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Updated: November 16, 2004
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Nancy Segal Researcher Delves Into Genetics to Find Answers as to Why Twins Are So Different
Nancy Segal, professor of psychology, has been interested in twins practically her whole life. She has explored not only twin similarities, but also their differences. The published author recently appeared on national television to discuss the relationship between identical twins.
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Pretrial Publicity

Pretrial Publicity: Does It Impact Verdict?
Most research indicates pretrail publicity makes a difference. Human communications professor's research, however, proves otherwise.


Researcher Studies a Foreign Invader in Hawaii
Plant ecologist and his students are focusing on the dry forest areas of Hawaii to investigate a persistent invader — a non-native grass from Africa.


Team Works to Make 'Talking' to Satellites Easier
Team works to put a NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory tele-communications link analysis and operation system on the Web, in order to make it easier to "talk" to satellites.

More Research News
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CSUF Students Investigate Delays in GPS Signals
Ten grad students investigate delays in GPS signals as they travel through the ionosphere, an area of the earth’s atmosphere where incoming solar radiation affects the transmission of radio waves.

Chimps Could Be Extinct in the Next Few Decades
Anthropology professor raises concerns that chimps could be extinct in 17 to 50 years.

Alumna Returns Alma MaterTo Share Research
Judy Segura, the first Mexican American woman to earn a doctorate in mechanical engineering with the specialty of thermosciences at Stanford University, will return to CSUF Sept. 22 to share her thesis research.

Domestic Violence in Asian Families: Breaking Barriers
Associate professor of human services discusses the devastation of domestic violence on Asian women.

Linder Receives Grant to Explore How the Trace Element Copper Finds Its Way to Newborns
Biochemistry professor delves into how copper is transported in mammals from mothers to newborn.

Physics Professor Puts Student Learning Under the Microscope
Loverude receives fundings from National Science Foundation to study what concepts students in introductory physics labs have trouble understanding.

O.C. Residents Give Their Opinions on Same-Sex Marriage and Presidential Preferences
The Center for Public Policy asked O.C. respondents on their voting preference towards Constitutional amendments and state support for same-sex marriage. Direction of the country and presidential preferences were also surveyed.

Predicting School Success Center Grant Continues to Support Long-Term Study
Study analyzes nature and nurture influences on children's success in school.

NSF Funds Study Into Utilizing American Indian Symbols to Teach Mathematics
Mathematics professors sees a wide variety of shapes and angles found in tribal sand paintings and teepee design could be utilized to teach geometry.

Biologist Studies Plague and Prarie Dogs
Biologist receives grant to study how plague survives after decimating a prairie dog colony and how they infect other colonies.

Orange County Residents’ Views About State Budget, Taxes and Spending
Latest CSUF and OCBC survey asked O.C. residents their views and priorities for the state budget.

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