External Funding Received

Campus Receives Grants and Contracts for Research, Programs

Grants and contracts from both federal, state and local agencies are funding a wide range of programs and research endeavors ranging from advanced educational opportunities to studies into obesity, earthquake preparedness and water resources. Among the funding received from Oct. 1 through Dec. 13, as reported by the Office of Grants and Contracts, are:

Daniel RubinCaption: Daniela Rubin is researching Prader Willi Syndrome under a U.S. Army Medical Research Acquisition grant. Download Photo

Daniela Rubin, Kinesiology: $1,411,718 from U.S. Army Medical Research Acquisition grant for “Physical Activity Interventions in Individuals with Prader Willi Syndrome.”

Daniel Choi, Educational Leadership: $499,992 State of California Employment Development Department award for “Teacher Pathway Leadership.”

Dorota Huizinga,Graduate Programs and Research, and Katherine Powers, Graduate Studies: $484,291 in second-year U.S. Department of Education funding for “Enhancing Postbaccalaureate Opportunities at CSU Fullerton for Hispanic Students.” Total award to date: $1,056,099.

Kandy Mink Salas and Leo Cota, Student Affairs: $334,305 U.S. Department of Education grant for the “Upward Bound Program.” Total award: $1,369,305. Related story: http://calstate.fullerton.edu/news/Inside/2009/federal-funding-helps-prepare-students.html

John Foster, Geological Sciences, and Edward Knell, Anthropology: $300,000 in second-year County of Orange - Parks Department funding for “Archeological and Paleontological Curation.” Related story: http://calstate.fullerton.edu/spotlight/2011sp/cooper-center-research.asp

John Foster wearing a hard hat.Caption: John Foster will be working with Edward Knell on archeological and paleontological curation for the Orange County Parks Department, and conducting water research with Richard Laton for the Mojave Water Agency. Download Photo

Kandy Mink Salas, Javier Ramirez and Lili Tautolo, Student Affairs: $292,340 U.S. Department of Education award for “Student Support Services Program.” Total amount of award: $594,032.

Sara Johnson, Anthropology: $277,500 U.S. Department of Agriculture grant for “Urban-Agriculture Community-Based Research Experience.”

Archana McEligot, Health Science: $277,500 National Institute of Food and Agriculture/USDA grant for “Increasing Workforce Diversity: Training Hispanic Students to Address Childhood Obesity and Nutrition.”

Michelle Berelowitz, Human Services: $117,598 award from Public Health Foundation Enterprises Inc. for “Orange County Alliance for Community Health Research.”

Erualdo R. Gonzalez, Chicana and Chicano Studies: $75,000 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation grant for “Engaging Public Policymakers in Adoption of Built-Environment Policies to Increase Physical Activity in Latino Communities.” 

Sara JohnsonCaption: Sara Johnson recently received a $277,500 U.S. Department of Agriculture grant. Download Photo

Putcha Chandrasekhar, Civil and Environmental Engineering: $69,000 Naval Medical Research Center award for “Modeling of Human Thermoregulatory Model to Simulate.”

Michele Wood, Health Science: $49,900 from the Alfred E. Alquist Seismic Safety Commission for “Engaging Californians in a Shared Value for Resiliency: Practical Lessons Learned From the Great California Shakeout.”

David Pagni and Margaret Kidd, Mathematics: $42,650 UCOP grant for “OCMP at Fullerton.”

Prasada Rao, Civil and Environmental Engineering: $36,650 in National Science Foundation grant for the “Graduate Research Fellowship Program.”

Claire Palmerino and Connie DeCapite, Humanities and Social Sciences, $32,333 Regents of the University of California – California Subject Matter subcontract for “First: Fullerton International Resources For Schools And Teachers.” Related story: http://calstate.fullerton.edu/news/Inside/2009/first-promotes-persian-week.html

Sharon Seidman, Child and Adolescent Studies: $15,176 from the Yosemite Community College District, Childhood Development Training Consortium for “CSUF Child Development Training Consortium Competencies Integration Project.”

Sandra Sutphen in blue top and silver necklace.Caption: Sandra Sutphen is working with Laura Gil-Trejo on a recently-awarded contract. Download Photo

W. Richard Laton and John Foster, Geological Science: $15,000 additional funding from Mojave Water Agency for "Water Resources Research." Total award: $2,022,611.87.

Murthada Khakoo, Physics: $10,000 National Science Foundation grant for “RUI: Collaborative Research: Experimental and Theoretical/Computational Studies of Low Energy.” Total funding to date: $76,531.

Sandra Sutphen, Political Science, and Laura Gil-Trejo, Social Sciences Research Center: $7,228 contract from the DeVos Institute for Arts Management of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts for “The Strategic Capacity Index: A Pilot Study.”

Erica Bowers, Reading: $4,984 University of Southern California grant for “MSLAHMS: Middle School Literacy Achievement in Health, Math & Science.”

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