February 2011

Feb. 25

Aileen Baron, emeritus Anthropology, will be signing copies of her latest book, “The Scorpion’s Bite,” March 5 at the Book Carnival in Orange.

Feb. 23

Mikel Hogan was reappointed chair of Human Services for a one-year term effective Aug. 19, 2010.

Frank Mumford was appointed executive director of the Auxiliary Services Corp. effective March 1. He previously served as associate executive director of the ASC. Mumford was recently elected president of the National Association of College Auxiliary Services and has served on the organization’s board of directors.

Blanca Rodriguez was appointed director of payroll services effective March 2. Rodriguez, a CSUF alumna, has more than 34 years of experience in payroll operations. She previously served at Cal State Los Angeles.

Katheryn Dickson, Biological Science, along with graduate students Andres Carrillo and Helena Aryafar, represented Cal State Fullerton at the inaugural CSU Council on Ocean Affairs, Science and Technology (COAST) faculty-student research poster reception at the Chancellor’s office. The trio presented “Does Extended Incubation Affect Morphology, Swimming or Feeding of Larval California Grunion, Leuresthes Tenuis?” The paper was co-authored by undergraduate students Fatemeh Almasarweh, Hadrian Bansuan, Annie Miranda and Tracie Treybig. Papers co-authored by Dickson, Carrillo and Aryafar were presented at the Society for Comparative and Integrative Biology meeting Jan. 3-7 in Salt Lake City. Aryafar delivered “Does Delayed Hatching in the California Grunion, Leuresthes Tenuis, Affect Larval Development, Swimming Activity and Survival?”; and Carrillo read “Does Extended Incubation Affect Morphology and Feeding Ability of Larval California Grunion, Leuresthes Tenuis?” and graduate student Christopher Kehrier presented “Extra-ocular Muscles as a Possible Source of Heat for Cranial Endothermy in Lamnid Sharks.” Dickson serves as divisional program officer for the organization’s Division of Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry.

Feb. 14

Jeffrey Knott, Geological Sciences, co-authored “Beryllium-10 Terrestrial Cosmogenic Nuclide Surface Exposure Dating of Quaternary Landforms in Death Valley” that was published in the February issue of Geomorphology. Knott also was a co-author of “Tectonic Geomorphology of the Southern Sierra Nevada Mountains (California): Evidence for Uplift and Basin Formation” in the November issue of Geomorphology.

Marcelo Tolmasky, Biological Science, co-authored “Aminoglycoside Modify Enzymes” published in the December 2010 issue of Drug Resistance Updates. In November, Tolmasky presented “Stability of pJHCMW1: Characteristics and Roles of the mwr Xer Site-Specific Recombination Site and the Replicative Transposon Tn1331” at the International Plasmid Biology Conference in Bariloche, Argentina.

Feb. 9

In Memoriam — Ellen Shaw, administrative assistant to the vice president for student affairs, died Feb. 3. She was 65 years old. Shaw joined the university and student affairs in 1995 after serving as an administrative assistant at CKE Enterprises during which she served as a president of the Black Chamber of Commerce of Orange County. In 2009, she earned a bachelor’s degree in liberal studies and joined the alumni association. A university donor since 1998, she is survived by her daughter, Phyllis, and two grandchildren.

Feb. 8

Joseph A. Weber, Sociology, was reappointed to a one-year term as program coordinator for the Gerontology Program.

Michael Loverude, Physics, was appointed director of the Catalyst Center for the Advancement of Research in Teaching and Learning Mathematics and Science Education effective Jan. 20. His new role is a joint appointment between the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics and College of Education. 

Ryan Alcantara, Student Affairs, was appointed to the City of Fullerton Citizens’ Infrastructure Review Committee. J. Vincent Buck, emeritus, Political Science, was appointed to the city’s Bicycle Users Sub-committee.

Robert Koch, Natural Sciences and Mathematics, was selected to receive the 2011 Orange County Engineering Council's Distinguished Engineering Merit Award. The honor will be presented during the organization’s National Engineers Week awards banquet Feb. 21 in Huntington Beach.

Feb. 2

Sue Fisher, University Police, spoke Jan. 27 on “Emergency Prepareness” to the Fullerton League of Women Voters.

Gayle K. Brunell, History, spoke on her experiences researching the Cagoule terrorist group in 1930 France for her book “Murder in the Metro” as part of the Fullerton Public Library’s Town & Gown series Jan. 11.

Raphael J. Sonenshein, Political Science, authored "Can Gov. Brown Fix California?" in the Jan. 11 issue of the Jewish Journal.

Jeffrey A. Kottler, Counseling, and Ellen Kottler, Secondary Education, are spending this spring teaching as part of the University of Virginia’s Semester at Sea program. He is teaching social justice courses and she is teaching education courses.

Gordon M. Bakken, History, authored “Colorado’s Impact on American Mining Law” in the spring issue of Journal of the West.

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