June 27

In Memoriam - Mike Campbell, former Cal State Fullerton golfer and long-time volunteer in the Titans’ equipment room, passed away June 18. He was 53 years old when he succumbed to kidney failure after a long battle with colon cancer. Campbell transferred to the campus from Fullerton College for the 1981 and 1982 seasons and was one of the Top 10 golfers in the Pacific Coast Athletic Association as a senior. He later worked at football, basketball and baseball games, even after he relocated to northern California. Campbell is survived by his parents, Malcom and Ann, of Aptos, as well as a brother, Larry, and a sister, Lori.

Josh Smith, Physics, gave an invited talk on “Exploring the Transient Universe With Gravitational Waves” at the American Physical Society Meeting April 30-May 3 in Anaheim. At the same meeting three students from his research group also presented research: graduate student Thomas Abbott spoke on “Reducing the Effects of Noise Transients in Gravitational-Wave Searches,” senior Jacqueline Lee presented a poster on “Gravitational-Wave Directed Multi-Messenger Astronomy: EM Follow-up” and sophomore Cinthia Padilla delivered a poster on “Identifying Electromagnetic Transients Related to Gravitational-Wave Emission.”

Math credential students Dawn Brander, Thanh Diep, Carol Kempiak, Martin Quinn and Jonathan Valdez were awarded scholarships from the California Mathematics Council-South Scholarship Committee. Awards for the annual competition are based on GPA, campus activities, community involvement, professors’ recommendations, scholastic and service awards, as well as professional aspirations. In preparing scholarship applications, each student is paired with a mathematics faculty member as a mentor and adviser to assist in the process. This year, the advisers were Cherie Ichinose, Nicole Infante Engelke, Martin V. Bonsangue, Scott A. Annin and David L. Pagni.

In April, students of Chris Meyer, Chemistry and Biochemistry, presented posters at the 2011 Experimental Biology meeting of the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in Washington, D.C. Paula Fernandez and Monica Manandik delivered “Probing the Roles of Arginine-33 and Aspartate-378 in the Regulation of ADP Glucose Pyrophosphorylase From Rhodobacter Sphaeroides,” Gagandeep Bains and Jamie Sanders gave “Probing the Allosteric Regulation of the Agrobacterium Tumefaciens ADP Glucose Pyrophosphorylase,” Fabian Botero, Teddy Truc and Dhaval Doshi presented “Probing the Roles of Arginines 26 and 38 in the Allosteric REgulation of ADP Glucose Pyrophosphorylase FRom Thermus Thermophilus” and Michael Berriman and Jennifer Makhlouf read “Characterization of the Diverse ADP Glucose Pyrophosphorylases From Thermodesulfovibrio Yellowstonii and Oceanbacillus Iheyensis.”

Also presenting posters at the 2011 Experimental Biology meeting were students of Maria Linder, Chemistry and Biochemistry. Jarrod Wadwa presented “The apparent role of ATP7A in placenta and mammary epithelial cells before and after birth as determined in transgenic mice overexpressing the human transporter” co-authored by N. Nguyen, H. Fullride, G. Brennan, T. Henson, A. Figueroa, R. Llanos, J.F.B. Mercer, D. Freestone, A. Michalcyzk, L. Ackland and Linder; Ramin Farhad delivered “Characteristics of Uptake Systems for Copper Delivered to Cells as Copper-Histidine and on Plasma Proteins” co-authored by T.Z. Kidane, E. Russo and Linder.

June 13

Leah M. Brew was reappointed chair of Counseling, Marc R. Dickey as chair of Music and Mikel Hogan chair of Human Services for three-year terms effective Aug. 18.

Graduate education major Megan Polliard was awarded the Delta Kappa Gamma Society International Chi State Area XIV Outstanding Student Teacher Award and the Delta Kappa Gamma Society International Chi State Outstanding Student Teacher Award. The Fullerton resident and CSUF alumna (B.A. liberal studies ’10) was nominated by her master teacher at Acacia Elementary School and plans on a career teaching kindergarten or first grade.

June 7

In Memoriam - Charles C. Lambert, emeritus professor of biological science and the 1986 Outstanding Professor Award recipient, died June 1 following a massive stroke. He was 76. Lambert, who served the campus for 28 years, was a biologist of international renown for his work on tunicates — a small group of marine organisms that include ascidians, ancestors of vertebrates, including man. He was perhaps best known for his research of sea squirts, tiny marine animals that he used for the study of fertilization; the title of his outstanding professor lecture was “Sex and the Single Sea Squirt.” A prolific author, Lambert's work was published in such journals as Science, American Zoologist and the Journal of Cell Biology. He also traveled widely, presenting papers at international conferences, lecturing at other universities and spending summers and sabbaticals studying and teaching at marine laboratories across the country. Lambert was a member of the Western Society of Naturalists, serving as the organization’s president in 1982. He also was a member of the International Society of Developmental Biologists, American Society of Zoologists, International Cell Research Organization and Society of Developmental Biology. Lambert earned his doctorate in zoology from the University of Washington and conducted postdoctoral studies at Friday Harbor Laboratories. He is survived by his wife of 46 years, Gretchen, and his two daughters, Edie and Ilsa.

Jennifer Faust was appointed associate vice president, academic affairs, effective Aug. 1. Faust had previously served for two years as assistant vice president for academic affairs and academic personnel at Cal State Los Angeles, where she was responsible for implementation of faculty and academic student employee collective bargaining agreements. As a faculty member, she was honored with the 2008 Outstanding Professor Award from CSULA, where she had been teaching since 1993, and the 2003 Distinguished Woman Award. She holds a doctorate in philosophy from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

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