Deans Rikli, Klammer, Samuelson and Pullen
Four Deans, Four Colleges, Four Decades of Growth

cumulative years of service to the university, four deans — Roberta E. Rikli, Thomas P. Klammer, Jerry Samuelson and Rick Pullen — helped grow both the size and reputation of the Colleges of Health and Human Development, Humanities and Social Sciences, Arts and Communications, respectively. Cal State Fullerton's current strength is due in no small part to the work of these senior educators, and their retirements mark a changing of the guard among the university's academic leadership.


deans Photos of Deans' Retirement Receptions

joseph arnold Joseph Arnold Named Dean of College of the Arts

angela della volpe Angela Della Volpe Named Dean of College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Briggs William G. Briggs Named Dean of College of Comunications