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August 2010

Several marketing faculty members took part in “The Pinnacle of Marketing Education,” the 34th annual conference of the Marketing Educators Association held in Seattle April 8-10. Presentations were made by Christopher Kondo, “Lessons for the Generations: Teach by Example” and “Starting a Sales Center — Drawing on Lessons for Academia and Industry” with S. Allen Broyes; Katrin R. Harich, “Using Google Analytics to Examine the Effectiveness of Blogs Created by Marketing Research Students” and “Green Consumerism and the Influence of Environmental Attitudes on the Purchasing Decisions of College Students,” both with Regina P. Schlee of Seattle Pacific University; and Neil A. Granitz, “Web 2.0 and Experiential marketing Education” with Stephen K. Koernig of DePaul University. Among the session co-chairs were, Granitz, Harich and "Irene Lange", who was honored with the organization’s Lifetime Contribution Award; competitive paper reviewers included Catherine Atwong, Susan Cadwallader, Steven Chen, Howard Forman, Chiranjeev S. Kohli, Aubrey LeBard, Sunil Thomas, Broyles, Kondo and Granitz.

In April, Lea Beth Lewis, Health and Human Development, presented study data from “Undeclared: Prenursing Students on Probation” in a workshop titled “From Confusion to Commitment” at the fifth On Course National Conference in North Carolina. The report focused on first-time freshmen meeting the university's higher eligibility index entering as “Undeclared: PreNursing” while while meeting pre-requisites before applying to the entry-level bachelor of science in nursing program.

Naomi Goodwin, Administration and Finance, and Chris Manriquez, Information Technology, delivered a presentation about Cal State Fullerton’s Leadership Development Program at the 72nd annual meeting of Western Association of College and University Business Officers in Anaheim.

During the March 5-9 Western States Communication Association Convention in Anchorage, Human Communication Studies faculty members John Reinard read “A Study of Voir Dire Questions Previewing Cases and Advancing Positive Assessment of Defendants: A Causal Model” and “Assassinate Obama! Advocating the Ultimate End of Free Speech”; and Pamela Elkind Pareno and Jason Teven co-authored and gave the presentation “Paternal Support: Fathers’ Supportive Messages to Their Daughters.”

Tenzin Dorjee, Human Communication Studies, took part in a March 18 panel discussion following a screening of the documentary “The Buddha” in Los Angeles. Dorjee shared insights into the Buddhist teachings from the Tibetan Buddhist perspective.

Last October, Jesa Kreiner, Mechanical Engineering, delivered “The California State University System Today and the Effects of Budget Restrictions on its Engineering Education” at the University of Western Australia, Perth.

Paul Stapp, Biological Science, presented an April seminar on “Trophic Linkages Across Ecosystem and Landscape Boundaries: Lessons From Insular Rodents” to Loma Linda University’s Department of Earth and Biological Sciences.

Scott Annin, Mathematics, gave a presentation on “Competitions to Build a Community of Problem Solvers” at the 14th Annual California Mathematics Council for Community Colleges Recreational Math Conference in Stateline, Nev. The conference was held April 30 through May 2.

Raymond W. Rast, History, created and presented a slide show on the class action lawsuit “Mendez v. Westminster” during the dedication ceremony for “Shades of Orange, El Modena” at the El Modena Branch Library. The exhibit is a collection of historic photographs and stories recording more than 80 years of cultural, family and school life in the El Modena area.

Jesa Kreiner and Peter Othmer, Engineering and Computer Science, presented “Capstone Design Experience at California State University, Fullerton,” at the June 3 Engineering Education session of the Israeli Conference on Mechanical Engineering 2010 in Tel Aviv. In addition, Kreiner, with Ayman Mosallam of UCI, co-presented “Performance of Pultruded Composites Under Elevated Temperatures” at the Mechatronics and Advanced Materials session of the conference.

Ken Alan, Kinesiology, presented three sessions on dance-exercise, flexibility and relaxation techniques at the May 23 California Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance Acro-Sports Conference in Palm Springs.

May 2010

In February, Paula Hudson, Chemistry and Biochemistry, spoke on “Examining Particle Phase Transition Using a Quartz Crystal Microbalance” at the 27th Informal Symposium on Kinetic and Photochemical Processes in the Atmosphere at UC San Diego. Zhuangje Li, Chemistry and Biochemistry, and undergraduate students Anthony Montenegro and Kevin Dath delivered three posters at the same conference. Montenegro and Li presented “Kinetics Study of Reaction pinenes with Hydroxyl Radical and 1-8 Torr and 240-340 K Using the Relative Rate/Discharge Flow/Mass Spectrometry Method,” Dath and Li gave “Kinetics Study of Reaction of Napthalene With Hydroxyl Radical at 1–5 Torr and 240-340 K Using the Relative Rate/Discharge Flow/Mass Spectrometry Technique” and Li read “Kinetic Study of the Reaction of OH Radical With Ethyl Benzene Using the Relative Rate/Discharge Flow/Mass Spectrometry Technique.”

Charles H. Lee, Mathematics, delivered "Feature Extraction and its Applications in Satellite Imaging, Cancer Detection, and Stock Return Maximization" at a February applied mathematics seminar at UC Irvine. That same month, department associate Angel R. Pineda presented “The DFT Covariance: Implications for Future Metrics and Stationarity” at the Consortium Meeting for Task-Based Imaging Performance in San Diego.

Ionel Tifrea, Physics, gave a colloquium on his research, “Non-equilibrium Nuclear Polarization and Induced Hyperfine and Dipolar Magnetic Fields in Semiconductor Nanostructures,” to the UC Merced’s Physics Department.

Victoria Costa, Science Education, along with educators from Anaheim Union High School District and Orange County Department of Education, presented the poster “Collaborating for Excellence in Middle School Science,” as part of the February California Math/Science Partnership Conference in San Diego.

Dmitry Khanin and Lori Muse, both Management, delivered “Family Cohesion, Psychological Ownership and Subjective Well-Being in the Family Firm” at the April 2010 Family Enterprise Research Conference in Cancun, Mexico. Khanin also read “The Advantages and Disadvantages of Knowledge Management via Socialization in Family Firms” at the conference.

Maria Linder, Chemistry and Biochemistry, gave the invited presentation, “Nutritional Biochemistry of Copper With Emphasis on Gestation and Lactation” March 4 at Johns Hopkins University.

David Bowman, Geological Sciences, presented the seminar “Fault Propagation and Slip Partitioning in Continental Lithosphere” March 2 to Cal State Northridge’s Geology Department. Bowman also spoke on the recent major earthquakes April 27 at the Fullerton Public Library.

Nicole Engelke and Todd CadwalladerOlsker, both Mathematics, delivered “Counting Two Ways: The Art of Combinatorial Proof” Feb. 28 at the Conference on Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education in Raleigh, N.C.

Michael Loverude, Physics, read “Student Understanding of Probability in Upper-Division Thermal Physics” in March at the American Physical Society meeting in Portland, Ore.

Josh Smith, Physics, gave a plenary talk on Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory data quality at the March annual meeting of the LIGO Scientific Collaboration and Virgo Collaboration at CalTech.

Ken Alan, Kinesiology, made four presentations on exercise for the older adult at the Speaker, Can-Fit-Pro Convention in Toronto, Canada in August.

Carrie Lane, American Studies, organized and chaired a panel on “The Global Financial Crisis in Comparative Perspective” at the Dec. 4, 2009, annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association in Philadelphia, Pa. Her paper “The Subprime Mortgage Crisis in Southern California: Competing Narratives of Fault and Folly,” was based on her recent ethnographic fieldwork on how the national housing and mortgage crisis has effected Orange County communities.

On April 16, Raphael J. Sonenshein, Political Science, spoke on “President Obama, Congress and the Jewish Political Agenda” at University Synagogue in Irvine.

On April 26, Stan L. Breckenridge, Afro-Ethnic Studies, gave a college-style lecture as part of Crenshaw High School’s C2 Ninth Grade Academy to College. He discussed African Americans in the Performing Arts as a way to give ninth-grade students a glimpse of college and talked about the opportunities available at Cal State Fullerton. The event was sponsored by Los Angeles Urban League Neighborhoods@Work and Crenshaw High School

March 2010

In November, Andrea M. Guillaume, Elementary and Bilingual Education, addressed “Word Power = Math Power! Engaging Strategies for Building Vocabulary in Math Class” at the Orange County Reading Association’s Fall Conference.

Teresa Crawford and Ginger Geftakys, both Elementary and Bilingual Education, joined Fanning Elementary teacher Erick Pipes in presenting “Start With Art: Increasing 21st-Century Student Outcomes Through Infusing Visual Arts and Content Area Study” at the Oct. 15 California Council on Teacher Education Conference in San Diego.

Barbara Stone, emeritus Political Science, spoke at the Jan. 8 meeting of the Whittier Republican Women Federated.

During the November 2009 meeting of the Western Society of Naturalists in Monterey, the following biological science faculty members presented and/or co-authored papers: Katherine Dickson, “Effects of Delayed Hatching on Notochord Length, Energy Reserves and Survival of the California Grunion, Leuresthes Tenuis” with graduate student Helena Aryafar and “Effects of Delayed Hatching on Muscle and Skeletal Development and Feeding Rates in the California Grunion, Leuresthes Tenuis” with graduate student Andres Carrillo and undergraduate Tracie Treybig; Danielle Zacherl joined graduate student Andy Fredell and Karen Martin of Pepperdine in a discussion on Fredell's thesis, “Out of the Sand and Into the Surf: Can We Determine Self-Recruitment in the California Grunion, Leuresthes Tenuis?” Zacherl presented the co-authored “Building Empirical Estimates of Larval Dispersal and Population Connectivity in a Kelp Forest Species”; Jennifer Burnaford and Scottie Henderson with Bruno Pernet of Long Beach State, “Tracking the Decline of an Established Invader: An Evaluation of the Status of the Atlantic Quahog Mercenaria Mercenaria in Colorado Lagoon, Long Beach, CA”; and Douglas J. Eernisse with graduate students Chrystal Johnson and Brent Ferguson, “Shield Limpets (Lottia Pelta) That Mimi Seaweed Limpets (Lottia Insessa) Experience a Mid-Life Crisis.” Eernisse also presented "New Chitons (Mollusca: Polyplacophora) From Seamounts Off Southern California" and was co-author on a poster with colleagues from UC Merced, UC Davis, and Claremont Colleges titled "Phylogeography of the Intertidal Limpet Lottia Scabra in California: Abundant Centers and Range Limits."

During the 50th Annual Fall Conference of the California Mathematics Council in Palm Springs, Patrick M. Kimani and Nicole Infante gave two sessions on "Functional Approach to Rate Problems" and "Twizzler Trig: What Is the Sine Function?" At the same November conference, Margaret L. Kidd delivered a session on “Using Algebra Tiles From Addition to Trinomial Factoring.”

David D. Bowman, Geological Sciences, explained the science behind the Haiti earthquake and its resulting damage — and what it could mean for Southern California — during a Jan. 19 presentation at the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana.

As part of Fullerton Public Library's Town and Gown lecture series, Irena Praitis, English, Comparative Literature and Linguistics, will speak April 13 on “One Woman's Life: Poetry, History and Memory,” about her grandmother's experiences as an orphaned child in Lithuania, surviving Soviet and Nazi occupations during WWII and immigration to South American and the United States. As part of the same series, Nancy Segal, Psychology, discussed “Twins: Their Life Stories and What They Tell Us About Human Behavior” March 9; Andi Stein, Communications, spoke on the magic of Disney, the growth and development of the Disney brand and the impact of the “Happiest Place on Earth” on the entertainment industry Feb. 9; and Michael Horn, Biological Science, presented “The End of the Line? Overfishing and Climate Change in the North Pacific” Jan. 12.

Ronald Rietveld, emeritus History, spoke Feb. 25 on “Lincoln's Last Photograph,” which Rietveld found at the age of 14, as part of an Orange County Courthouse exhibit “Abraham Lincoln: Self-Made in America.”

December 2009

Diane Ambruso, Radio-TV-Film, recently presented her documentary, “The Hat Lady,” before “Cap Crusaders,” a group of volunteers who crochet hats for cancer patients. The group invited Ambruso to screen her film to help raise funds for the Cordelia Knott Center for Wellness. Ambruso is currently in post-production on a low-budget feature film, shot earlier this year in Big Bear. She is director, producer and editor of the film.

Michael LaCour-Little and Jing Yang, both Finance, co-authored “Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later: Alternative Mortgage Products and Housing Consumption” LaCour-Little presented in January at the 2009 American Real Estate and Urban Economics Conference in San Francisco.

In October, Gordon M. Bakken, History, presented two papers: "Anaconda, Air Pollution and Litigation Strategy" at the Montana History Conference in Great Falls, and "Colorado’s Impact on American Mining Law" at the Western History Association convention in Denver.

Kandy Mink Salas, Dean of Students, was keynote speaker at the Oct. 23 Western Regional Careers in Student Affairs Day at the University of San Diego. Mink Salas has spent 23 years as a student affairs professional and shared her story of career discovery, the search for meaning in her work and the bumps along the way. She is working on a doctorate in higher education administration at Claremont Graduate University.

Cynthia S. Gautreau and Michelle Vander Veldt, both Elementary and Bilingual Education, will present “Math Related Anxiety of Latino Pre-Service Teachers: Result of a Survey” at the February 2010 Association of Teacher Educators conference in Chicago. The research focused on the issue of teaching and learning mathematics to elementary-aged students. Preliminary results show that incorporating manipulatives and tactile instructional strategies are beneficial when teaching abstract concepts, Gautreau said.

Teresa J. Crawford and Ginger Geftakys, Elementary and Bilingual Education, presented “Start With Art: Increasing 21st-Century Student Outcomes Through Infusing Visual Arts and Content Area Study” at the Oct. 15 Fall California Council on Teacher Education Conference in San Diego.

Robert T. Watson, Music, presented “The Virtuoso Listener: the Virtuoso Practicer” at the Oct. 22-25 World Piano Pedagogy Conference in Phoenix. Summary: By focusing on the intended effect for the listener, the pianist's practicing is given new purpose and vision, with references to brain activity while maximally engaged in listening to classical music. This summer, at the July 30-31 National Conference on Keyboard Pedagogy in Lombard, Ill., he presented "The Power of Story: Somatic Theory, Neuroscientific Principles and Pedagogical Practice."

S. Irene Matz, College of Communications, presented “Keeping Your Edge Professionally” and led a related discussion during the Nov. 10 Cal State Fullerton Women of Distinction reception in Costa Mesa.

Ken Alan, Kinesiology, presents two sessions on exercise for the older adult at the 2009 International Council of Active Aging conference Dec. 3-5 in Orlando, Fla.

Thomas Boyd, Marketing, discussed Mihaylo College of Business and Economics’ branding strategy Nov. 3 on “Critical Mass,” a business program on For the Nov. 11 program, Chiranjeev Kohli, Marketing, shared the power of branding and the value it can create for business.

Mira Farka, Economics, was intervewed Oct. 28 on the weekly half-hour radio program California Commerce about the last economic forecast presented by Mihaylo College of Business and Economics and the Orange County Business Council.

Stan L. Breckenridge, Afro-Ethnic Studies, has released his seventh CD “Reflections” featuring 11 original vocal and instrumental songs. Several songs on the CD premiered last year at a student benefit concert in Meng Concert Hall.

October 2009

Carol Weinmann, Kinesiology, was in charge of the 75th anniversary events for the Jan. 21-24 Southwest District American Alliance of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance Conference held in Phoenix. The activities included a display of all the past presidents from 1934 to 2009, a special historical lecture session and a past president’s breakfast. In addition, Weinmann developed a 75th anniversary DVD, which included pictures, music and audio.

Owen Holmes, Public Affairs and Government Relations, was one of three panelists taking part in the Aug. 3 California State University Program for Education and Research in Biotechnology faculty meeting at the Chancellor's Office in Long Beach. Holmes, who was joined by representatives from the California Healthcase Institute and the CSU Office of Advocacy and State Relations, discussed a campus perspective on the importance of engaging faculty in legislative advocacy and government relations outreach.

Michael LaCour-Little and Jing Yang, both Finance, co-authored “Taking the Lie out of Liar Loans,” which LaCour-Little presented in September at a one-day Symposium on Improving Assessment of the Default Risk of Single-Family Mortgages hosted by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation’s Center for Financial Research and the Federal Housing Finance Agency in Arlington, VA.

In August, Shaun M. Pichler, Management, co-presented “Expatriate Categorization and Evaluation: A Three-Nation Quasi-Experimental Study” at the 2009 meeting of the Academy of Management in Chicago. Department associate Gerard Beenan delivered a paper titled “The Additive and Interactive Effects of Subordinate and Perceived Supervisor Goal Orientations” and was a respondent for a session on transformative leadership at the same conference.

Ken Alan, Kinesiology, presented “Walk This Way: The Benefits of Nordic Walking for Older Adults With Balance or Mobility Limitations” and “Sit Tight: Seated Exercise Programming for Individuals With Limited Mobility” at the December 2008 International Council of Active Aging Conference in San Antonio. In August, Alan made four presentations on exercise for the older adult at the Can-Fit-ProConvention in Toronto.

On May 15, James Santucci, Comparative Religion, delivered “The Afterlife as Revealed by Egyptian and Tibetan Buddhist Lore” at the Farmers and Merchants Bank in Seal Beach. The presentation was sponsored by the Theosophical Society in America, Long Beach branch. On May 16, he delivered "The Afterlife in Egypt" at the Dharma Seal Temple in Monterey Park, where he returned on May 23 to deliver his "The After Life in Tibet" lecture.

J. Michael Russell, Philosophy and Human Services, was co-leader of a Aug. 28-30 training and certification retreat for the American Philosophical Practitioners Association in New York City. There were 18 participants from the United States, Korea, Canada, Spain and Mexico, seeking to develop a profession of philosophical counseling. In May, Russell co-presented a three-day training and certification workshop in philosophical counseling for the American Philosophical Practitioners Association and the Spinalis Rehabilitation Institute in Stockholm. The Swedish-based Foundation provides rehabilitative care for spinal-injured and MS patients. As part of a three-year pilot project, Spinalis has partnered with APPA to train physicians, nurses, psychologists, physical therapists, occupational therapists and social workers in theory and practice of philosophical counseling.

Gloria Monti, Radio/TV/Film, recently completed a book chapter "Watching Pages, Reading Pictures: Cinema and Modern Literature in Italy," in Nessuno Torna Indietro. (The translation is "There's No Turning Back").

Guitarist Ron Eschete, Music, performed Aug. 13 at the Old Town Temecula Community Theatre.

Ryan Nichols, Philosophy, was selected to attend the June 22-July 17 National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Institute on Experimental Philosophy at the University of Utah. He has been working on research about the scientific origins of religion and starting a research program in experimental philosophy.

Julius (Jay) Wachtel, Politics, Administration and Justice, is in his third year of running a blog that keeps criminal justice students, faculty and practitioners apprised of current issues and controversies in policing and criminal justice.

Paul S. Foote, Accounting, was a panelist on an hour discussion on post-election Afghanistan played on China Radio International's “Today on Beyond Beijing” program. In addition to Foote, the other panelists were Fayez Khorshid, a television correspondent in Kabul; Mirwais Nab, first secretary, political section at the Afghan embassy in Beijing; and Rong Ying a professor with the China Institute of International Studies.

August 2009

Gordon M. Bakken, History, presented “Apex Law, Geology, Expert Witnesses and Demogorgon: The Best Mining Law for Litigators for a Half Century” at the June 5 Mining History Association convention in Creede, Colo.

In April, David Bowman, Geological Sciences, delivered “Fault-Based Search for Precursory Accelerating Moment Release (AMR)” at the 6th International Statistical Seismology Conference in Lake Tahoe. In the same month, Brandon Brown led a seminar on “Not-So-Simple Cinder Cone Plumbing Systems: Examples From the Sierra Nevada” at San Diego State University, and Matthew Kirby co-presented “Holocene Multi-Decadal-to-Centennial Scale Hydrologic Variability in Southern California” at the Annual PACLIM meeting in Pacific Grove.

During the March Orange County Mathematics Conference in Fullerton, Margaret L. Kidd, Mathematics, gave a presentation on “Multiple Representations” and Patrick M. Kimani, Mathematics, led a session on “Assessing Cooperative Problem Solving.”

Kathi B. Angus, Reading, discussed “Keeping Our Eye on the Prize: Developing Critical Thinkers” at the October 2008 College Reading and Learning Association in Cleveland.

Ruth Yopp-Edwards, Hallie Yopp Slowik, both Elementary and Bilingual Education, and Ashley Bishop, emeritus Reading, gave a presentation on academic vocabulary development at the International Reading Association's 55th Annual Convention in Chicago April 25-28.

In June, Prem Saint, emeritus Geological and Environmental Sciences, was special event chair of a panel discussing ecological challenges faced by the sacred rivers of India during the 43rd annual conference of the Asian Studies of the Pacific Coast at Soka University in Aliso Viejo.

In March, Archana J. McEligot, Health Science, presented "Nutrition for Optimum Health" at the Susan G. Komen Breast Health Symposium in Anaheim. McEligot discussed diet and exercise in relation to cancer prevention and survivorship, guidelines for diet and exercise, and answers to commonly asked questions by cancer survivors about supplements, antioxidants, soy, sugar, etc. McEligot also discussed dietary factors shown to be related to cancer risk, activities that may help encourage healthful behaviors such as portion control and awareness of the sources of antioxidants, such as carotenoids and physical activity.

January 2009

Julie Stokes, Afro-Ethnic Studies, was keynote speaker for the Academic Achievement for African American Students conference hosted in October by the Chino Valley Unified School District for approximately 400 students and parents.

John Koegel, associate professor of music, presented “Musical Instruments in Mission, Presidio and Pueblo” during the Jan. 30 “Encuentro/Encounters 2009: Music and Musicians of the California Missions” conference at UC Riverside. The conference is presented by UCR's Center for Iberian and Latin American Music.

Aaron T. Goetz, Psychology, will discuss debate over the extent to which men view their partners “as an entity that they privately own and control” as part of a domestic violence panel discussion at the Feb. 25-27 “Evolution of Human Aggression: Lessons for Today's Conflicts" conference at the University of Utah.

Cheryl B. Zimmerman, Modern Languages and Literatures, will be a speak on vocabulary acquisition and academic word learning at the March 11-13 TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) Arabia conference in Dubai. Skhe will also give word-learning workshops to professors of English at Nizwa and Sultan Qaboos universities in Oman.

December 2008

Jesse Battan, American Studies, delivered a paper on “‘De-Civilizing’ Sexuality? Intimacy, Erotic Life and Social Change in Modern America” at the Oct. 18 American Studies Association annual meeting in Albuquerque.

Lezlee Hinesmon-Matthews, Afro-Ethnic Studies, presented “Politics Made Me Do It: Race and Voter Intimidation in Modern Presidential Elections” Oct. 28 as part of Saddleback College's Anthropology Speaker Series.

Dennis Gaschen, Communications, spoke Oct. 26 on the details of “Event Planning” during the 2008 Public Relations Student Society of America National Conference Oct. 24-28 in Detroit.

On Oct. 25, James Santucci, Comparative Religion, presented “The Afterlife in Spiritualism and Theosophy” at the Philosophical Research Society in Los Angeles.

Barbara Stone, Emeritus Political Science, gave an election report at the Nov. 7 meeting of the Whittier Republican Women Federated.

Lea Beth Lewis, Health and Human Development, delivered “Integrating Active Learning Strategies Into a Career Exploration Class,” with Karen Kerr of Cal State Long Beach, at the 25th annual International Career Development Conference Nov. 7 in Los Angeles.

Robert A. McClain, History, kicked off the Fullerton Public Library's “Town and Gown” lecture series Nov. 9 with a discussion of “World War II: The Homefront.” Andrea “Andi” Stein, Communications, spoke Dec. 9 on “Route 66: The Mystique of the Mother Road” as part of the series.

Gail Pakalns-Naruo, Counseling and Psychological Services, spoke before the Orange County Mental Health Board about the statewide Student Mental Health Initiative.

September 2008

Michael H. Horn, Biological Science, was a panelist discussing the changes that have occurred since the Bolsa Chica inlet opened during a Sept. 3 Amigos de Bolsa Chica town hall meeting in Huntington Beach.

Bob Burton, Athletics, discussed half court offense and the fast break during the Palm Springs Coaches Clinic held Sept. 5-7.

Art Hansen, History emeritus, was a panelist on “Enduring Communities: The Japanese American Experience in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Utah” during the July Japanese American National Museum conference in Denver.

Christine “Xtine” Hanson, Communications, will present “Beyond Culture Jamming: Xtine” Oct. 5 at the Electrofringe, a festival of electronic arts and culture, in Newcastle, Australia. Hanson also is part of an Oct. 3 panel presentation titled “Together for the Foreseeable Future.”

Mohinder Grewal, Electrical Engineering, gave tutorials on “Fundamentals of Satellite-Based Augmentation Systems” and “Fundamentals of Kalman Filtering for Global Positioning System/Inertial Navigation System Integration” Sept. 15-16 as part of ION GNSS 2008 - the 21st International Technical Meeting of the Satellite Division of the Institute of Navigation in Savannah, GA.

July 2008

At the end of May, Mitchell E. Avila, Philosophy, addressed attendees at the 8th International Conference of Human Rights, “Right to Knowledge and Information in a Heterogenic Society” in Olsztyn, Poland. Avila spoke on “Maximizing Social Minimums: Questions About International Patents.” In June, Avila traveled to Athens, Greece, to present “Human Rights as Criteria for Toleration” at the 3rd International Conference on Philosophy; to the University of St. Andrews in Scotland to discuss “Cosmopolitanism and the Question of Stability” at “Thinking (With)Out Borders: International Political Theory in the 21st Century”; and to the University of Surray, England, to speak on “Citizenship and Political Stability” at the Centre for Research on Nationalism, Ethnicity and Multiculturalism conference “Nationalism, Ethnicity and Citizenship: Whose Citizens? Whose Rights?”

In June, Dmitry Khanin, Management, presented “Between Proteus and Prometheus, Between Apollo and Athena: Devising an Appropriate Flexibility Strategy” at the Atlanta Competitive Advantage Conference. That same month, Khanin and department associate Raj Mahto delivered “Family Business Survival: Member Intention to Continue Business” at the 2008 Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. The duo also read “Family Firms: The Deferral Option vs. the Growth Option” at the April 18 Family Enterprise Research Conference at Marquette University, Milwaukee.

James A. Santucci, Comparative Religion, delivered a talk on “Heaven, Hell and Purgatory” Aug. 2 at the Dharma Seal Temple in Rosemead, presented “The Conception of Christ in the Theosophical Tradition” at the 2008 International Conference of the Center for Studies on New Religions at the London School of Economics in April and “The Afterlife: Attempts to Understand the Phenomenon” at the Theosophical Society in America, Long Beach branch in May. Since January, Santucci has been giving a monthly lectures at the Philosophical Research Society in Los Angeles. Among the presentations: “Personal Immortality and Post Mortem Survival,” “Concepts and Definitions (Pertaining to the Afterlife),” “The Soul,” “Conceptions of the Jewish Tradition,” “The Christian Tradition” and “The Islamic Tradition.”

Benjamin J. Hubbard, Comparative Religion, spoke on “Dealing With Religious Diversity in a Multicultural Marketplace” at the June 11 San Jose Rotary Club meeting.

May 2008

Brent M. Foster, Jeff Brody and Thomas N. Clanin, all Communications, spoke April 19 at the Journalism Education Association/National Scholastic Press Association High School Journalism Convention in Anaheim. Foster discussed “Radio News in a Convergent World,” Brody address “The News About Newspapers” and Clanin conducted an ethics workshop.

Clanin joined fellow department associates Beth Evans and Genelle I. Belmas at the April 3-5 Journalism Association of Community Colleges statewide convention in Los Angeles. Evans, who was the convention’s broadcast chair, organized judging of mail-in broadcast entries and speakers for the 20 broadcast sessions. She also judged the on-the-spot broadcast news writing competition, arranged a tour of KABC-TV for students, set up a teleprompter room for students and gave tutorials on “Broadcast News Writing” and “Tips for Getting Starting in Broadcast News.” Belmas conducted workshops on “Media Law Update 2008” and “Know Your Reporter Rights: Privilege, Freedom of Information and More,” while Clanin conducted a workshop on “Attracting Readers With Sharp Headlines” and judged community college scholarship applications.

Also presenting at the April 3-5 Journalism Association of Community Colleges statewide convention in Los Angeles was Gloria Sims, Career Center, who delivered “Getting Hired! Series: Resume and Cover Letter Workshop.”

Mark Latonero, Communications, co-authored a paper on “Ethics Remixed: How Today’s Media Consumers Evaluate the Role of Creative Reappropriation,” that he will present in May during the 58th Annual Conference of the International Communication Association in Montreal, Canada. In addition, Latonero was recently selected for membership to the Pacific Council on International Policy.

Lea Beth Lewis, Health and Human Development, co-presented “On Course in Career Exploration Classes” at the third National On Course Conference in Los Angeles. The May 2 presentation was made with Karen H. Kerr of Cal State Long Beach.

Cheryl B. Zimmerman, Modern Languages and Literatures, delivered “Steering Students Towards Independent Word Learning” at the April CATESOL 2008: Growing Democracy conference in Sacramento.

James Santucci, Comparative Religion, discussed the afterlife at a May 16 Theosophical Society of America meeting in Seal Beach.

March 2008

Brent M. Foster, Communications, recently had his video, “Crossed Wires,” accepted for presentation at the March 13-15 conference “The Image of the Outsider,” sponsored by Society for the Interdisciplinary Study of Social Imagery and held at Colorado State University. The slice-of-life documentary tells the story of Tyler Morgan, a 38-year-old female-to-male transsexual, and the difficulties she has faced in her life.

Elahe Amani, Student Affairs, was a co-presenter of “New (And Old!) Technology You Can Use” and Kandy Mink Salas, Dean of Students, presented a session on “Charting the Course to Successful Student and Academic Affairs Partnerships” at the March 8-12 National Association of Student Personnel Administrators conference in Boston, MA.   Mink Salas also recently completed a two-year term as the membership coordinator for NASPA Region VI. In addition, Amani was a panelist discussing career choices and challenges at the 10th annual Women & Careers Conference March 14 at Cal State Long Beach.

Kuen-Hee Ju-Pak and Guohua “Mark” Wu, both Communications, and alumna Serena Yi-Jun Lin co-presented “Exploring the Drivers of Building Web Equity: A Conceptual Framework” at the American Academy of Advertising 50th anniversary conference in San Mateo March 27-30.

Tony Fellow, Communications, was chair of the February Southern California Water Utilities Association Program in Pomona.

Heather Osborne-Thompson, Radio-TV-Film, delivered “From ‘Reluctant Action Hero’ to Cyborg: The Return of ‘The Bionic Woman’” at the March 6-9 Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference in Philadelphia. At the Console-ing Passions 2008: International Conference on Television, Audio, Video, New Media & Feminism, Osborne-Thompson will chair a panel session on “Spiritual, Charitable, Diplomatic and Heroic TV” and read “Wombs for Rent in India: Oprah, ‘Soft’ Journalism and Cultural Diplomacy.” The April 24 conference will be held at UC Santa Barbara.

Elizabeth Holster, Art, is one of 21 artists from 11 states and Canada participating in Reader’s Art 8 at the Susan Hensel Gallery in Minneapolis. The show — opening March 14 and continuing through April — will feature artists books and book objects created from handmade paper and “the work of the hand.”

Paul Lester, Communications, demonstrated how he uses Second Life, a social networking site, to teach a section of his communications class to attendees at a Social Networking Symposium March 5 at the University of Missouri. Lester delivered his presentation from California.

Tom Clanin, Communications, conducted workshops on headline writing and copy editing at the Associated Collegiate Press National College Newspaper Convention in San Francisco Feb. 29-March 1. During the convention, Clanin also met with students from other university newspapers to critique their work. Feb. 23, Clanin helped judge the Journalism Education Association’s Orange County competition at El Toro High School.

“Tanks. Tide Pools. And Other Bottomless Ponds,” an exhibit of work created by Bruce Barton, Communications, was exhibited at the James Gray Gallery in Santa Monica from Feb. 9 through March 8.

February 2008

Zair Ibragimov, Mathematics, delivered a talk on “Symmetric Product of Metric Spaces” as part of a “Workshop on Complex Analysis and Special Functions” at the 7th annual Red Rain Mini Symposium Oct. 31-Nov. 1 at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. Ibragimov also gave a talk on “Diametrically Maximal Spaces” as part of the Cal State Northridge Department of Mathematics Colloquium Series Sept. 26.

Angel R. Pineda, Mathematics, co-presented “Cramer-Rao Bounds for Chemical Species Separation in Magnetic Resonance Imaging” at the October SIAM Conference on Mathematics for Industry: Challenges and Frontiers held in Philadelphia.

Paul M. Lester, Communications, was a member on a panel discussing “Convergence Journalism: Multitasking in a Multimedia World” at a meeting of the greater Los Angeles chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. Joining him was Eric Leonard of KFI-AM, Joseph Pimentel of the Asian Journal, and Raul Reis of Cal State Long Beach.

Barbara Stone, Emeritus Political Science, analyzed the Feb. 5 California primary during a Feb. 13 meeting of the Thousand Oaks Republican Women Federated.

Jule Selbo, Radio-TV-Film, presented a paper on “Analysis of the Balance of Genres in Films: The Western” while Communications faculty Henry Puente chaired a session on “Chicana/Chicano: Literature, Film, Theory II: Trajectories of Market and Language Across Media” and Christine “xtine” Hanson, chaired a session on “Communication and Digital Culture V: Transgressions” and Sally Romotsky, Emeritus English, Comparative Literature and Linguistics, delivered “‘Off, Off, You Lendings!’ Apparel and Self in King Lear and Hamlet” at the Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association National Conference March 19-22 in San Francisco.

Edward J. Fink, Radio-TV-Film, read a paper on “Illegal Downloads May Cost Music and Movie Industries 37.7 Percent of Estimated Revenue Loss” at the March 13 National Broadcasting Society Convention.

John D. Ibson, American Studies, presented “Snapshots at Sea: A Half Century of Shipboard Culture in American Sailors’ Photos” at the November Symposium on the Art of the American Snapshot at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.

Raj Mahto, Management, discussed the types of business services Cal State Fullerton can provide at the Feb. 13 Fullerton Chamber Wednesday Morning Coffee Club.

Marie Loggia-Kee, Communications, chaired a session on “Theoretical Issues in Horror” and presented a paper on “Stephen King’s Constant Reader: An Insider’s Perspective” at the 29th Annual Meeting of the Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association Southwest/Texas region Feb. 13-16 in Albuquerque, N.M. At the same conference, Matthew Haskins, American Studies, chaired three sessions on popular music; and Stephen J. Mexal, English, Comparative Literature and Linguistics, gave a paper on “Performing Wilderness: Rap, ‘Wilding’ and the Central Park Jogger.”

Diane Witmer and Dennis Gaschen, Communications, will conduct a roundtable discussion on their study on service-learning public relations courses March 8 at the California State University’s Third Annual Conference on Community-Based Teaching & Research “From Local to Global Perspectives” at the Westin Los Angeles Airport Hotel.

At the November National Communication Association convention in Chicago, a number of Communications and Human Communication Studies faculty members took part in presenting papers or organizing sessions. They included: Jeanine Congalton organized the session on the International Forensics Association; Robert Gass presented a short course on “Teaching the Persuasion, Compliance Gaining, and/or Social Influence Course at the University Level”; Christine Hanson delivered “The Web 2.0: Response to a Social Crisis”; Dean C. Kazoleas and Jason J. Teven gave “Public Relations and Organizational Credibility: Refining the Definition, Measurement and Assessment of Organizational Trust” during a session on “Faith, Trust and Distrust in Organizations: An Examination and Discussion of Recent Research Trends and Practices Focusing on Organizational Trust” that Kazoleas chaired and organized; Cynthia King presented “The Role of Cultural Orientations as Moderators of the Effects of Fear Appeals”; Bernd Kupka delivered “Home, Sweet Home — Assessing Trainees’ Intercultural Self-Awareness for International Assignments With the Intercultural Self-Awareness Scale”; and Peter S. Lee read “Family Communication Patterns and Conflict Management Styles in Dating Relationships.” Also at the convention: Patty C. Malone gave a paper on “Communicative Responses to Malicious Envy at Work” and delivered “Internal World Views: Employee Trust in Organizations and Perceptions of the Violation of Psychological Contracts”; Gary L. Ruud chaired a session on “Virtues, Values and Spirituality at Work”; Jason J. Teven read “Teacher Temperament: Correlates With Teacher Caring, Burnout and Organizational Outcomes”; and Stella Ting-Toomey, Human Communication Studies, presented “Family Communication Patterns and Conflict Management Styles in Dating Relationships.”

Nancy Snow, Communications, is among the discussants at “Why Does it Matter if the World Hates Us?” Citizen Diplomacy Summit March 7 in Pasadena. The program is sponsored by the International Visitors Council of Los Angeles.

On Feb. 20, Lawrence de Graaf, History Emeritus, was one of three authors who discussed African American life and experience in Orange County at the Santa Ana Historical Society’s “A Night at Barnes & Noble,” in Costa Mesa. De Graaf is the author of “Seeking El Dorado: African Americans in California.”

January 2008

Tony Fellow, Communications, spoke to the Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Los Angeles lunch-mixer Dec. 12.

Sculpture created by Nobuhito Nishigawara, Art, is currently on exhibit at the See Line Gallery in Los Angeles. The “Dichotomies” exhibit, which runs through Jan. 19, also features the works of alumna Hiromi Takizawa (B.A. art ’05, M.A. art-crafts ’07).

Lea Beth Lewis, Health and Human Development, and Elizabeth Zavala, Career Development Center, presented “Did You Visit the Career Center? No, It Was Too Far to Walk!” at the 24th annual International Career Development Conference Nov. 9 in Sacramento.

Sandra Sutphen, emeritus, Matthew Jarvis and Stephen J. Stambaugh, all Political Science, were panelists discussing the upcoming California primary Jan. 15 at the Fullerton Public Library. J. Vincent Buck, Political Science, moderated the panel discussion.

Anil K. Puri, Business and Economics, discussed “Economic and Policy Challenges for Our Region” at the Jan. 25 State of the City Luncheon in Fullerton. The annual function, which includes an address by the mayor, was held in the Titan Student Union.

The upcoming presidential election and initiatives was the subject of two presentations by Barbara Stone, emeriti Political Science. She spoke before the Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Greater Los Angeles on Jan. 26 in Rosemead and Jan. 16 to the Whittier Republican Women Federated in San Gabriel.

Several Cal State Fullerton faculty members took part in the 20th annual CSU Biotechnology Symposium held Jan. 10-13. Katherine Kantardjieff, Chemistry and Biochemistry, was part of the organizing team for the session on “Interfacing Computer Science and Biotechnology,” provided the introduction for two speakers and gave p presentation that provided perspective on cyberinfrastructure, defined a complex and nuanced operational term and what it means in terms of contemporary scientific scholarship. She also presented the preliminary results of an online survey examining the existing cyber resources in the CSU, specifically with regard to high performance computer. Robert A. Koch, Biological Science, was among responders to a presentation on a professional science master’s degree — what is it, what is its role in California and what are the keys to success of these innovative degree programs in the sciences. Spiros H. Courellis, Computer Science, was an organizer for a session on cyberinfrastructure in the CSU, and Nilay Patel, Biological Science, was a panelist in a discussion on “Real World Curriculum: Stem Cell Laboratories.” Marcelo Tolmasky, Biological Sciences, introduced the announcement and presentation of the Glenn Nagel Undergraduate Student Research Award.

Mardell Azimi, American Language, delivered “Pump up the Listening Subjectwide” Oct. 27 at the 2007 Los Angeles Regional CATESOL Conference in Long Beach and at the 2008 Northern California Regional Conference in Livermore Nov. 3.

December 2007

Kenneth H. Ravizza, Kinesiology, discussed the “Mental Game of Coaching” at the 19th annual South Lake Tahoe Baseball Coaches Clinic Nov. 16-17.

Debra J. Rose, Kinesiology and Center for Successful Aging, was one of the keynote speakers at “Fall Prevention: Implementing What Works,” an Oct. 23 program sponsored by Hawaii’s State Department of Health, Injury Prevention Program, Neurotrauma Supports and Office of Health Care Assurance and held at the Sheraton Waikiki Hotel. Rose discussed “Aging Successfully: The Role of Physical Activity.”

Gordon M. Bakken, History, was the commentator/discussant on a three paper session titled “Making Places, Making People: The Legal History of the Southwest” at the Oct. 26 American Society for Legal History convention in Tempe, Ariz.

Allen Zeltzer, emeritus Theatre and Dance, performed with the Palmia Players Nov. 1 in Mission Viejo.

In May, Grady D. Bruce, emeritus Marketing, presented “Ethics Education in Business: Effectiveness and Effects” at the Global Conference on Business and Finance in San Jose, Costa Rica. The paper won a conference Outstanding Research Award and will be published in the March 2008 issue of the International Journal of Management and Marketing Research. That same month, Bruce also gave a paper on “Exploring the Effects of School Culture in Graduate Business Programs” at the 7th annual Hawaii International Conference on Business. In August, Bruce also read a paper on “Exploring the Likelihood and Reality of MBA Alumni Donations” at the national meeting of the Academy of Management in Philadelphia.

Robert A. McLain, History, spoke on “The Final Drive in the Pacific, 1945” as part of the Fullerton Main Library’s “Town and Gown” lecture series Nov. 11.

Michael Steiner, American Studies, read a paper on “The Politics of Place in Thirties America: Forging Radical Regional Traditions in California and the Midwest” at the 32nd annual International American Studies Conference Nov. 8. The conference was sponsored by the American Studies Association of Turkey and the U.S. Embassy and held in Ankara, Turkey.

Terry L. Snyder, American and Liberal Studies, delivered the paper “‘To Seeke for Justice’: Mastery, Gender and the Law in Early Modern Virginia” at the “Early Modern Virginia: New Thoughts on the Old Dominion” symposium Aug. 17-18 at the Robert H. Smith International Center for Jefferson Studies at Monticello, Charlottesville, Va. She returned to Virginia Oct. 31-Nov. 2 to give a paper on “Gender, Race and Indentured Servitude in Early Virginia” during the annual meeting of the Southern History Association in Richmond. In April, Snyder delivered a paper on “Listening to Suicide in the Early Modern Anglo-American World” at the “Making Books, Shaping Readers” conference at the University of Cork, Ireland.

Lea Beth Lewis, Health and Human Development, and Elizabeth Zavala-Acevez, Career Development Center, presented “Did You Visit the Career Center? No, It Was Too Far to Walk!” at the Nov. 9 EUREKA Consortium meeting in Sacramento.

October 2007

Beth Evans, Communications, presented a program on “Video Storytelling and Editing Workshop” as part of “Multi-Platform News: The How-To Guide for Frontline Editors” seminar from the American Press Institute. The Oct. 22-24 seminar was held at the Kellog West Conference Center on the grounds of Cal Poly Pomona.

In July, Sue Fisher, Environmental Health and Instructional Safety, delivered “Small Program, Big Needs,” a paper on the essential elements of running a radiation safety program at a university that emphasizes undergraduate research, at the Health Physics Society annual meeting in Portland.

Jochen Burgtorf, History, spoke on the general history of the Knights Templar, at the Oct. 11 “Remembering the Templars: 700 Years of Mystery and Myth” program at California University of Pennsylvania.

September 2007

Jesse F. Battan, American Studies, delivered “Writing the Self, Writing a Revolution: Personal Correspondence and the Transformation of Private Life in Late 19th-Century America” at the June 22 international conference on “Writing the Self in the Americas: Diaries, Letters, Life Stories” sponsored by the American Studies Research Center at the University of Versailles, France. In July, Battan also gave a talk on “Love in America: Exploring the History of the Emotions” at the Deutsch-Amerikanische Institute in Tübingen, Germany. The event was co-sponsored by the Department of American Studies at the University of Tübingen.

Ofir Turel, Information Systems and Decision Sciences, presented “User Acceptance of Hedonic Information Technologies: A Perceived Value Perspective” at the 13th Americas Conference on Information Systems held in August in Keystone, Co. The paper was co-authored by Alexander Serenko of Lakehead University, and Nick Bontis of McMaster University.

Michael LaCour-Little, Finance, discussed recent developments and outlook for mortgage markets as the featured speaker at the Real Estate Research Council of Southern California luncheon meeting in Pomona.

Scott J. Spitzer, Political Science, gave a paper on U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson titled “Responding to Racial Dynamics in the War on Poverty: LBJ and the Demise of a Universalist Social Policy” Sept. 1 at the American Political Science Association’s annual meeting in Chicago.

August 2007

Patty Malone, Human Communication Studies, presented “Coworker Backstabbing: Strategies, Motives and Responses” at the May 24-28 International Communication Association Conference in San Francisco.

Robert Wheeler, Communications, delivered “Experiential Learning: Impact of Two Instructional Methods on Student-Instructor Interaction, Critical Thinking and Course Evaluations” at “Building Knowledge and Skills in the 21st Century: Fulfilling the Mission of Marketing Education,” the Marketing Educators’ Association April 28-30 conference in San Antonio, Texas. The paper was published in the conference proceedings.

Douglas Eernisse, Biological Science, gave an April 6 seminar on “Phylogeny and Tempo of Speciation of the Chiton Genus Mopalia in the North Pacific” to the Marine Science Program at the University of South Carolina.

Guohua “Mark” Wu, Communications, read “The Synergy Effect of Print and Web Advertising: A Field Experiment” and Nancy Snow, Communications, served as a panelist on “Brand America: Can Advertising Help Improve America’s Image Abroad” during the 2007 annual conference of the American Academy of Advertising in Burlington, Vt. The annual event was held in April.

In July, Mohinder Grewal, Electrical Engineering, presented a graduate short course on “Kalman Filtering Theory & Practice” at the University of Calgary Department of Geomatics.

During the April 2007 meeting of the Association of American Geographers in San Francisco, Matthew Kirby, Geological Sciences, delivered a talk on “Insolation Forcing of Holocene Climate Change in Southern California” with Steve Lund of USC, Michael Anderson of UC Riverside and Broxton Bird of the University of Pittsburgh.

John Reinard, Human Communication Studies, read “Use of Multiple Messages in Persuasive Communication Research: Evidence of a Methodoogical Trend or General Avoidance?” at the 78th annual Western States Communications Association Convention Feb. 17-29 in Seattle.

Jule Selbo, Radio-TV-Film, gave a seminar at the Intercontinental London School for Film on July 19 and delivered a paper on “The Precode Screenwriters who Shaped the Film Female in America and Their Struggle With Censorship” at the April joint meeting of the Popular Culture Association and the American Culture Association in Boston.

In April, HyeKyeung Seung, Human Communication Studies, co-presented a poster session on “In-Home Training for Fathers of Children with Autism: A Four-Year Continuation” at the Society for Research in Child Development biennial meeting in Boston.

On April 11, Brandon Browne, Geological Sciences, delivered a seminar on “Relating Phenocryst Textures to Magma Mixing and Ascent During Volcanic Eruptions: Examples From Alaska and California” to the Geology Department at UC Davis.

Geological Science Department associate, Adam Woods co-presented Paleokarst Evolution of the Ordovician Pogonip Group Near Beatty, NV” and “Anatomy of Anachronistic Carbonate Platform: The Lower Triassic Moenkopi Platform of the Southwestern United States” at the American Association of Petroleum Geologists April 1-4 meeting in Long Beach.

Christian Hill, Art, gave “The Comic Art Prof Show: How to Create Successful Comics Page Layouts” July 27 at Comic Con International in San Diego.

June 2007

Armando Martinez-Cruz, Mathematics, joined five Buena Park High School teachers attending the March 21-24 National Council of Teachers of Mathematics in Atlanta, Georgia, to share motivational classroom strategies to entice students learn mathematics. The group presented two sessions: one, a combination of history, technology and geometry; and one involving Latino students, language and mathematics. Both sessions demonstrated applications for Geometer’s Sketch Pad, a software program that enables students to construct objects and diagrams to explore mathematical properties and relationships. Martinez-Cruz and teachers Greg Love and Paul Sexton also delivered “Show Me the Math: Learning Through Representation.”

In May, Marcelo E. Tolmasky, Biological Science, co-delivered “Antisense External Guide Sequences Targeting aac(6’)-lb Reverse Amikacin Resistance” at the 107 general meeting of the American Society for Microbiology in Toronto. 

Raman Unnikrishnan, Engineering and Computer Science, spoke on “The Future of Engineering Education” before the Orange County Engineers Council June 14 in Orange.

On June 16, Gordon M. Bakken, History, delivered an Organization of American Historians Distinguished Lecture, “The American West and the American Indian: A Vast Winter Count of New Questions” to the Advance Placement History Readers in Louisville, Ky.

May 2007

Henry Puente, Radio-TV-Film, read “The Marketing and Distribution of Independent U.S. Latino Cinema to the Hispanic Hollywood” at the March Society for Cinema & Media Studies conference in Chicago.

Jeanine Congalton, Human Communication Studies, was international liaison for the 17th annual International Forensic Association Tournament in Buenos Aires March 13-14.

Elahe Amani, Student Affairs, was a panelist on “Stop Stoning Forever Campaign” and “Protecting Women’s Human Rights in the Time of Terror” during the 51st session of the United Nation’s Commission on the Status of Women Feb. 26 through March 9 in New York.

In March, HyeKyeung Seung, Human Communication Studies, presented a poster on  “In-Home Training for Fathers of Children With Autism” at the Society for Research in Child Development Biennial Meeting in Boston.

Pam Caldwell, Communications, delivered “Assessing Internships” at the California Cooperative Education and Internship Association/California Placement Association joint conference March 7-9 in Bakersfield.

Also in March, Ying-Chiao Tsao, Human Communication Studies, presented a poster on “The Clinical Application of Diadochokinetic Tasks” at the California Speech-Language and Hearing Association Convention in Long Beach.

Anthony Fellow, Communications, was a panelist on “Media Exposure and Fans” at the 5th annual International Media in Transition Conference April 27-29 at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Andi Stein, Communications, served as moderator and department associate Beth Evens was a panelist on “Taking Charge: Women in Management” at the April Broadcast Educators of America Convention in Las Vegas. Also participating in the program was Ed Fink, Radio-TV-Film, as a discussant for the Writing Division Meeting and Philippe Perebinossoff, Radio-TV-Film, was a panelist on “Ethical Issues in Entertainment Television.”

Also from Communications, Genelle Belmas moderated a panel on “The Politics of Privacy, Information and Speech,” was a panelist on “Teaching Tips and Assessment Ideas for New Faculty and Graduate Students” and presented “A Middle Ground on Gay Marriage in Colorado: An Urban-Rural Divide” with Christopher Burnett of Long Beach State at the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication Midwinter conference in Reno. Belmas, along with department associate Gail Love and student Paul Saiedi delivered “Such Filth on the Public Airwaves: Indecency Complaints Denied by the FCC in 2004.” Andi Stein served as a panelist on “The Emerging Field of Entertainment Studies: Research Issue and Trends” at the same event.

April 2007

Nancy Snow, Communications, discussed her latest book “The Arrogance of American Power: What U.S. Leaders Are Doing Wrong and Why It’s Our Duty to Dissent” at USC’s Center on Public Diplomacy March 22. The program was aired on C-Span. She also was a panelist on “Brand America: Can Advertising Help Improve America’s Image Abroad?” at the Academy of Advertising Conference April 14 in Burlington, Vt.

Alan S. Kaye, English, Comparative Literature and Linguistics, presented “Cultural Ingredients in Arabic Lexical Paris” and chaired a session on “English and Multilingualism” at the March International Gulf Linguistics Conference at the University of Qatar in Doha. That same month, Kaye also discussed “The Semantics of Arabic and English” at the International Symposium on Linguistics  and Translation at Sultan Qaboos University.

Fred Johnson, Emeritus Physics, spoke on the origins of life during a March 20 dinner party sponsored by the SoCal Science Café in Anaheim.

Michael Trueblood, Marketing and Communications, discussed how the Family Business Council can help businesses during a March 28 Fullerton Chamber of Commerce Coffee Club meeting.

Christine Hansen, Communications read a paper on “Internet Culture” at the Popular Culture Association/America Culture Association’s April 4 national conference in Boston. Hansen also delivered “Couches, Coffee and Jam: Using the Internet to Act Locally” at the 5th annual International Media in Transition Conference April 27-29 at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Joining her were department associates Mark Latonero, who served on a panel discussing “Problematizing Piracy” and gave a co-authored paper on “Remix Goes Mainstream: Emerging Attitudes About the Reappropriation of Media Content” and Henry Puente, who presented a paper on the ABC hit “Ugly Betty.”

Mohinder Grewal, Electrical Engineering, gave tutorials on “Fundamentals of Kalman Filtering for GPS/INS Integration” and “Fundamentals of SBAS (Satellite-Based Augmentation Systems) Design” as part of the Institute of Navigation’s September GNSS Tutorials in Fort Worth, Texas."

March 2007

Toya Wyatt, Human Communication Studies, spoke on “Larry P. and Best Practices for Assessing African American Students” at the California Speech-Language-Hearing Association state convention March 10 in Long Beach.

In March, Alan S. Kaye, English, Comparative Literature and Linguistics, presented a special series of lectures on his recently published linguistic research at King Saud University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Raphael Sonenshein, Political Science and Criminal Justice, discussed “Grass Roots Democracy in Los Angeles: Past, Present and Future” March 6 as part of Scripps College’s Humanities Institute Spring 2007 series “L.A. Palimsest: Recovering Los Angeles’ Hidden Stories and Forgotten Communities.”

Nancy Snow, Communications, gave a March 1 talk titled “If Karen Hughes Can Speak About America, So Can We” at the Camarillo Democratic Club.

Dmitry Khanin and Rajankumar V. Mahto, both of Management, delivered a paper on “The Process of Venture Capital Investment and VC’s Decision-Making Criteria: Literature Review and Assessment,” with J. Robert Baum of the University of Maryland and Charles Heller of the Annapolis Capital Group, at the San Francisco-Silicon Valley Global Entrepreneurship Research Conference March 28-31 in San Francisco.

On March 28, Mike Trueblood, Family Business Council/Marketing, spoke on the College of Business and the Family Business Council before the Fullerton Chamber of Commerce.

February 2007

Robert Emry, Human Communication, and Owen Homes, Public Affairs and Government Relations, presented “West Fullerton Project: Student Civic Engagement and Facilitating Change in a Diverse Community” at the CSU Second Annual Conference on Community-Based Teaching & Research Feb. 23-24 in San Jose.

Also speaking at the February CSU Conference on Community-Based Teaching & Research were Julie Stokes, Lezlee Hinesmon-Matthews and Gloria Bogdan, all Afro-Ethnic Studies. Stokes discussed “Exploring African American & Chicana/o College Student Development Through Service Learning”; Bogdan delivered “Truth Equals Consequences” in the Working with Diverse Communities track; and Hinesmon-Matthews spoke on “African American Families and Community-Based Responses to Hurricane Katrina: A Profile on Faculty and Student Research Collaboration.” Sora P. Tanjasiri, Kinesiology, also participated in the CSU conference by co-presenting “Community-Based and Community-Participatory Research Project in the Asian and Pacific Islander Communities in California” with Young Son and Evaon Wong-Kim of CSU East Bay.

Robert Michaels, Economics, was a panelist speaking on “Will Competition Keep the Lights on in Texas?” at the Texas Public Policy Foundation fifth annual Policy Orientation for the Texas Legislature Feb. 7 in Austin, Texas. The two-day orientation features presentations on a wide range of topics, including higher education, health care, taxes and appropriations. Keynote speakers at the event included 20/20 co-anchor John Stossel, former U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson and Texas Governor Rick Perry.

On March 23, Nancy Snow, Communications, will take part in a City of West Hollywood’s Women’s Advisory Board panel discussion following the screening of the Barbara Kopple-directed film “Shut Up and Sing!” about the Dixie Chicks. The free program begins at 7 p.m. at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood. Earlier this month, Snow gave the keynote address on propaganda and political leadership to the Southern California regional meeting of Junior State of America at the Woodland Hills Marriott. Prior to that, Snow presented five lectures on “Becoming a Woman of Influence” during December 2006 and January 2007 as a guest resident/faculty author at the Greenhouse in Arlington, Texas. Snow also was a keynote speaker at the October 2006 student symposium on truth at Hastings College in Hastings, Neb., and in September 2006 delivered “Public Diplomacy and American Power” at Cliveden House in Berkshire, United Kingdom.

In December, Davina Ling, Economics, co-presented “Birth Order Effects and Children’s Health in China” with Andrew Gill, Economics, and delivered “Is Having Children your Best Bet to Old Age Security in China?” at the All China Economic Conference at the City University of Hong Kong. Ling also read papers on “Do Richer People in China Get Healthier? A Look at Income Disparities and Implications” and “Birth Order Effects and Children’s Health in China” at the Western Economic Association International’s 2007 Pacific Rim Conference held in January at Beijing University’s Guanghua School of Management.

Raphael Sonenshein, Political Science, presented “How Does City Government Foster or Inhibit the Vitality of Civic Engagement?” during a Jan. 24 program sponsored by CORO LA and held in Hollywood.

John Bock, Anthropology, has organized a session “Using Evolutionary Anthropology to Understand the HIV/AIDs Pandemic” at the Feb. 15-19 American Association for the Advancement of Science meetings in San Francisco. During the session, Bock will deliver “AIDS, Risk and Lie History Among Men in Botswana,” co-authored by Sara Johnson, Anthropology.

January 2007

Alan S. Kaye, English, Comparative Literature and Linguistics, gave a lecture on “The Semantic Structures of Arabic and English: The Arab Mind” to the United Arab Emirates Natural History Group in December.

December 2006

John Q. Patton, assistant professor of anthropology, organized and chaired a session on “Current Trends and Directions in Evolutionary Studies of Cooperation” at the Nov. 15-19 American Anthropological Association meeting in San Jose. Included in the session was the presentation by the paper “Children’s Cooperative Play: Developmental Program or Costly Signal?” by John Bock, assistant professor of anthropology, and Sara Johnson, assistant professor of anthropology, as well as Patton’s paper on “Large Scale Cooperation in a Small Scale Society: Adaptive Solutions to the Free Rider Problem.”

Pamela Fiber, Political Science and Criminal Justice, discussed “Women, Elections and Politics” during a Nov. 29 general meeting of the Women’s American ORT, Fullerton/North Orange County chapter.

Raphael Sonenshein, Political Science and Criminal Justice, spoke before the Long Beach City Council Nov. 27, discussing proposed charter changes. An authority on city charter reform, Sonenshein provided a comparison between the Long Beach and Portland, Oregon, which, like the Southern California city, is undergoing charter review.

In November, Alan S. Kaye, English, Comparative Literature and Linguistics, presented “Germination in English” for the English Department faculty and students at Sultan Qaboos University in Muscat, Oman, and “New Ways of Teaching Linguistics” for the Department of Foreign Languages at Qatar University in Doha, Qatar.

November 2006

Elahe Amani, Dean of Students, presented “When Extremism Overcomes Faith and Reason, Cases From Iran and Afghanistan” at the 18th annual Conference of Southern California Mediation Association Nov. 4 at Pepperdine University in Malibu…Barbara Stone, emerita Politics, Administration and Justice, spoke at an Oct. 27 lunch meeting of the Whittier Republican Women Federated in Whittier….Raphael Sonenshein, Politics, Administration and Justice, discussed “Los Angeles Government in the 21st Century” Oct. 25 at the National Center for the Preservation of Democracy in Los Angeles.

In August, Jochen Schenk, Biological Science, co-presented “Hydraulic Redundancy in Shrubs: The Overlooked Drought Adaptation” at the Ecological Society of America meeting in Memphis, Tenn.…Also in August, Mori Jamshidian, Mathematics, read the paper “Testing Equality of Covariance Matrices When Data are Incomplete” at the Joint Statistical meetings in Seattle….Greg Childers and Murtadha Khakoo, Physics, delivered posters on “Electron Impact Ionization of Molecular Hydrogen” and “Electron Impact Ionization of Helium” at the May American Physical Society meeting in Knoxville, Tenn. Khakoo and student Shiyang Wang co-presented the poster “Electron Impact Excitation of Several Rydberg-Valence Series in Molecular Nirtrogen” at the same conference. Childers also gave “Low-energy Electron Scattering From Fundamental Atoms and Molecules” July 13 at the T-4 Theoretical Division at Los Alamos National Laboratory….Heidi Fearn, Physics, presented a poster on “Faster-Than-Light Signals in Vacuua” at a five-day conference on “Coherent Control of Fundamental Processes in Optics and X-Ray Optics” July 13 in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.

Raman Unnikrishnan, Engineering and Computer Science, participated in a round-table discussion at the U.S.-India Investment Seminar and Business Expo Aug. 22 in Los Angeles….Bruce H. Weber, Chemistry and Biochemistry, James R. Hofmann, Liberal Studies, and Craig M. Nelson, Comparative Religion, served as panelists in a May 12 discussion on intelligent design at Biola University in La Mirada.

James Santucci, Comparative Religion, discussed the origins of Buddhism May 6 at the Dharma Seal Temple in Rosemead.

Janet L. Eyring, Modern Languages and Literatures, gave an April 8 presentation at the California Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages Conference in San Francisco and at the American Educational Research Association Convention April 11 in San Francisco.In March, Nancy Snow, Communications, was invited to speak on “Public Diplomacy: Key Challenges and Priorities” at the Wilton Park Conference in Sussex, N.J.In May, Davina Ling, Economics, discussed how uninsured children suffer as part of a community forum panel at the Fullerton Library….In November, Grady Bruce, emeritus Marketing, presented two papers at the European Academy of Management Conference in Oslo, Norway.

Raphael Sonenshein, Political Science, spoke on urban coalitions at the Clark Davis Memorial Seminar May 12 at USC.

Anil Puri, Business and Economics, was the keynote speaker at the Indian Heritage Awards May 7 in Cerritos.

Nancy Snow, Communications, served as the keynote speaker at the fifth annual Youth Conference on Political Activism April 22 at the Putney School in Putney, Vt. She also discussed "Media and Social Change" March 28 at Clemson University in Clemson, S.C.

In March, Gina Garcia, Dean of Students, presented "Adjustment to College, Social Support and Campus Climate for Latina Students" at the ACPA College Student Educators International annual convention in Indianapolis, Ind.

In February, Linda Patton, Grants and Contracts, Mohinder Grewal, Electrical Engineering, Hossein Moini, Mechanical Engineering, and Gerald Bryant, McNair Scholars Program, spoke at the Minority Serving Institutions Research Partnership Conference at the University of Texas-Pan American in Edinburg, Texas.

Stella Ting-Toomey, Human Communication Studies, delivered "Intercultural Conflict Competence: Facework Theory in Practice" at the 2006 Knapp Chair Lecture April 19 at the University of San Diego.

Gerald Corey, emeritus Human Services, gave a one-day continuing education workshop on group counseling to the Kansas Counseling Association Oct. 17 in Lawrence, Kan. He also presented “Combining Didactic and Experiential Approaches in Teaching Group Counseling" and "Approaches to Teaching Ethics Courses in Counseling Programs" at the Association for Counselor Education and Supervision Oct. 21 in Pittsburg, Penn.

Chiara Gratton-Lavoie, Economics, discussed the paper "Evaluating Compulsory Economic Education in California: Differences by Race, Ethnicity and Gender" at the 75th annual Conference of the Southern Economic Association in Washington D.C.

In December, David Bowman, Geological Science, gave a lecture on the December 2004 Sumatra earthquake and associated seismic hazards in other areas of India at the American Geophysical Union meeting in San Francisco.

Grady Bruce, emeritus Marketing, delivered "School Brand Images and Brand Choices in MBA Programs" at the American Marketing Association "Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education" Nov. 14 in Chicago.

Ellen Kottler and Helen P. Taylor, both Secondary Education, discussed “Utilizing the Learning to Teach Continuum to Develop Highly Qualified Mathematics Teachers” at the Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment/Intern 2005 State Directors Conference Nov. 9 in Sacramento.

Greg Robinson, Social Science Research Center, co-presented the results of a return-on-investment study on 'universal access' users of the Santa Ana WORK Center Jan. 13 in Santa Ana.

Barbara Stone, emeritus Political Science, spoke to the Republican Club of Laguna Woods Jan. 27.

In January, Maria C. Linder, Chemistry and Biochemistry, delivered "The Importance of Mentoring to Women’s Careers" at the 40th Western Regional American Chemical Society meeting in Orange. At the same event, felloe department faculty Katherine Kantardjieff, presented "Sustaining Crystallography in the 21st Century: Education Policies for the Physical and Life Sciences" and "Ionic Strength Effects on Structure and Stability of Cytochrome C' from Rhodobacter Sphaeroides"; Fu-Ming Tao, gave lectures on "Theoretical Study of Microsolvation and Proton Transfer of Acetic Acid-Ammonia in Small Water Clusters," "Theoretical Predictions of pKa Values of Substituted Acetic Acids Using Hydrogen-Bonded Complexes with Ammonia" and "Molecular Structure and Proton Transfer in Small Clusters of Trifluoromethanesulfonic Acid With Water Molecules"; Chandra Srinivasan discussed "Caenorhabditis Elegans Lacking a Form of Manganese SOD (SOD-3) are Thermo-Sensitive." Richard Lodyga, Science Education, also spoke at the conference on chemistry instruction at the high school, community college and college/university level.

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