December 2010

Dec. 15

Shaun Pichler, Management, co-authored “Clarifying Relationships Among Work and Family Social Support, Stressors and Work-Family Conflict” in the February issue of the Journal of Vocational Behavior and “Heterosexism in Employment Decisions: The Role of Job Misfit” in the October issue of the Journal of Applied Social Psychology.

Xiaoying Xie, Finance, wrote “Are Publicly Held Firms Less Efficient? Evidence From the U.S. Property-Liability Insurance Industry” and co-authored “Economies of Scope in Financial Services: A DEA Efficiency Analysis of the U.S. Insurance Industry,” both published in the July 2010 issue of the Journal of Banking and Finance.

Dec. 7

During the 91st Annual Western Society of Naturalists Meeting Nov. 11-14 in San Diego:

Douglas Eernisse, Biological Science, co-authored and presented a talk on “A Clade of Chitons Is Split Unconventionally Into New World Versus Old World Lineages”; co-presented a poster titled “Test of Phenotypic Plasticity in the Surfgrass Limpet, Lottia Paleacea: Shell Geometry, Volume and Life History Traits” with graduate student Laney Whitlow; co-authored with undergraduate student and presenter Logan Froman the talk, “Are Brooding Chitons on Santa Catalina Island Gonochoric, Unlike Their Hermaphroditic and Self-Fertilizing Northern Relatives?”; and along with Danielle Zachel, Biological Science, and graduate student Meredith Raith co-authored “Phylogenetic Relationships of Ostreidae From the Gulf of California and Outer Baja California” that Raith gave at the conference.

Jayson Smith, Biological Science, and Steven Murray, Academic Affairs, co-authored a talk with graduate student Sean Vogt that Vogt gave on “The Consumer’s Dilemma, Native or Non-Native Seaweeds?” and co-authored a poster with undergraduate student Allyson Degrassi on “Potential Drivers of Macroalgal Preference in Southern California Marine Consumers” that Degrassi presented.

Biology graduate student Laura Elsberry delivered a poster co-authored by Jennifer Burnaford, Biological Science, on “The Effects of Low-Tide Exposure of the High Intertidal Alga Endocladia Muricata in Two Geographic Regions” at the 91st Annual Western Society of Naturalists Meeting in November. Burnaford also gave a talk on “Long-Term Changes in Abundance of the Intertidal Canopy-Forming Kelp Saccharina Sessile: Community Effects and Possible Causes.”

Katherine Dickson, Biological Science, co-authored with graduate student Helena Aryafar a talk on “How Does Delayed Hatching in the California Grunion, Leuresthes Tenuis, Affect Larval Swimming, Development and Survival?”; graduate student Andres Carrillo and undergraduates Hadrian Bansuan, Annie-Joyce Miranda and Tracie Treybig a talk on “The Effects of Extended Incubation on Morphology and Feeding Activity of the California Grunion, Leuresthes Tenuis”; and co-authored a poster, “Extra-Ocular Muscles as a Possible Source of Heat for Cranial Endothermy in Lamnid Sharks,” with graduate student Christopher Kehrier. Kehrier received honorable mention in the Best Student Poster Contest at the meeting.

Dec. 3

Kandy Mink Salas and Juanita E. Razo, both Dean of Students Office, co-presented “Partnering to Build Tomorrow’s Leaders: The Cal State Fullerton Student Leadership Institute” at the 24th Annual Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities national conference in San Diego. The September presentation included the history and overview of the student leadership program, its campus sponsorships and community college partners, future plans and efforts to target Latino and Latina science, technology, engineering and mathematics majors for participation.

Gerard Beenen, Management, was a co-author of “Getting the Most From MBA Internships: Promoting Intern Learning and Job Acceptance” in the January/February issue of Human Resource Management.

Dawit Zerom, Information Systems and Decision Sciences, co-authored “Accounting for Incomplete Pass-Through” published in the July issue of Review of Economic Studies.

Dipasri Ghosh, Finance, authored “Capital Markets and Financial Assets: Decisions on Acquisition and Issuance of Securities” published in June by Lambert Academic Publishing.

Robert J. Michaels, Economics, wrote “Transactions and Strategies: Economics for Management” published in February by Cengage Learning.

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