May 31

Irene L. Lange was reappointed to a three-year term as chair of Marketing effective Aug. 18. 

Several graduate students of Jochen Burgtorf, History, attended a weeklong seminar at the Hill Museum and Manuscript Library in Collegeville, Minn., before presenting research at St. Johns University. Presenting papers were: Danielle Stephan, “Pilgrimage to the Patriarchs: Loca Sancta during the Crusades”, Daniell Whittington, “Hildegard von Bingen: A Multimedia Approach”; Kyle Walker, “Reconstructing ‘Tom Builder:’ Master Masons in Medieval England”; Albert Ybarra, “Mediterranean Identities? The Catalan Company Revisited”; David Kloster, “Knights of the Sea? The Medieval Military Religious Orders’ Naval Pursuits”; Gavin Fort, “Where is Eden? The Search for a Terrestrial Paradise in the Medieval World” and Abraham Johnson, “Mythopoetic Discourse and Medieval Battle Myths: Select Aspects.” Pictures from the trip available on Flickr.

Several campus members, all participants in the Employee Wellness Program, took part in the 2011 Donate Life Run/Walk Family Festival held on campus April 30. It is the sixth year in which EWP members have taken part in the festival. This year's participants were: Alice Rodriguez, Mihaylo College of Business and Economics, Bill Beam, Kinesiology, Elva Meraz, Financial Aid, Helen Dolbin, Pollak Library, James Hershey, Institutional Research and Analytical Studies, Jessica Magee, Financial Aid, Jill Rodriguez, College of Health and Human Development, Joanna Matuszewski, English and Comparative Literature, Kiyo Young, Human Communication Studies, Laura Archer, Pollak Library, Laura Labuda, Information Technology, Lea Beth Lewis, College of Health and Human Development, Mandy Loo, University Extended Education, Michelle Proctor, Financial Aid, Monica Coloso, Financial Aid, Myra Galaviz, Financial Aid, Nene Williams, Information Technology, Raquel Richardson, Admissions and Records, Ray Young, Geography, Rob Watson, Music, Silvia Gonzalez, Human Resources, Stella Lee, Information Technology, Tom Whitfield, Environmental Health and Instructional Safety, and Victoria Agnew, Financial Aid.

May 26

Stephen Goode was appointed to a three-year-term as chair of Mathematics effective Aug. 18.

At the March American Physical Society meeting in Dallas, Ionel Tifrea, Physics, spoke on “Nuclear Spin Diffusion in Semiconductor Quantum Wells.”

Zair Ibragimov, Mathematics, gave a May 19 talk on “Hyperbolic Geometry of P-adic Numbers” at the University of California, Riverside’s Mathematical Physics and Dynamics Seminar.

May 20

In Memoriam - Rosalind “Linda” Herbert, a staff member who served the campus for 23 years, died May 5 at the age of 78. Herbert began her tenure at Cal State Fullerton in the Department of Teacher Education and was working in the Department of Physical Education prior to retiring in 1994. She is survived by her sister Joan Behrens, two nieces, a nephew and nine great nieces and nephews.

Todd Cadwalladerolsker and Scott A. Annin, both Mathematics, led a session on “Instructional Perspectives on Combinations and Permutations” at the April 14 National Council of Teachers of Mathematics meeting and exposition in Indianapolis. At the same meeting, Patrick M. Kimani and Nicole Infante Engelke, both Mathematics, gave a session on “Rate Problems: Thinking Across the Curriculum.”

Patrick M. Kimani, Mathematics, co-authored “Understanding Students’ Out-of-School Mathematics and Science Practice”  in the March issue of the International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education.

Brady P. Rhodes and Matthew E. Kirby, both Geological Sciences, co-authored “Evidence for a Mid-Holocene Tsunami Deposit Along the Andaman Coast of Thailand Preserved in a Mangrove Environment” in the April 15 issues of Marine Geology. The pair, along with undergraduate Robert Leeper, recently returned from fieldwork on Prathong Island off the southwest coast of Thailand.

May 16

Binod Tiwari, Civil and Environmental Engineering, will be among select invitees attending a two-day workshop addressing “best practices with regard to evaluating strengths for analysis of the stability of slopes in highly plastic clay” at Virginia Tech. A summary report from the August workshop will be published as a report of the Virginia Tech Center for Geotechnical Practice and Research.

Zhuangjie Li, Chemistry and Biochemistry, co-authored a poster on “Kinetics Study of Pinenes With Hydroxyl Radical at 1-8 Torr and 240-340 K Using the Relative Rate/Discharge/Mass Spectrometry” with students Anthony Montenegro, Jacob Ishibashi and Phuong Lam. Montenegro presented the poster at the March American Chemical Society National meeting in Anaheim.

Students working in the lab with Hope Johnson, Biological Science, presented posters at the Southern California Geobiology Symposium at USC in April. Katherine Nakama delivered “Purification of the Manganese(II) Oxidizing Peroxidase From Erythrobacter sp. SD21,” Valarie Chavez and Peter Jimenez gave “Effects of Manganese Oxidation on Intracellular Concentrations of Manganese in Erythrobacter sp. SD21, Pseudomonas Putida GB1 and Non-Oxidizing Mutants,” Seong-Eun Kim presented “Regulation of Manganese Oxidation in Erythrobacter sp. SD21” and Dickie Nguyen and Nicolas Gonzalez delivered “A Study of Stromatolitic Structures Found in Octopus Spring, Yellowstone National Park” co-authored with fellow students Josh Stewart, Kristina Reyes, David Cho and Nahal Ghahremani. Johnson is co-author on all the posters.

May 9

Robert A. Koch, Natural Sciences and Mathematics, joined life science industry and other science leaders at an April 14 forum that examined the business and financial implications of the 2011 California Biomedical Industry Report. Koch discussed industry-responsive curricula — using as an example the Program for Applied Biotechnology Studies that offers a professional science master’s degree with an emphasis in applied biotechnology — and the impact of budget cuts on life science courses in the CSU.

Michael Perez was appointed to a three-year term as chair of Sociology, effective Aug. 18.

Doug Eernisse, Biological Science, co-authored “A Chiton Uses Aragonite Lenses to Form Images” in the April 14 issue of Current Biology.

May 3

Terri L. Snyder, American Studies, was honored with the Western Association of Women Historians’ Judith Lee Ridge Prize for her article, “Suicide, Slavery and Memory in North America.” The article was published in the June 2010 issue of the Journal of American History and was recognized as the best article in the field of history authored by a WAWH member. Snyder also was appointed to the Organization of American Historians’ Distinguished Lectureship Program.

Zair Ibragimov, Mathematics, was organizer of “Topics in Modern Complex Analysis,” a special session held at the April 30-May 1 American Mathematical Society regional meeting in Las Vegas.

Mike Trueblood, Family Business Council, was named the 2011 national and California Big Brother of the Year by the Catholic Big Brothers/Big Sisters. “We are most proud of Mike on many levels and especially for his dedication to his Little Brother, Joseph. Mike has been with the agency for over 25 years in many capacities but he feels most grateful for his current volunteering with youth,” said Ken Martinet, president/CEO of Catholic Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Los Angeles.

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