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CSUF Staff that received degrees in 2007

Staff Appreciation Day

Many staff were honored for earning degrees and their many years of service

June 5, 2007

On Friday, June 1, 2007, service awards were given to many of the CSUF staff in honor of their years of service.

5 Years

CSUF Staff Honored for 5 years of Service

Victoria Agnew

Heather Guzman

Kellie Padilla

Anita Aguilar

Denise Hall

Peter Poon

Anne Andal

Beata Hammond

Brian Quinn

Marcia Armstrong

Marcia Harrison

Donna Rader

Janice Arrington

Lolita Hartono

Rebecca Ramirez

Seyed Athari

Mildred Heaton

Carla Ruiz

Cheryl Barba

Claudia Hernandez

Kenneth Sanchez II

Matthew Bauer

Maria Hernandez

Christine Schloffer

Evelyn Beasley

Cathy Hess

Robert Scialdone

Jeffrey Bechtold

Ernestine Hood

Dipali Shedge

Erika Blossom

Janelle Hudson

Susan Shoho

Richard Bohlen

Anh Huynh-Nelson

Jennifer Solorzano

Sandra Boulanger

Gabriel Ibarra

Jose Soto

Soad Boulos

James Kiser

Jimmy Suen

Tammy Camacho

Lisa Kopecky

Michelle Swadish

Paul Carey

Saccara Lim

Glenn Taylor

Kaylene Carr

Mandy Loo

Leilani Thomas

Brenda Casares

David Luu

Mary Ann Torres

Howard Chang

Rachel Lynch

Esiquio Uballe

Andrew Craddock Jr.

John Lynn

Robert Uchita

Sara Danner

Gladys Maldoon

Miguel Valencia

Cynthia Davis

Andreus Mangahas

Amanda Villagran

Helen Dolbin

Amy Mattern

Phil Vo

Pamela Drummond

Carol May

Sunny Wang

Debra Ellis

Margie McMillan

Roberta Winter

Roberto Garcia

Sylvia Milagro

Jefferson Wood

Herrodaniel Garcia-Meza

Veronica Moody

Sally Yassine

Susan Garofalo

Mony Nhong

Emeline Yong

Stephanie George

Sandra Norell

Janice Young

Jeffrey Gilstrap

Jennifer Otte


Roy Gonzales

Zarita Owens-Moore


10 Years

CSUF Staff Honored for 10 years of service

John Bedell

Kenneth Goodwin

Christine Murillo

Kim Bette-Wright

Naomi Goodwin

Joni Norby

Arthur Booth

Willie Hagan

Mark Panozzo

Richard Boucher

Dennis Hernandez

Cheryl Perreira

DeLana Bush-Hamblin

Frank Herrera

Maria Plimpton

Charlene Carr

Nancy Hill

Javier Ramirez

Patrick Castillo

Janette Hyder

Kathryn Ruzzi

Susan Cervantes

Thomas James

Matthew Schleicher

Victoria Cortes

Pamela Kedulich

Ann Sciortino

Barrien Crudup

Charles Kissel

Sepehr Sobhaniroshan

Andrea Cullins

Marina Kutsak

Sinara Sok

Dennis Davids

Michelle Lau

David Sullivan

Gregory Dyment

Alfred Lozada

Victor Tapia

Brett Fisher

Weili Lu

Lilivao Tautolo

Joseph Fitzgerald

Michelle Lucio

Margaret Tsui

Thomas French

Ellen Mack

Darlene Warner-Zivich

Gary Gardner

Chris Manriquez

Marye Watkins-Woodruff

Karen Gilbert

Burt Morton

Antonina Williams

Barbara Glennan

Kenneth Moyer

Rochelle Woods

15 Years

CSUF Staff Honored for 15 years of service

Judith A. Anderson

Pamela Hernandez

Jacqueline Otis

Matthias Botzheim

Denise Johnson

Michael Smith

Yick Ching Chan

Fatima Khan

Francee Taylor

Sandra Clay

Gale Kirkland

Valarie Watkins

Janet Emery

Harry Norman

Regina Webster

Sheila Greiner



20 Years

CSUF Staff Honored for 20 years of Service

Peggi Barlow

Maria Kelley

Shirish Patel

Debra Blackley

Judith Lindemann

Eileen Simkin

Jeni Cansler

Patricia Nelson

Edna Turnbow

Thomas Gehrls

Kathleen Olmstead

Roberta Valentine

Catherine Kaye

Jan Pasquale

Dolores Vura

25 Years

Sharon Hagar
Sharon Hagar
Gregory Nicholson
Gregory Nicholson
Margaret Yasutake
Margaret Yasutake

Other recipients:

Timothy Arias

Hyun Lim

Tom Shigenaka Jr.

Cathy Busby

James Morris


30 Years

Catherine Arthur
Catherine Arthur
Andrea Cockrell
Andrea Cockrell
James Corbett
James Corbett
Susan Lasswell
Susan Lasswell
Pamela Migliore
Pamela Migliore
Jim Powell
Jim Powell

Other recipients:
Juan Espinoza

Marsha Farwick

Rudy Miranda

Michelle Rosenthal



35 Years

Tony Espere
President Milton A. Gordon congratulates Tony Espere on 35 years of service. Espere began on campus in November 1971 as a custodian and moved through several positions, including laborer and mechanic’s helper before becoming the automotive mechanic — a position he describes as working on almost anything with a motor — in 1986. Espere recently returned to campus on a weekend to watch his eldest daughter, Nicole, graduate magna cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.

George Montoya
Known affectionately as “the oldest living custodian” on campus, George Montoya, left, became a member of the university staff in 1971 and remembers when there were two custodians for each floor of the nine buildings that made up Orange County State College. As a lead custodian, Montoya directs a team of nine other custodians in McCarthy and Dan Black halls. President Milton A. Gordon joined in saluting Montoya’s dedicated service at Staff Appreciation Day June 1.

Jill Rodriquez
Like several of Cal State Fullerton’s staff members, Jill Rodriguez came to the university as a student and never really left. Her first position with the campus was as a quarter-time student assistant, while earning a bachelor’s degree in sociology in 1972. After earning her degree she became a department secretary in the Management Department. She went on to a master’s degree in social sciences in 1983 before being promoted in 1989 to administrative analyst in the College of Health and Human Development. In that role, Rodriguez has worked with faculty and staff members on the college’s curriculum committee, on classroom scheduling, recruitment issues and all part-time faculty contracts. She also was involved in the changes that occurred when HHD became the colleges of Education and Human Development and Community Service.

Betsy Stuck
Betsy Stuck can map out her career along a time line of technical innovations on campus. When she joined the campus — beginning with a six-week stint while on break from college — she spent her time pulling registration cards for students, the then current form of signing up for classes at the time. Later she worked on a permanent record card-purging project in records, then a temporary stint as a clerical assistant using a four-hold button device to answer phones. By 1978, Stuck had a permanent position as a problem clerk in the Application Center and was adept at the use of the dumbwaiter that connected the computer center, on the second floor of Langsdorf Hall, with Admissions and Records on the first floor. Earlier this year, Stuck became a business analyst for admissions. Pictured with Stuck is President Milton A. Gordon.

Other recipient: Judith Anderson

40 Years

Norma Morris

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