Exhibit curators

Photo by karen tapia | Cal State Fullerton Public Affairs

Exhibit Features Lessons from Inequality and Segregation

“A Class Action: The Grassroots Struggle for School Desegregation in California,” an interactive exhibit highlighting California’s struggle for school desegregation, will open Sept. 12 in the Old Orange County Courthouse Museum. The exhibit is one several created by or hosted by Cal State Fullerton professors, students and alumni on and off campus. As part of “A Class Action,” visitors will be able to listen to oral histories of people who attended segregated schools in Orange County; enter a mock classroom, depicting the conditions of a “Mexican” school in the 1940s; step into a mock courtroom designed to encourage visitors to enter the roles of plaintiff, defendant, attorney, witness and judge while learning about Mendez v. Westminster; and review legal documents, among other artifacts. “The exhibition concludes by turning the question, ‘what would you do?’ into ‘what will you do?’ And, hopefully, prompts actions that lead to positive social change,” says curator Raymond W. Rast. Read more here.