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2003 Archive
OCT.09.03 Professor Survey Campus About Working Comfortably
Survey shows employees working too long on computer take less breaks and ergonomic training help reduce discomfort.
SEP.29.03 Survey Shows Students Taking Government Classes Favor Governor Recall
Some 74% of students in “Intro to American Government” would vote “to recall Gov. Davis.
SEP.25.03 Healthy Children, Healthy Economy, Researchers Find
Children absent from school due to pollution-related illness affects work productivity and economy as their working parents stay home to care for them.
SEP.23.03 County Residents Decisively Wish to Keep KOCE-TV Public
Some 82% favor the sale of KOCE to an entity that would keep the television station a Public Broadcasting System affiliate – even if that means selling for $10M rather than $25M.
SEP.17.03 Orange County Residents Say "Yes" to Recall, Schwarzenegger, Props
Latest survey shows majority of county residents favor governor recall, Schwarzenegger and both Props 53, 54.
SEP.15.03 Orange County Residents Support CenterLine Plans
Some 55% of O.C. residents would - if the question were put before them today - vote in favor of building a light rail line from Santa Ana to John Wayne Airport, according to Center for Public Policy and Orange County Business Council.
AUG.14.03 Engineering Majors Engaged in Summer Research
Two undergraduates take part in an internship program to increase minority participation in natural gas-related research and development programs.
JUL.30.03 Orange County Residents Say ‘Yes’ to “Racial Privacy” Initiative on the October 7 Ballot
Survey Answers Questions on Race and Governor Davis
JULY.16.03 County Residents Weigh In On Statewide Issues
Survey Answers Questions on State Budget and Governor Davis
JUN.19.03 Research Center Delves Into Art in Classrooms, Personal Finance Training and Recreation
Social Science Research Center provides research to special educational programs.
JUN.19.03 Researchers are Telling 'Best Fish Story on Campus'
Prickleback fish help to shed light on the digestive systems of fish.
MAY.28.03 On the Research Front at Cal State Fullerton
Finding a reliable warning signs of future earthquakes and promoting a new generation of environmental biologists and ecologists are latest developments on the research front.
MAY.01.03 Student Research Winners to Represent Cal State Fullerton at CSU Competition
Three Cal State Fullerton Student Research Competition winners will represent the university at the 17th annual CSU Student Research Competition.
APR.10.03 Economist Dives Into Research on Water Prices and Green Technology Use
Economist study whether water and utility prices impact aquacultural producers and, in turn, reduce water usage and pollution.
APR.10.03 Faculty Receive Stipends for Summer Study
Twenty four faculty member to receive stipends for various research.
APR.10.03 Bojour Paris, Au Revoir Cal State Fullerton
Women's studies professor studies the popularity of Martha Stewart in Paris, while history professor examines how history is presented in theme parks in France and U.S.
MAR.27.03 A Sick Baby Sparks a Father's Research
Inspired by his son's condition, mathematics professor and his students develop a mathematical model to deal with neonatal jaundice.
MAR.27.03 Communications Professor Surveys Students For Knowledge on Academic Integrity
Communications professors examines students attitude towards cheating and lifting information off the Internet. Results mixed.
MAR.13.03 NASA Representative to Discuss Space Station, Columbia Tragedy
Program manager of the International Space Station Payloads Office to speak on NASA's International Space Station and answer questions on the Columbia shuttle disaster March 21.
JAN.30.03 New Well to Further Student-Faculty Research Into Local Water Quality
A 1,000-foot well was drilled thanks to donated drilling equipments. Well will provide a learning lab for students to study water and soil samples.

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