Science Fusion

Center for Creativity and Critical Thinking in Schools receives credit union donation to support programming, promoting educational methods that blend the arts, science and technology in school curriculum

Effective Education

Center for Research on Educational Access and Leadership offers doctoral candidates and other graduate students and faculty projects that identify and respond to problems, issues and challenges facing schools

Building Bonds

Health Promotion Research Institute promotes partnerships to help improve community health

Interdisciplinary Outreach

Center for the History and Philosophy of Science, Technology and Medicine shares ideas across disciplines

College Prep

Reading Institute for Academic Preparation assists high school teachers in preparing students for higher education

Certified Support

Professional Teaching Development Center offers school teachers national board certification guidance

Fighting Fibromyalgia

Campus center targets chronic pain through research, education campaigns and community services

Center Central

Cal State Fullerton operates myriad research, education and community centers that focus on scores of topics from cancer research and helping students succeed to remote sensing and preserving history