Fellow in North American Studies for 2012. The award, administered by the British Association for American Studies, provides £2,500 to support monthlong research at the British Library in London. While there, Battan will be looking at the papers of Françoise Lafitte-Cyon, a French political and sexual radical, as well as the correspondence between Margaret Sanger and Marie Stopes, 20th-century advocates for reproductive autonomy, as part of his current research project, “‘Incompatible Bedfellows’: Love and Freedom in Early Twentieth-Century America.”

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