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Honoring a Dedicated Workforce

University Celebrates Staff for Service

June 15, 2010

By Pamela McLaren

President Milton A. Gordon joined his top administrators in giving praise to the university’s staff members during the June 4 Staff Recognition and Appreciation Day festivities in Portola Pavilion of the Titan Student Union. Gordon told the assembled campus members that he was proud of how they had continued to serve the needs of the campus and its student population, despite the tough economic times.

“This is an event I always look forward to each year for it honors our staff employees for their years of dedication and service to our University,” Gordon told the assembled campus members. “Because of the significant contributions of the staff working in partnership with the faculty and our student affairs professionals, for more than 50 years California State University, Fullerton, has turned students’ dreams of earning a college degree into reality. I want to express my deep appreciation and thanks to all of you for your individual efforts which have contributed to our successful year.

“I am proud to serve as the president of this great university because we, the members of the Titan family, function as a family in terms of supporting and helping each other,” Gordon said. “We are here this morning to honor you and tell you that we know that you are the ones who make a difference in the quality of our university.

“The dedication and pride each of you displays in your respective positions contributes to the overall excellence of Cal State Fullerton. This was never more evident than this year, when each of you, in so many different ways, made a positive learning environment for our more than 36,000 students and in so doing, you made the 2009-10 academic year a memorable one.”

The annual event recognized this year’s Outstanding Staff and Titan Excellence awards recipients (LINK), staff members who have earned college degrees and honored staff for years of service.

Four Decades of Service

President Milton A. Gordon congratulates Joan Monteverde for forty years of service. Photo by Karen Tapia

Among those honored were two staff members who have served the campus for 40 years: Barbara Hooper, university articulation/project officer in Admissions and Records, and Joan Monteverde, credential specialist in the College of Education.

Monteverde joined the campus in 1969 as a stenographer in Admissions and Records, then was promoted to senior clerk and evaluation technician, prior to becoming a credential analyst in the College of Education’s Credential Preparation Center in 1990. During her tenure, she has processed paperwork for more than 30,000 credentials and maintained the program's archives.

Monteverde has earned the title of education credential specialist from the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing and is one of the few credential analysts in the state who can make paperless credential recommendations to the commission.

As part of her work, Monteverde has developed forms to effectively communicate credential requirements to incoming students; initiated an imaging system for storing files; and reduced the turnaround time for research and credential evaluation and verification.

“Though her persistence and well-organized efforts,” said Gordon, “she continues to be an invaluable resource for the College of Education, as well as many districts that Cal State Fullerton works with on a daily basis. Joan is always looking for ways to make procedures run more efficiently. She keeps everyone well informed and is able to resolve any complex issue.

“Last, but not least, Joan is extremely supportive of her staff and maintains a professional work environment that is honest, relaxed and pleasant, while at the same time establishing positive and harmonious relationships among faculty, staff and students.”

Thirty-Five Years Recognized

Terry Bohannon is honored for 35 years of service. Photo by Karen Tapia

A trio of long-time campus members were honored for their three and a half decades of service to the university: Terry Bohannon of the Auto Shop, Elizabeth Gibbs, director of the Children's Center, and Louisa “Lisa” James, parking officer.

As a member of the Auto Shop, Bohannon has serviced all gasoline, diesel and electric-powered university vehicles, and currently repairs and conducts maintenance on small motorized equipment. During his tenure on campus, however, he has worked in almost every unit of the trades — beginning as a groundsworker — and has become especially adept at creating parts that manufacturers no longer produce, or for which a manufactured part is not available, to keep campus equipment running.

“His work has been known to prolong the use of equipment and ensure they operate efficiently, a practice that both saves money and contributes to the Physical Plant's commitment to greener working habits,” said Gordon in recognition of the Vietnamese veteran. “Terry has made many good friends in the Physical Plant and counts those relationships as a big reward for his time at Cal State Fullerton.”

Gibbs is known on campus for her service to the campus’ youngest population — the preschool-aged children of the university's students. When she joined the campus in 1974, said Gordon, the Children’s Center was not even on campus; it was located at St. Andrew's Church in Fullerton. It would take five years to bring the center to two ‘temporary’ buildings located on campus. Late last year, construction began on a permanent home for the Children's Center that will allow the center to expand its program by more than 30 percent.

“Betsy insures that the Associated Student Inc. Children’s Center continually is awarded significant grant funding,” said Gordon, noting that the center annually receives more than $400,000 in grant income from the California Department of Education to help support child care for low-income students.

“In addition, thought her efforts, the university secured a $995,000 Child Care Means Parents in School grant from the U.S. Department of Education. This will greatly enable the Associated Students ton continue in its mission of providing quality child development for low-income student parents.… Betsy's selflessness and unswerving personal commitment to the operation of our Children's Center has contributed significantly to California State University, Fullerton, and has literally enabled thousands of student parents to attain their dream of receiving a high-quality university education.”

Jaimes joined the campus in June 1975 after her brother, Robert, encouraged her to apply. She served for seven years as a custodian and through a cross-training program transferred to Parking and Transportation Services as a parking officer.

“Lisa enjoys being on a campus because it is a wonderful work environment and the friendships she has made throughout her career,” said Gordon. “Lisa is a valued employee because of her camaraderie and willingness to support her co-workers.”

Also Honored:

30 years of service —

Bonnie Brewer

Doris Brissae

Kerry Hallas

Susan Maddoz

Maria Mezhinsky

Anthony Prince

Jan Sheridan

  • Bonnie J. Brewer, Custodial Services
  • Doris M. Brissae, Student Financial Services
  • Ruth M. Dye, Pollak Library
  • Kerry L. Dye, Pollak Library
  • Susan G. Maddox, Psychology
  • Maria Mezhinsky, Admissions and Records
  • Danny R. Miranda, Shipping/Receiving and Logistics
  • Anthony D. Prince, Parking and Transportation Services
  • Richard F. Roland, Custodial Services
  • Jan M. Sheridan, Mathematics
  • Judy A. Strong, University Extended Education
  • Mark M. Thompson, Pollak Library

25 Years of Service —

Silas Abrego

Patricia Boggs

Shannon Glaab

Roberta Grayson

Wiliam Jones

Michael Nguyen

Elizabeth Regan

Mercedita Ricasata

Irma Torres-Garcia

Raquel Richardson

Billie Smith

  • Silas H. Abrego, Student Affairs
  • Patricia M. Boggs, University Advancement
  • Shannon Glaab, Academic Programs
  • Roberta A. Grayson, Humanities and Social Sciences
  • William T. Jones, Psychology
  • Joanna H.C. Liu, Career Planning and Placement
  • Michael C. Nguyen, Auxiliary Services Corp.
  • Elizabeth A. Regan, Communications
  • Mercedita L. Ricasata, Student Health and Counseling
  • Raquel Richardson, Admissions and Records
  • Billie L. Smith, Physical Plant
  • Irma Torres-Garcia, Parking and Transportation Services
  • Maria T. Valdivia, Career Planning and Placement

20 Years of Service —

Members of the campus community who have served for 20 years.
  • Pamela J. Bellomy, College of Education
  • Jay W. Bond, Facilities Management
  • Annette R. Bow, Human Communication Studies
  • Wilhelmina O. Bugaoan, Student Academic Services
  • Catherine A. Carreiro, Student Health and Counseling
  • Linda Chang, Electrical Shop
  • Norma Charest, Desert Studies
  • Cynthia K. Fields, Auxiliary Services Corporation
  • Edward A. Flynn, Mail Services
  • Margie D. Flores, Pollak Library
  • Lusia Komala, Associated Students, Inc.
  • Fred Kulikoff, Associated Students, Inc.
  • Joseph M. Luzzi, Information Technology
  • Christine E. McCarthy, Athletics
  • Pamela J. McLaren, Public Affairs
  • Mary Jo Medyn, Academic Affairs
  • Kandy S. Mink Salas, Dean of Students
  • Teresa M. Prather, Pollak Library
  • Judith C. Ryker, Parking and Transportation Services
  • Donna Shroyer, University Extended Education
  • Bronislava Shub, Student Health and Counseling

15 Years of Servicee —

Members of the campus community who have served for 15 years.
  • Marcelo A. Aguirre, Desert Studies
  • Kurt Borsting, Associated Students, Inc.
  • Janet H. Chen, International Education and Exchange
  • Carroll K. Deitrick, Auxiliary Services Corporation
  • Richard E. Dickinson, Student Health and Counseling
  • Sheila D. Faris-Penn, Strategic Communications
  • Doreen L. Ferrel, Accounts Payable
  • Ignacio Gavino Navarro, Auxiliary Services Corporation
  • Catherine M. Grapham, Mail Services
  • Michelle M. Gromacki, Athletics
  • Melody M. Johnston, University Extended Education
  • John L. Lang, Custodial Services
  • Linda T. Lui, College of Communications
  • Sara Martinez, Admissions and Records
  • Regina Matthews, Student Academic Services
  • Karen J. McKinley, University Extended Education
  • Elda D. Moreno, Human Resource Services
  • Christine A. Nowicki, Admissions and Records
  • Mary Lou Rogers, Auxiliary Services Corp.
  • Jeffrey C. Senge, Disabled Student Services
  • Ellen B. Shaw, Student Affairs
  • Lay Tuan Tan, International Education and Exchange
  • Eboni N. Threatt, Counseling, Human Services and Social Work
  • Reginald T. Turnbow, Parking and Transportation Services
  • Penelope J. Utley, Auxiliary Services Corporation
  • Bev Vargish, Associated Students, Inc.
  • Gail C. Wright, University Extended Education
  • Kiyo Young, Human Communication Studies

10 years of Service —

Members of the campus community who have served for 10 years.
  • Pauline S. Abbot, Gerontology Institute
  • Chris W. Abelardo, Information Technology
  • Claudia Acosta, Radio-TV-Film
  • Ramon Alamillo, Landscape Services
  • Elahe Amani, Dean of Students
  • Carole A. Angus, American Studies
  • Michael M. Anthony, Physical Plant
  • Tony M. Arnuco, Custodial Services
  • Michael W. August, Music
  • John Bage, Deaign and Construction
  • Jesse N. Blanpied, University Police
  • Evangeline Bravo, Associated Students, Inc.
  • Vicki R. Brewster, Academic Programs
  • Patricia M. Brown, Student Health and Counseling
  • Gerald Bryant, Auxiliary Services Corporation
  • Rosalina Camacho, Women’s Center
  • Shannon Campos, Student Health and Counseling
  • Monica Castro, Auxiliary Services Corporation
  • Patricia S. Chang, Admissions and Records
  • Matthew Conner, Auxiliary Services Corporation
  • Iris E. Cortes-Valle, University Police
  • Carol A. Creighton, University Extended Education
  • Carmen Curiel, Dean of Students
  • Deborah Diep, Auxiliary Services Corporation
  • Catherine T. Dinh, Faculty Development Center
  • Karen M. Emas, Mihaylo College of Business and Economics
  • Kelly A. England, Financial Aid
  • Mariana Ferrari, University Extended Education
  • Thomas S. Foster, Plumbing Shop
  • Alma J. Gonzalez, Health and Human Development
  • Sheila C. Greiner, Testing Center
  • Daniel Guzman, Information Technology
  • Catherine Halliday, Presidents Scholars Program
  • Elizabeth L. Hendershot, Teacher Education
  • Antonio Hernandez, Custodial Services
  • Billie J. Herring, Health and Human Development
  • Joseph A. Holbrook, Theatre and Dance
  • Carl F. Jones, University Police
  • Raymond D. Juanico, Budget Operations
  • John C. King, Information Technology
  • Thomas Kinney, Auxiliary Services Corporation
  • Laura K. Labuda, Information Technology
  • Cathy L. Lampshire, Politics, Administration and Justice
  • Elaine C. Landicho, Academic Programs
  • Janice R. Lee, Human Resource Services
  • Amy C. Lentine, Admissions and Records
  • Anhhoa Lu, Anthropology
  • Peggy B. Luna, Distance Nursing
  • Khoi B. Luu, Information Technology
  • Tracey Magyar, Associated Students, Inc.
  • Julie M. Martinez, Human Services
  • Robin L. Matthew, Auxiliary Services Corporation
  • Marilyn J. Miller, Academic Senate
  • Leanne Morinaka, Human Resource Services
  • Aimee L. Nelson, Student Affairs
  • Cassandra Newby, President's Office
  • Jeffery W. Newell, Information Technology
  • Rosa M. Newton-Mares, Cal State Teach
  • Kevin J. Nye, Financial Aid
  • David C. Palmquist, Career Planning and Placement
  • Denelle C. Pankratz, University Extended Education
  • Margaret A. Plenert, Auxiliary Services Corporation
  • Howard A. Pursche, Landscape Services
  • Hector A. Ramirez, Information Technology
  • Sandra K. Rhoten, Dean of Students
  • Anita M. Rios, Design and Construction
  • Linda G. Rodgers, History
  • Noel C. Runcie, Administration and Finance
  • Mozhan M. Samadi, Student Financial Services
  • Lillybeth N. Sasis, Center for Careers in Teaching
  • Christopher S. Searight, Music
  • Eugene N. Sim, Administration and Finance
  • Andrea F. Sims, Student Affairs
  • Cynthia N. Togami, English, Comparative Literature and Linguistics
  • Matthew D. Van Norman, Pollak Library
  • Patricia Verdugo, Human Resource Services - Payroll
  • Steven S. Vu, Academic Affairs
  • Edith A. Wilkins, Custodial Services
  • Andrea Willer, Associated Students, Inc.
  • Angela J. Zuniga, University Extended Education

Five Years of Service —

Members of the campus community who have served for 5 years.
  • Tanya C. Abalos, University Advancement
  • Melvin G. Alegado, Human Resource Services
  • Amy J. Alspaugh, Academic Affairs
  • Karalyn Andrew, University Extended Education
  • Laura J. Archer, Pollak Library
  • Karla Arellano, American Studies
  • Lorenzo J. Armas, Information Technology
  • Jesus Barrueta, Student Housing
  • Mary M. Becerra, Student Health and Counseling
  • Susan L. Beckett, Child and Adolescent Studies
  • Philip S. Berriman, Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Scott M. Bourdon, Environmental Health and Instructional Safety
  • Theresa I. Brown, Admissions and Records
  • Kellee M. Carter-Scales, Mihaylo College of Business and Economics
  • Jennifer Chung, Budget Operations
  • Pia R. Claudio, University Advancement
  • John B. Clement, Auxiliary Services Corporation
  • Tannise A. Collymore, Anthropology
  • Manuel C. Contreras, Student Housing
  • Maria Anita Costello, Auxiliary Service Corporation
  • Jeanne J. Crawford, Biological Studies
  • Patricia C. Cruz-Nicolas, Auxiliary Services Corporation
  • Juanita Daly, Cal State Teach
  • Edward De La Torre, Disabled Student Services
  • Michael T. Freeman, Landscape Services
  • Susan M. Gaitan, Faculty Development Center
  • Gloria M. Garcia, Liberal Studies
  • Roberto Garcia, Custodial Services
  • Tracey L. Gayer, Auxiliary Services Corporation
  • Clayton I. Gediman, Pollak Library
  • Silvia Gonzalez, Human Resource Services
  • Michael S. Greenlee, Athletics
  • Constance A. Gustaitis, Admissions and Records
  • Joseph R. Hackbarth, Admissions and Records
  • Margaret M. Hilgemann, Student Health and Counseling
  • Ma Lyzette E. Hingco, Admissions and Records
  • Heidi E. Hodges, Auxiliary Services Corporation
  • Brian K. Jenkins, Administration and Finance
  • Shannah E. Johnson, Fullerton First Year
  • Erin M. Lance, Auxiliary Services Corporation
  • Lyn V. Ledyard, Information Technology
  • Juan M. Magdaleno, Auxiliary Services Corporation
  • Dianna L. Malinao, University Advancement
  • Veronica Martinez, University Extended Education
  • Ken Maxey, Associated Students, Inc.
  • Patricia L. McCarthy, Physics
  • David B. McKenzie, Student Affairs
  • Deanna L. Merino, Academic Advisement
  • Jacqueline D. Michaud, Information Technology-Telephone Services
  • Michael W. Miles, Athletics
  • Monique Del Rio Miranda, Modern Languages and Literatures
  • John H. Mothershed, Information Technology
  • Barbara T. Mullinax, Human Resource Services
  • Hector Muniz, Contracts and Procurement
  • Patricia A. Myles, Center for Careers in Teaching
  • Maria R. Nunez, Custodial Services
  • Valerie J. Orleans, Public Affairs
  • Stacy L. Padilla, Strategic Communications
  • Angelica C. Perez, Human Resource Services
  • Anne Marie Perry, Human Resource Services
  • Denay S. Ponce, Auxiliary Services Corporation
  • Alison T. Quigley, Counseling, Human Services and Social Work
  • Verna L. Raun, University Police
  • Edward L. Read, Biological Studies
  • Donna M. Reeson, Contracts and Procurement
  • Allison Rich, Athletics
  • Katherine A. Rinos, Auxiliary Services Corporation
  • Jose J. Rivera, Auxiliary Services Corporation
  • Rosalva Rodriguez De Gomez, Student Housing
  • Victor M. Rojas, Student Affairs
  • Ignacia Royer, Natural Sciences and Mathematics
  • Fred Sanchez, Associated Students, Inc.
  • Warren K. Sasahara, Information Technology
  • Melem K. Sharpe, University Extended Education
  • Susan R. Smith, Human Resource Services - Payroll
  • Raymond H. Stapf, Landscape Services
  • Anne M. Thiele, University Extended Education
  • Delia A. Tuerina, University Outreach
  • Seonag G. Turner, Auxiliary Services Corporation
  • Velisa D. Webb, Admissions and Records
  • Pamela P. White, Information Technology
  • Theresa Wright-Reid, Human Resource Services - Payroll
  • YaPing "Lisa" Xue, University Extended Education
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