Austin Nation

photo by Karen tapia | Cal State Fullerton Public Affairs 

Stemming the Spread of HIV

Graduate nursing student Austin Nation lives with AIDS and works to raise HIV/AIDS awareness so that others will be spared the life-threatening condition. “In California, someone is infected with HIV every nine minutes and 20 percent of them don’t even know it. If you are having unprotected sex, you are at risk.”



AIDS experts

AIDS Researchers

John Bock, Sara Johnson, Anthony DiStefano, Jorge Fontdevila and Mary Wickman are among the university's professors studying AIDS and its effects. Bock and Johnson are examining how peoples' use of the landscape and resources in rural Botswana increases their exposure to tuberculosis, the leading cause of death among those living with HIV/AIDS. DiStefano is conducting three studies on HIV/AIDS and its intersections with other public health issues. Fontdevila is studying HIV risk among Orange County's bisexual Latino men. And, Wickman is examining adolescent risk behavior.