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August 2010

Stella Ting-Toomey, Human Communication Studies, authored “Intercultural Conflict Interaction Competence: From Theory to Practice” in “Intercultural Dynamics of Multicultural Working” published by Multilingual Matters in July. Ting-Toomey also wrote “Intercultural Conflict Competence” published in the second edition of “Competence in Interpersonal Conflict” published by Waveland Press in December; “Intercultural Conflict Competence as a Facet of Intercultural Competence Development: Multiple Conceptual Approaches” in the Sage Handbook of Intercultural Competence published in October; and “Face Work Collision in Intercultural Communication” in “Face, Communication and Social Interaction” published in October by Equinox Publishing.

Marcelo Tolmasky, Biological Science, co-authored “A Naturally Competent Acinetobacter baumannii Clinical Isolate as a Convenient Model for Genetic Studies” in the April issue of the Journal of Clinical Microbiology.

Matthew Kirby, Geological Sciences, co-authored “The Impact of Over 100 Years of Wildfires on Mercury Levels and Accumulation Rates in Two Lakes in Southern California, USA” in the May issue of Environmental Earth Sciences.

Susan Cadwallader, Marketing, co-authored “Frontline Employee Motivation to Participate in Service Innovation” published in the April issue of the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science.

May 2010

Jesse Battan, American Studies, authored "Sexual Selection and Social Revolution: Anarchist Eugenics and Radical Darwinism in the United States, 1850-1910" in the book "Darwin in Atlantic Cultures: Evolutionary Visions of Race, Gender and Sexuality" edited by Jeannette E. Jones and Patrick B. Sharp and published by Routledge in November 2009.

Carolyn W. Chang and Weili Lu, both Finance, co-authored “Pricing Catastrophe Options in Discrete Operational Time” with Jack S.K. Chang of Cal State Los Angeles. The article was published in the December 2008 issue of Insurance: Mathematics and Economics.

Michael Horn, Biological Science, wrote the chapter “Global Warming and Overexploitation in the Northeastern Pacific: Challenges That Drive the Need for Solutions to Achieve Sustainability” in “Climate Change and Sustainable Development” published by Linton Atlantic Books, Ltd. in March.

Amybeth Cohen, Biologicial Science, and former student Darya Alizadeh co-authored the paper “Red Light and Calmodulin Regulate the Expressions psbA Binding Protein Genes rb38 and rb60 in Chlamydomonas reinhardin” that appeared in the February issue of Plant Cell Physiology.

Merri L. Casem, Biological Science, authored the paper “Silk Gene Transcripts in the Developing Tubuliform Glands of the Western Black Widow Spider, Latrodectus Hesperus,” in Volume 38 of Journal of Arachnology.

James Santucci, Comparative Religion, was author of the chapter "The Conception of Christ in The Theosophical Tradition" in “Alternative Christs,” edited by Olvav hammer and published by Cambridge University Press in August.

Carrie Lane, American Studies, authored "Man Enough to Let My Wife Support Me: How Changing Models of Career and Gender Are Reshaping the Experience of Unemployment," in the November 2009 issue of the journal American Ethnologist.

Sharon Kim, Sociology, wrote "A Faith Of Our Own: Second-Generation Spirituality in Korean American Churches," published in April by Rutgers University Press.

Chandrasekhar Putcha, Civil and Environmental Engineering, edited the book “Methods of Forecasting American Election Outcomes: Studies in Strategies of Prediction” published in May by Edwin-Mellen Press, Ltd., and co-authored the chapter “Development of a Methodology for Prediction of a Winner in American Presidential Elections” with Gerald Bryant, Student Academic Services, and student Michele Gomez. Phillip L. Gianos, Political Science, wrote the foreword.

John Koegel, Music, authored “Music in German Immigrant Theater: New York City, 1840-1940,” covering the history of German-American immigrant-themed musicals, published in June by University of Rochester Press. Lee Gilbert, emeritus, Modern Languages and Literatures, provided translations of German song texts and other materials. A compact disc, recorded by colleagues, including soprano Patricia Prunty and pianist Grant Rohr, both Music, of songs from this tradition, was released with the book.

March 2010

Wayne W.K. Au, Secondary Education, authored “High-Stakes Testing and Discursive Control: The Triple Bind for Non-Standard Student Identities” in Vol. 11, Issue 2 of Multicultural Perpectives, the journal of the National Association for Multicultural Education. Au also wrote “Social Studies, Social Justice: W(h)ither the Social Studies in High-Stakes Testing?” published in the January issue of Teacher Education Quarterly, “Building Tasks of Critical History: Structuring Social Studies” in the summer issue of Social Studies Research and Practice, and co-authored the chapter “The Curriculum and the Politics of Inclusion and Exclusion” in “Beyond Pedagogies of Exclusion in Diverse Childhood in Diverse Childhood Contests: Transnational Challenges” published in July by Palgrave Macmillan.

Maria C. Grant, Secondary Education, co-authored “Reading and Writing in Science: Tools to Develop Disciplinary Literacy” published in October by Corwin Press.

Douglas J. Eernisse, Biological Science, co-authored “Henricia Pumila sp. nov.: A Brooding Seastar (Asteroidea) From the Coastal Northeaster Pacific” in the January 6 issue of Zootaxa.

Gordon M. Bakken, History, wrote “Western Legal History: The State of the Field,” for No. 1&2 of Western Legal History 20 (2007) issued January 2010.

Mohinder Grewal, Electrical Engineering, co-authored, with former Rockwell senior scientist Angus Andrews, the invited article “How Good Is Your Gyro” for the Ask the Experts section of the February 2010 issue of Control Systems, the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers magazine.

Scott Greene, emeritus Marketing, co-authored "Addressing AACSB Global and Technology Requirements: Exploratory Assessment of a Marketing Management Assignment" with Kevin Bao of Suffolk University as the lead article in the December 2009 issue of the Journal of Teaching in International Business.

Tony Fellow, Communications, authored “Remembering Nixon on Presidents' Day” in the Feb. 15 issue of the Pasadena Star-News.

December 2009

Victoria B. Costa and Debra S. Ambrosetti, both Secondary Education, were guest editors of the spring 2009 Issues in Teacher Education, which focused on teacher performance assessment.

Wayne W.K. Au, Secondary Education, will be a contributing editor to Critical Education, an international peer-reviewed journal examining contemporary education contexts and practices. The publication, which launches in 2010, is an open access journal hosted by the University of British Columbia’s Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy.

Susan Cadwallader, Marketing, co-authored “Frontline Employee Motivation to Participate in Service Innovation Implementation” published online on May 28 in the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science. The article is slated to appear in a spring print issue of the publication. Cadwallader’s associate Matthew Lancellotti saw the print version of his article “Getting a Second Chance: The Role of Imagery in the Influence of Inaction Regret on Behavioral Intent” published in the June 2009 issue of the same publication.

Adelina Gnanlet, Management, co-authored “Sequential and Simultaneous Decision Making for Optimizing Health Care Resource Flexibilities” in the May 2009 issue of Decision Sciences.

Zvi Drezner and Tammy Drezner, both Information Systems and Decision Sciences, were two of the three co-authors of “Location With Acceleration-Deceleration Distance” published in the October issue of the European Journal of Operational Research. Zvi Drezner also co-authored “The Variable Radius Covering Problem” in the publication's July issue, as well as “Solving the Ordered One-Median Problem in the Plane” and “The Minimum Equitable Radius Location Problem With Continuous Demand,” both in the journal's May issue.

Jared Rubin, Economics, authored “Social Insurance, Commitment and the Origin of Law: Interest Bans in Early Christianity” in the November (Issue 52, No. 4) issue of the Journal of Law and Economics.

Grady D. Bruce, emeritus Marketing, was the author of “Exploring the Value of MBA Degrees: Students’ Experiences in Full-Time, Part-Time and Executive MBA Programs” published in the October (Vol. 85, No. 1) issue of Journal of Education for Business.

October 2009

Jarret S. Lovell, Criminal Justice, was the writer of “Crimes of Dissent: Civil Disobedience, Criminal Justice and the Politics of Conscience,” published in July by New York University Press.

Shaun M. Pichler, Management, co-authored “Chinese Host Country Nationals’ Willingness to Support Expatriates: The Role of Collectivism and Interpersonal Relationships” in the August issue of International Journal of Cross Cultural Management.

Joseph M. Cervantes, Counseling, co-authored “Family Psychology of the Immigrant Mexican and Mexican American Families” in the Handbook of Family Psychology published in September by Blackwell Publishing; and wrote “Mexican American Fatherhood: Culture, Machismo and Spirituality” published in “Counseling Fathers” published in June and “In Search of Bi-Ethnic Identity: Clinical and Ethical Issues in the Treatment of the Latino/African American Adolescent Boy” in “Intersections of Multiple Identities: A Casebook of Evidence-Based Practices” published in April, both by Routledge. Cervantes also co-authored “Tapping the Wisdom Tradition: Essential Elements to Mentoring Students of Color” in the April issue of Professional Psychology: Research and Practice.

James Santucci, Comparative Religion, was author of “The Conception of Christ In the Theosophical Tradition,” in “Alternative Christs,” edited by Olav Hammer and published in August by Cambridge University Press.

Gerard Beenen, Management, was co-writer of "Promoting M.B.A. Internship Effectiveness Through Learning and Job Acceptance Intentions" with Denise Rousseau at Carnegie Mellon University. The article is scheduled for publication in the January/February 2010 issue of Human Resource Management.

Eve Himmelheber, Theatre and Dance, was the primary illustrations contributor to the textbook “Theatre Arts: Fundamental Theory and Practice,” published in January by Kendall Hunt Publishing. The book features CSUF Theatre and Dance production shots on the cover and scattered throughout the text. In addition, Himmelheber’s review of “Katrina’s Path,” a play by Rob Florence, was included in the play’s preface and on the publisher’s webpage for the book. The play was published in February by Original Works Publishing.

Gloria Monti, Radio/TV/Film, authored the book chapter “Look Who's Talking: Nessuno torna indietro, From Alba de Cespedes to Alessandro Blasetti” in ""Watching Pages, Reading Pictures: Cinema and Modern Literature in Italy published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

August 2009

Armando M. Martinez-Cruz, Mathematics, co-authored “Representing, Modeling and Solving Problems in Interactive geometry Environments” and “Inventing a New Theoreum” in the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics’s 71st Yearbook, Understanding Geometry for a Changing World. Martinez-Cruz and Mark Ellis, Education, were two of the three authors of “The Mathematical Preparation of Prospective Elementary Teachers: Reflections From an Interesting Problem” in the April issue of Undergraduate Mathematics Preparation of School Teachers: The Journal.

Wayne Au, Secondary Education, edited “Rethinking Multicultural Education: Teaching for Multicultural Education: Teaching for Racial and Cultural Justice” published in February by Rethinking Schools. He also authored “Obama, Where Art Thou?: Hoping for Change in U.S. Education Policy” for the summer issue of Harvard Education Review.

Alfonso F. Agnew and Bogdan Suceava, both Mathematics, were co-authors of “Gheorghe Titeica and the Origins of Affine Differential Geometry” in the May issue of Historia Mathematica. Suceava also co-authored “Some Theorems About Perpendicular Lines Proved Using an Extension of Pythagoras’ Theorem” in the March issue of Mathematical Gazette.

Ellen Kottler and Victoria B. Costa, both of Secondary Education, authored “Secrets to Success for Science Teachers” published in March by Corwin Press.

Ruth Yopp-Edwards, Hallie Yopp Slowik, both Elementary and Bilingual Education, and Ashley Bishop, emeritus Reading, wrote “Vocabulary Instruction for Academic Success” published by Shell Educational Publishing.

Timothy E. Maloney, Radio/TV/Film, authored “Get Animated! Creating Professional Cartoon Animation on Your Home Computer,” which was published in March by Watson-Guptill Publications Inc.

January 2009

Martha S. Vogeler, Emeritus English and Comparative Literature, authored “Austin Harrison and the English Review” published in November by University of Missouri Press.

Kathleen K. Wright, Accounting, wrote “California's Version of the Federal Rescue for Homeowners” published in the November 24 issue of State Tax Notes.

Matthew G. Jarvis, Political Science, is the author of “Redistricting Reform Could Save California From Itself” published in the inaugural issue of California Journal of Politics and Policy.

December 2008

Martha S. Vogeler, Emeritus English and Comparative Literature, authored “Austin Harrison and the English Review” published in October by University of Missouri Press.

Kathleen K. Wright, Accounting, saw her article “California's Version of the Federal Rescue for Homeowners” published in the Nov. 24 issue of State Tax Notes.

Dmitry Khanin, Management, co-authored “Venutre Capitalists' Investment Criteria: A Literature Review and Assessment” published in the October issue of Silicon Valley Review of Global Entrepreneurship Research.

September 2008

Grady D. Bruce, Marketing Emeritus, co-authored “Factors Influencing World-of-Mouth Recommendations by MBA Students: An Examination of School Quality, Educational Outcomes and Value of the MBA” published in the July issue of Journal of Marketing for Higher Education.

Melinda A. Blackman, Psychology, saw her book “Mind Your Diet: The Psychology Behind Sticking to Any Diet” published in March by Xlibris/Random House.

Jule Selbo, Radio-TV-Film, authored “Gardner's Guide to Screenplay: From Rewrite to Market” published in June by Garth Gardner Co. It is the second in the series she has written.

C. Terry Grant and Gerry H. Grant, both Accounting, wrote “Can Regulations Curb Excessive Executive Pay?” in the September issue of Strategic Finance Magazine.

July 2008

Gordon M. Bakken, History, authored “The Mining Law of 1872,” Montana: The Magazine of
Western History 58, No. 2 (Summer 2008),70-73.

Gordon M. Bakken, History, authored the two-volume “Icons of the American West: From Cowgirls to Silicon Valley” published in June by Greenwood Press.

Dmitry M. Khanin, Management, co-authored “Coming Forward: The Effects of Social and Regulatory Forces on the Voluntary Restatement of Earnings Subsequent to Wrongdoing” in the May issue of Organization Science and “CEOs on the Edge: Earnings Manipulation and Stock-Based Incentive Misalignment” in the April issue of the Academy of Management Journal.

“The Notion of Race in Theosophy” by James A. Santucci, Comparative Religion, was published in the February issue of Nova Religio.

Mohinder Grewal, Electrical Engineering, authored “What are WAAS GEOs’ L1 and L5 Differential Biases and How Are They Estimated?” in the May/June issue of Inside GNSS.

Adam B. Golub, American Studies, authored “We Are What We Teach: American Studies in the K-16 Classroom” in the June issue of American Quarterly.

May 2008

John A. Bock, Anthropology, co-authored “A Four Field Anthropology of Childhood” in April Children and Childhood issue of Anthropology News.

Anthony R. Fellow, Communications, wrote “History of Journalism From 1850 to 1930” and “Sensational/Yellow Journalism” for inclusion in the six-volume Encyclopedia of Journalism edited by Christopher H. Sterling and slated for publication in 2009 by Sage.

Christine Hanson, Communications, saw her article “Couch Surfing, Delocator and Fallen Fruit: Websites Respond to a Crisis of Democracy” published in the April issue of M/C Journal.

Hye-Kyeung Seung, Human Communication Studies,” co-authored “Can Vocal Imitation Help Children With Autism Learn to Increase Their Vocabulary?” in the winter/spring 2008 issue of Autism News of Orange County & the Rest of the World.

Jacqueline B. Frost, Radio-TV-Film, authored “Conversation With Cinematographer John Seale, ASC” in the April issue of Student Filmmakers.

Cheryl B. Zimmerman, Modern Languages and Literatures, wrote “Word Knowledge: The Vocabulary Teacher’s Handbook” and was series editor of “Inside Reading: The Academic Word List in Context, Levels 1-4.” Both were published in January by Oxford University Press.

March 2008

Allison Varzally, History, authored her first book, “Making a Non-White America: Californians Coloring outside Ethnic Lines, 1925-1955,” published in March by University of California Press.

“Applying the Rossiter-Percy Grid to Online Advertising Planning: The Role of Product/Brand Type in Previsit Intentions,” written by Guohua “Mark” Wu, Communications, was published in the fall 2007 issue of Journal of Interactive Advertising.

February 2008

John A. Bock and Sara E. Johnson, both Anthropology, “Grandmothers’ Productivity and the HIV/AIDS Pandemic in Sub-Saharan Africa” in the March issue of the Journal of Cross-Cultural Gerontology.

John D. Ibson, American Studies, “Lessons Learned on ‘Brokeback Mountain’: Expanding the Possibilities of American Manhood” in Reading Brokeback Mountain: Essays on the Story and the Film” edited by Jim Stacy and published in July by McFarland Publishing. Ibson also authored “One of the Guys: The Distraction of ‘Sexual Orientation’ and the Lost World of American Male” in the February 2007 issue of, as well as the Feb. 19, 2007 issue of American Sexuality. The article was reprinted as “Don’t Look Gay: Why American Men Are Afraid of Intimacy With Each Other” in the July 4, issue of AlterNet. Ibson also wrote “Picturing Boys: Found Photographs and the Transformation of Boyhood in 1950s America” in the spring 2007 issue of THYMOS Journal of Boyhood Studies.

Jason J. Teven, Human Communication Studies, “Teacher Caring and Classroom Behavior: Relationships With Student Affect and Perceptions of Teacher Competence and Trustworthiness” in the October 2007 issue of Communication Quarterly and “Effects of Supervisor Social Influence, Nonverbal immediacy and Biological Sex on Subordinates’ Perceptions of Job Satisfaction, Liking and Supervisor Credibility” in the April 2007 issue of Communication Quarterly. Teven also authored “Teacher Temperament: Correlates With Teacher Caring, Burnout and Organizational Outcomes” in Vol. 56, Issue 3 of Communication Education and “Teacher Machiavellianism and Social Influence in the College Classroom: Implications for Measurement” in Vol. 24, Issue 4 of Communication Research Reports.

Norman R. Page, Human Communication Studies Emeritus, “Civil Harassment: Applying Mediation” in the October issue of Mediation News.

Stella Ting-Toomey, Human Communication Studies, “Intercultural Conflict Training: Theory-Practice Approaches and Research Challenges” in the November issue of the Journal of Intercultural Communication Research.

January 2008

Tom Grasty, Radio-TV-Film, authored “Blood on the Tracks,” a rock and roll murder mystery published in November by iUniverse.

Alana Northrop and Shelly Arsneault, both Political Science, co-authored “Sampling and Data Collection” in “Handbook of Research Methods in Public Administration” edited by Kaifeng Yang and Gerald J. Miller and published in November by CRC Press Taylor & Francis Group.

Daniela A. Rubin, Kinesiology, co-authored “The Childcare Environment and Children’s Physical Activity” published in the January issue of American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

Anil K. Puri, Business and Economics, authored the opinion item “Cal State Fullerton: The Worst of Times?” regarding the region’s economic forecast, in the Dec. 16 Orange County Register.

Robert J. Michaels, Economics, authored “Hot Air and Wind: A National Renewable Power Requirement” posted on National Review Online Dec. 20.

Sora P. Tanjasiri, Health Science, coauthored “Network Analysis of an Organizational Collaboration for Pacific Islander Cancer Control” in November issue (Vol. 18, No. 4) of the Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved.

Raj V. Mahto, Management, coauthored “Web-Based Recruitment: Effects of Information, Organizational Brand and Attitudes Toward a Web Site on Applicant Attraction” with David G. Allen of University of Memphis and Robert F. Otondo of Mississippi State University. The article on recruitment theory and research was published in the December issue of Journal of Applied Psychology.

December 2007

Genelle I. Belmas, Communications, co-authored “Second Class for the Second Time: How the Commercial Speech Doctrine Stigmatizes Commercial Use of Aggregated Public Records” with Minneapolis attorney Brian N. Larson. The article was published in the summer issue of the South Carolina Law Review.

Grady D. Bruce, emeritus Marketing, co-authored “Organizational Culture: Preference and Realities,” which will be published in the February 2008 issue of the Global Journal of Business Research.

Robert B. McLaren, emeritus Child and Adolescent Studies, is author of “Religious Foundations for Global Ethics” published in August by Prentice Hall.

Terri L. Snyder, American and Liberal Studies, authored “What Historians Talk About When They Talk About Suicide: The View From Early Modern British North American” in the March issue of History Compass.

October 2007

Gordon Morris Bakken, History, authored the chapter “Justice in Los Angeles: The City Attorney and the Courts,” in the two-volume “The Development of Los Angeles City Government — An Institutional History, 1850-2000” edited by Tom Sitten and published in September by Los Angeles City Historical Society.

Nancy Segal, Psychology, was author of “Sports Pairs: Insights on Athletic Talent” which appeared in the June issue of Twin Research and Human Genetics.

Christine L. Latham, Nursing, co-authored “A Health Protection Model for Hispanic Adults With Type 2 Diabetes” published in the July issue of the Journal of Clinical Nursing.

The essay “From Hollywood to Tokyo,” authored by Riccardo de Los Rios and Bob Davis, both Radio-TV-Film, has been anthologized in McGraw-Hill’s “Annual Editions: Film 08/09”edited by Heather Addison and Charles Berg and set for release Nov. 1. The essay was originally published in the fall/winter edition 2006-07 edition of Film Criticism.

Jacqueline B. Frost, Radio-TV-Film, authored the cover story “A Conversation With Award-Winning Cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto, ASC” in the October issue of Student Filmmaker Magazine. Prieto recently won Best Cinematography at the Venice Film Festival for his work on the Ang Lee film, “Lust,Caution” and had been nominated for an Academy Award for his work on “Brokeback Mountain.” Frost also authored “Examining the Color Palate of Film” about the impact of color and its use by cinematographers in the September issue of Student Filmmaker and “Creative Collaborators: The Director and Cinematographer” in the July issue of the same publication.

Jie W. Weiss and Vincent Merrill, both Health Science, are co-authors of “Ethnic Variation in the Association Between Weight Concern and Adolescent Smoking” published in the Oct. 2007 issue of Addictive Behaviors.

“Our Favorite Things” a DVD created by Tim Maloney, Radio-TV-Film, was recently named “Pick of the Issue” in the September-October edition of Film Comment. The DVD is a compilation of work for the alternative band, Negativland.

September 2007

Irene Matz, Human Communication Studies, authored “21st Century Women Leaders — Unchartered Journey” in the fall issue of the Iowa Journal of Communication out in September.

David D. Bowman, Geological Sciences, co-authored “Long-Range and Long-Term Fault Interactions in Southern California” in the September issue of Geology, the magazine of the Geological Society of America.

Shay Sayre, Communications, has written “Entertainment Marketing and Communication: Selling Branded Performance, Places and People” published in July by Prentice Hall.

August 2007

Shay Sayre, Communications, authored “Entertainment Marketing & Communication: Selling Branded Place, Performance and People” published this month by Prentice Hall. 

Benjamin J. Hubbard, emeritus Comparative Religion, co-authored “An Educator’s Classroom Guide to America’s Religious Beliefs and Practices” published in April by Greenwood Publishing Group.

Jeffrey Knott, Geological Sciences, served as a guest editor for the May 2007 issue of Quaternary International, “Dating Quaternary Sediments and Landforms in Drylands”   and co-authored “Luminescence Ages for Alluvial-Fan Deposits in Southern Death Valley: Implications for Climate-Driven Sedimentation Along a Tectonically Active Mountain Front” with department associate David Bowman and alumna Marsha Fronterhouse Sohn (M.S. geology ’06).

Bogdan D. Suceava, Mathematics, co-authored “Barbilian Spaces: The History of a Geometric Idea” in the May 2007 issue of Historia Mathematica.

Murtadha Khakoo, Physics, co-authored “Direct Evidence for Channel-Coupling Effects in Molecules: Electron Impact Excitation of the a” 1Σ+g state of N2” in the May issue of the Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics.

Michelle Arsneault and Pamela Fiber-Ostrow, both Political Science, wrote “California State Legislators: Healthy Representation, Healthy Women” in the July issue of California Politics and Policy, the publication of the Edmund G. “Pat” Brown Institute of Public Affairs.

June 2007

Marcelo E. Tolmasky, Biological Science, co-edited “Enzyme-Mediated Resistance to Antibiotics: Mechanisms, Dissemination and Prospects for Inhibition” with Robert A. Bonomo of Case Western Reserve University and published in April by the American Society of Microbiology Press. Tolmasky wrote the chapters “Overview of Dissemination Mechanisms of Gees Coding for Resistance to Antibiotics” and “Aminoglycoside-Modifying Enzymes: Characteristics, Localization and Dissemination” in the book. He also co-authored “External Guide Sequences Targeting the aac(6’)-lb mRNA Induce Inhibition of Amikacin Resistance”  in the June issue of Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy. The paper was presented at the May annual meeting of the San Diego Microbiology Group.

Genelle Belmas, Communications, co-authored “Clicking Away Your Speech Rights: The Enforceability of Gap Wrap Licenses” with Minneapolis attorney Brian Larson. The article was published in the January issue of Communication Law and Policy, a journal of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication.

John C. Reinard, Human Communication Studies, authored “Communications Research Statistics,” which was published in April by Sage Publications.

Jule Selbo, Radio-TV-Film, wrote “Gardner’s Guide to Screenplay: From Idea to Successful Script.” The book was published in February by the Garth Gardner Company (GGC).

May 2007

John F. Reid, Student Diversity Program, and Vernon R. Padgett saw their article “Five-Year Evaluation of the Student Diversity Program: A Retrospective Quasi-Experiment” published in “Minority Student Retention: The Best of the Journal of College Student Retention: Research, Theory & Practices,” edited by Alan Seidman and published in May by Baywood Publications.

Vincent L. Salyers, Nursing, is author of “Teaching Psychomotor Skills to Beginning Nursing Students Using a Web-Enhanced Approach: A Quasi-Experimental Study” in Vol. 4, No. 1 of the International Journal of Nursing Education Scholarship.

S. Irene Matz, Human Communication Studies, wrote “North America: Can Women Lead?” in the April issue of La Esperanza.

April 2007

Gordon M. Bakken, History, authored “African-American Military History” in the Encyclopedia of African American History, 1619-1895 edited by Paul Finkelman and published in March 2006 by Oxford University Press.

March 2007

Gordon M. Bakken, History, authored “Montana, Anaconda and the Price of Pollution” that appeared in the spring issue of The Historian.

Alan S. Kaye, English, Comparative Literature and Linguistics, co-authored “Revisiting the Ambiguity of ‘And’ and ‘Or’ in Legal Drafting” with Kenneth L. Adams of the University of Pennsylvania Law School. The article was published in the winter 2006 issue of St. John’s Law Review. Kaye also reviewed N. Haeri’s “Sacred Language, Ordinary People”; R. V. Teschner and M. Stanley Whitley’s “Pronouncing English”; and G. Zuckermann’s “Language Contact and Lexical Enrichment in Israeli Hebrew” in the spring issue of Word: Journal of the International Linguistic Association. In addition, Kaye has reviewed E. Coffin and S. Bolozky’s “A Reference Grammar of Modern Hebrew” in the spring issue of Modern Language Journal.

February 2007

S. Irene Matz, Human Communication Studies, has had her article “21st Century Women Leaders - Uncharted Journey” accepted for publication in the fall 2007 issue of the Iowa Journal of Communication.

Alan Kaye, English, Comparative Literature and Linguistics, has edited the two-volume “Morphologies of Asia and Africa” published in March by Eisenbrauns.

Nancy Snow, Communications, explained her reasons “Why I Turned Down Hustler in the Feb. 7 issue of the Los Angeles Times. She also authored “The Arrogance of American Power: What U.S. Leaders Are Doing Wrong and Why It’s Our Duty to Dissent” published September 2006 and contributed the article “Terrorism, Public Relations and Propaganda,” to Media, Terrorism and Theory: A Reader, published February 2006, both by Rowman & Littlefield. Snow also wrote “U.S. Public Diplomacy” for Readings in Propaganda and Persuasion: New and Classic Essays, published January 2006 by Sage, and “Propaganda Lies and Patriotic Journalism,” in Impeach the President: The Case Against Bush and Cheney, published October 2006 by Seven Stories Press. In addition, Snow co-authored the article “The Revival of the Propaganda State” published in the October 2006 issue of the International Communication Gazette and “Anti-Americanism and the Rise of Civic Diplomacy,” posted Dec. 13, 2006 on the Foreign Policy In Focus Web site.

Tony Fellow, Communications, authored “Former President Ford a Father Figure to Nation” in the Jan. 12 issue of Pasadena Star News.

Gordon M. Bakken and Touraj Daryaee, both History, were among the six co-authors of the two-volume “World History: A Concise Thematic Analysis” published this month by Harlan Davidson. CSUF alumna Brenda Farrington (B.A. history ’87, M.A. history ’91) was the book’s developmental editor for Harlan Davidson.

Elahe Amani, Student Affairs, authored the article “Podcasting the New Powerful Digital Opportunity” in the June 2006 issue of NASPA, the Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education publication.

January 2007

Alan S. Kaye, English, Comparative Literature and Linguistics, authored reviews of M. Carter's “Sibawayhi,” A. Rouchdy’s “Language Contact and Language Conflict in Arabic” and J. Rosenhouse’s “Arabic-Hebrew and Hebrew-Arabic Dictionary of Modern Standard Arabic and Colloquial Palestinian Arabic” in the winter 2006 issue of Quaderni de Studi Arabi.

December 2006

Imre Sutton, emeritus Geography, authored the commentary “Researching Indigenous Indians in Southern California: Commentary, Bibliography and Online Resources” published in Vol. 30, No. 3 of American Indian Cultural and Research Journal.

Alan S. Kaye, English, Comparative Literature and Linguistics, reviewed X. Luffin’s “Kinubi Texts” in the fall issue of the Journal of Pidgin and Creole Languages. He also wrote reviews of K. Brustad, M. Al-Batal and Abbas Al-Tonsi’s “Introduction to Arabic Letters and Sounds” and C. Holes’ “Modern Arabic” in the autumn issue of Modern Language Journal.

November 2006

Marc Ballon, Communications, authored the article “Jewish Voters: Left, Left, Left, Right, Left” in the Oct. 29 issue of the St. Petersburg TimesSteve Aloia, Special Education, wrote an editorial titled “American Culture and Our Schools” published in the Nov. 15 North County Times. William D. Marelich, Psychology, and Jared Coburn, Kinesiology, were co-authors of “Cardiovascular Function Following Surgical Repair of Pectus Excavatum” published in the August issue of the American College of Chest Physicians publication CHEST. The article references a study conducted by the faculty members and their co-authors from Claremont Graduate University and University of Nebraska-Lincoln.… Nancy Snow, Communications, authored the book “The Arrogance of American Power: What U.S. Leaders Are Doing Wrong and Why It’s Our Duty to Dissent” published in September by Rowman & Littlefield Publishers….Michael Yessis, emeritus Physical Education, wrote “Build a Better Athlete: What’s Wrong With American Sports and How to Fix It?” published in May and “SPORTS: Is It All B.S.?” published in September by Equilibrium Books…. Mori Jamshidian, Mathematics, authored “Advances In Analysis of Mean and Covariance Structures When Data are Incomplete” in the 2006 edition of the Handbook on Structural Equation Models and“Testing Equality of Covariance Matrices When Data are Incomplete” in the 2006 edition of the Journal of Computational Statistics and Data Analysis….Bogdan Suceava, Mathematics, wrote “An Elementary Remark on the Curvature of Planar Curves” in Gazeta Matematica Seria A issue 3 and co-authored “A Projectivity Characterized by the Pythagorean Relation” and “The Feuerbachpoint and Euler Lines” in Forum Geometricorum issue 3….Gordon Bakken, History, penned “Water, Water Everywhere and Nowhere” for the October issue of the Mining History Journal….Sharon L. Purkiss, Treena L. Gillespie and B. Thomas Mayes, all Management, co-authored “Implicit Sources of Bias in Employment Interview Judgments and Decisions” in the October/November issue of Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes….Robert W. Davis and Ricardo de los Rios, both Radio-TV-Film, co-authored “From Hollywood to Tokyo: Resolving a Tension in Contemporary Narrative Cinema” in the fall issue of Film Criticism.

October 2006

In June, Tim Maloney, Radio-TV-Film, authored an analysis of San Francisco filmmaker Craig Baldwin and reviewed David Lynch’s short film “The Grandmother” for the online journal Senses of Cinema. An introduction for “The Grandmother” was also published in Melbourne Cinematheque’s Annotations of Film series at the same site….

Robert W. Davis, Radio-TV-Film, wrote a report on the Hong Kong Film Festival and an essay on Japanese director Yoshimitsu Morita for Senses of Cinema

In August, Jackie Frost, Radio-TV-Film, presented the paper “Color Palette of Film” at the University of Film and Video Association annual conference in Orange.

Carol Bednar, Pollak Library, co-authored “A Library Communication Audit for the Twenty-First Century” in the April (Vol. 6, No. 2) issue of Portal.

September 2006

Alan S. Kaye, English, Comparative Literature and Linguistics, reviewed F. Poechhacker’s “Introducing Interpreting Studies and J. Adams’, M. Janse’s and S. Swains’ “Bilingualism in Ancient Society” in the summer issue of Multilingua: Journal of Cross-Cultural and Interlanguage Communication.

"Scottish Crofters," authored by Susan Parman, Anthropology, was the subject of a colloquium published in Vol. 24, Issue 2 of Journal of Scottish Historical Studies.

Alan S. Kaye, English, Comparative Literature and Linguistics, reviewed Ineke Wellens' "An Arabic Creole in Africa: The Nubi Language of Uganda" in Vol. 20, Issue 2 of the Journal of Pidgin and Creole Languages and Y. Elitzur's "Ancient Place Names in the Holy Land" in the winter issue of Journal of the American Oriental Society.

Gordon Bakken, History, co-edited "Encyclopedia of Immigration and Migration in the American West" published in March by Sage Publications.

Grady Bruce, emeritus Marketing, co-wrote "Marketers With MBAs: Bridging the Thinking-Doing Divide" in the May issue of Marketing Intelligence & Planning.

Alan S. Kaye, English, Comparative Literature and Linguistics, reviewed E. Badawi's "Modern Written Arabic," C.W. Kreidler's "The Pronunciation of English," J. Lecarme's "Research in Afroasiatic Grammar," S. Mansoor's "Language Policy, Planning and Practice: A South Asian Perspective," C. Pountain's "Exploring the Spanish Language," and D. Robinson's "Becoming a Translator" in the March issue of Language: Journal of the Linguistic Society of America.

Alana Northrop, Politics, Administration and Justice, authored "Evaluating City Web Sites Using Focus Groups" for the book "Public Information Technology and E-Governance: Managing the Virtual State" published this year by Jones and Bartlett.

Gordon Bakken, History, penned "Coal: Fueling the Industrial Revolution" in the fall issue of The Branding Iron.

Gerald Corey, emeritus Human Services, co-authored "ACA Ethical Standards Casebook" published in December by American Counseling Association. He also had eight books translated into foreign languages.

Alan S. Kaye, English, Comparative Literature and Linguistics, wrote the articles "ART: An Interview with Peter Ladegoged" and "ART: An Interview With Elizabeth Closs Traugott" in Volume 158 of Semiotica. He also authored "Arabic Loanwords in English" in the December issue of Sacrum Arabo-Semiticum; "Linguistic Notes on English Orthography and Current Usage" in the January issue of English Today. In addition, he reviewed F. Ziadeh and R. B. Winder's "An Introduction to Modern Arabic" in the December issue of the Journal of Near Easter Studies and I. Wellens' "An Arabic Creole in Africa: The Nubi Language of Uganda" in the fall issue of Journal of Pidgin and Creole Languages.

Stephen Stambough, Politics, Administration and Justice, co-edited the book Initiative-Centered Politics: The New Politics of Direct Democracy published by Carolina Academic Press.

Jeffrey Kottler, Counseling, co-authored the book The Client Who Changed Me: Stories of Therapist Personal Transformation published by Routledge in October.

Alan S. Kaye, English, Comparative Literature and Linguistics, reviewed T. Bar's "Conditional Sentences in Contemporary Hebrew" in the September issue of Language: Journal of the Linguistic Society of America.

Imre Sutton, emeritus History, penned the memorial "Otto von Sadovszky (1925-2004)" in the Pre-Columbiana: A Journal of Long-Distance Contacts, vol. 3, numbers 1-3.

Gordon Bakken, History, co-authored "Something Wicked This Way Comes': Disease, Deer, Elk and a Snapshot of a Historical Moment" in the fall issue of Montana: The Magazine of Western History.

Tammy Drezner, Information Systems and Decision Sciences, penned "Location of Casualty Collection Points" in the December issue of Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy.

Alan S. Kaye, English, Comparative Literature and Linguistics, authored articles on Franz Bopp, Wilhelm von Humbolt and Kenneth L. Pike for the book "Key Thinkers in Linguistics and Philosophy of Language" published in July by Oxford University Press. Kaye also wrote the linguistic note "A Nomenclatural Desideratum" and reviewed J. Shimron's "Language Processing and Acquisition in Languages of Semitic, Root-Based Morphology" in the March issue of Language: Journal of the Linguistic Society of America, and critiqued J. Maurais' and M. Morris' "Languages in a Globalizing World," L. Wei's "Bilingualism Reader," V. Cook's "Effects of Second Language on the First" and B. Hary's "Corpus Linguistics and Modern Hebrew: Towards the Compilation of the Corpus of Spoken Israeli Hebrew," in the spring issue of Multilingua: Journal of Cross-Cultural and Interlanguage Communication. Kaye authored reviews of A. Fodor's "Proceedings of the Arabic and Islamic Sections of the 35th International Congress of Asian and North African Studies," H. Repp's "Glossar Biliothekarischer Fachtermini: Arabisch-Deutsch," K. Devenyi and T. Ivanyi's "Essay's in Honor of Alexander Fodor," M. Persson's "Sentential Object Complements in Modern Standard Arabic" and S. Prochazka's "Die Arabischen Diaketke der Cukurova (Sudturkei)" in the spring issue of the Journal of Near Eastern Studies; and evaluated L. Bauer's "Introducing Linguistic Morphology" and G. Booij and J. van Marle's Yearbook of Morphology 2003 in the June issue of Language: Journal of the Linguistic Society of America.

Mark H. Shapiro, emeritus Physics, co-authored a paper on "Measurement of Energy and Angular Distributions of Secondary Ions in the Sputtering of Gold by Swift Aun Clusters: Study of Emission Mechanisms" in the May 24 issue of Physical Review B.

Mathew Kirby, Geological Sciences, co-authored "Hydrologic Variability and the Onset of Modern El Nino-Southern Oscillation: A 19,250-Year Record From Lake Elsinore, Southern California" in the March issue of Journal of Quaternary Science.

Elena Shpak, Biological Science, co-wrote "Stomatal Patterning and Differentiation by Synergistic Interactions of Receptor Kinases" for the July 8 issue of Science.

"Angles, Time and Proportion" by David Pagni, Mathematics, appeared in the May issue of Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School.

Irene Matz, Human Communication Studies, penned the article "The Samantha Runnion Abduction and Murder: A Case Study on Leadership and Process" in the July/August issue of Sheriff.

Katrin R. Harich, Marketing, Joni Norby, Business and Economics, and Linda Fraser, Business Writing, co-authored "Taking the Time to Do it Right: A Comprehensive, Value Added Approach for Assessing Writing Skills" in Assessment of Student Learning in Business Schools: Best Practices Each Step of the Way published in mid-summer by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.


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