January 2011

Jan. 31

Sandra Perez-Linggi was appointed acting chair of Modern Languages and Literature effective Jan. 20.

Michael Loverude, Physics, spoke on “Research on the Teaching and Learning of Thermal Physics” Nov. 6 at the American Association of Physics Teachers, Southern California section meeting, at Azusa Pacific University.

Armando Martinez-Cruz, Mathematics, co-presented “Dynamic Geometry Software (Geogebra) for Access and Achievement” at the California Mathematics Council-South conference Nov. 5-6 in Palm Springs. Also at the conference were fellow mathematics faculty members Martin V. Bonsangue and Gerald E. Gannon, who presented “Surprising Problems for Those Not Easily Surprised.” Bonsiangue gave the same talk at the California Mathematics Council-North conference Dec. 4 in Asilomar.

Matthew E. Kirby and Brady P. Rhodes, both Geological Sciences, with undergraduate students Robert Leeper and Will Frady, delivered “Spatial Heterogeneity of Holocene Tsunami Deposits As Preserved on Koh Phra Thong Island, Thailand,” and Kirby presented with USC colleagues “3,000 Years of Paleoclimate From Zaca Lake, California” at the fall 2010 American Geophysical Union meeting Dec. 13-17 in San Francisco.

Jan. 24

Atul Teckchandani, Management, co-authored “The Effect of Connected and Isolated Voluntary Associations on Economic Activity in the United States, 1984-2000” in the November issue of Social Science Research.

Zvi Drezner, Information Systems and Decision Sciences, was co-author of “On Solving the Planar k-Centrum Problem With Euclidean Distances” in the Dec. 16 issue of the European Journal of Operational Research. Drezner also co-authored “Cooperative Cover Location Problems: The Planar Case” in the March issue of IIE Transactions; “Covering Continuous Demand in the Plane” in the May issue of the Journal of the Operational Research Society; and “A Stochastic Gradual Cover Location Problem” coauthored with department associates Tammy Drezner and Zvi Goldstein and published in the March issue of Naval Research Logistics.

Jan. 18

Kathy G. Moore was awarded the title of emeritus administrative support coordinator in the College of Health & Human Development, effective Dec. 31, 2010, in recognition of her nearly 12 years of service on campus. Previously, Moore served 24 years at Cal State Northridge.

Bob Gill was awarded the title of emeritus environmental compliance manager, effective Dec. 31, 2010, in recognition of 36 years of service to Cal State Fullerton. Gill earned both his bachelor's and master's degrees from CSUF and taught classes in astronomy and physics on campus.

The following appointments are all effective as of Jan. 1: Kandy Mink Salas, associate vice president for student affairs; Lea M. Jarnagin, dean of students; Ryan E. Alcantara, associate vice president for student affairs; and Jeremiah W. Moore, acting assistant to the vice president for student affairs.

Jan. 14

Mikyong Kim-Goh, Human Services, has been appointed acting associate vice president for international programs effective Jan. 20.

Jan. 13

John Bock, Anthropology, was reappointed to a three-year term as coordinator of the Environmental Studies Program. The appointment is effective Jan. 20.

C. Jessie Jones was appointed acting chair of Health Science for the spring semester.

President Milton A. Gordon has awarded Demitrios Michalopoulos the title of emeritus professor of computer science, effective Aug. 19 following 39 years of service on campus.

Jan. 7

In Memoriam — Judith “Judy” Byrnes, emerita coordinator of special events, died Dec. 21. She was 66 years old. Byrnes served in the President's Office for 20 years, beginning as a clerical assistant in 1986. During her years of service she took on the planning and implementation of many university events, including Concert Under the Stars and Staff Recognition and Appreciation Day and served as staff liaison to the university’s emeriti organization. Byrnes was a supporter of the “It’s Our University” campaign, a member of the President’s Associates and established a scholarship in honor of her late husband, Dan, who was chief of police and director of public safety on campus from 1988 until his death in March 1992. She is survived by her sister, Vivian Mosshart; brother, Norman Gross; stepsons, Dan, Steve and Lance; and grandchildren Hilary, Danno and Melissa. An on-campus celebration of her life is being planned; a date is yet to be determined.

Jan. 5

President Milton A. Gordon named:
Robert L. Palmer
, emeritus vice president for student affairs, following 13 years of service to the university. During his tenure, he oversaw the Guardian Scholars Program and the development of Project Reclaim and Veteran Student Services; construction of last two phases of student housing; and championed work on a Title V grant that focuses on Latino/a students studying science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields.

Tom Whitfield, emeritus director of Environmental Health and Instructional Safety, in recognition of 38 years of service to the university. Whitfield began his career as a technical assistant in biology, joined facility planning and operations in 1980 and in 1985 was appointed an environmental health and safety officer. Six months later, he was appointed to the position he held for 25 years.

Jan. 3

Michael H. Horn, Biological Science, authored “Global Warming and Overexploitation in the Northeastern Pacific: Challenges Driving the Need for Sustainability” in “Climate Change and Sustainable Development,” edited by R.A. Reck and published in February by Linton Atlantic Books, Ltd. Horn co-presented with students J.N. Hendricks and T.J. Flisik “Elegant Tern and Other Crested Terns: Samplers of the Ocean Surface Layer” at the annual conference of the California Cooperative Oceanic Fisheries Investigations Dec. 6-8 in La Jolla. The trio had read “Review of Food and Feeding in the Crested Terns (Thalasseus), a Clade of Coastal Marine Forages” at the World Seabird Conference Sept. 7-11 in Victoria, Canada. Horna and Flisik also delivered “Effects of a Partial Diet of Pipefish, a Low-Quality Prey, on the Growth of Captive Elegant Tern Chicks” at the same meeting.

Jayson Smith, Biological Science, co-authored “Spatial Refuges and Associational Defenses Promote Harmful Blooms of the Alga Caulerpa Sertularioides Onto Coral Reefs” in Vol. 164, No. 4 of Oecologia.

Douglas J. Eernisse, Biological Science, presented “Lessons Learned From Untangling Marine Species Complexes Along our Coast and Abroad” Nov. 5 at Cal Poly Pomona.

Michael LaCour-Little and Jing Yang, both finance, wrote “Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later: Alternative Mortgage Products and the Mortgage Crisis” in the winter issue of Real Estate Economics.

Mehmet E. Akbulut, Finance, was co-author of “50+ Years of Diversification Announcements” published in the May issue of Financial Review.

Yingying Dong, Economics, authored “Kept Back to Get Ahead? Kindergarten Retention and Academic Performance” published in the Feb. 2010 issue of European Economic Review, and “Endogenous Regressor Binary Choice Models Without Instruments, With an Application to Migration” in Vol. 107, Issue 1 of Economic Letters. In June, Dong chaired a discussion on “Topics on Health,” delivered “Why Do the Insured Use More Health Care?” was a discussant on “Issues on Health and Mortality” at the 85th annual conference of the Western Economic Association International in Portland, Ore. She also presented “Why Do the Insured Use More Health Care?” in May at the 44th annual conference of the Canadian Economic Association in Quebec.


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