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Photos by Karen Tapia | Cal State Fullerton Public Affairs 

Short description of image contentTeaching the History of Racism to end Racism“Through education about the history of racism, students become more aware of the impact racism has had on our society. I believe that racism can end, but it is an uphill battle for our society,” says Lezlee Hinesmon-Matthews, assistant professor of Afro-ethnic studies.

Stan BreckenridgeMusing About MusicAlumnus and musicologist Stan L. Breckenridge, lecturer of Afro-ethnic studies, reflects on his career, which is full of passion for music. “My goal is to inform students about the history, substance, character and functionality of African American music, and music in general,” he says.

julie stokesMeet the University's Afro-Ethnic Studies Faculty MembersThe Afro-Ethnic Studies Department offers myriad courses to help students better understand the importance of different cultural viewpoints. Faculty members include Julie E. Stokes, professor and chair of the department, and assistant professors Lezlee Hinesmon-Matthews and Kendahl Radcliffe.