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Campus Honors Years of Service

Librarian's 40 Years Recognized at Staff Appreciation

June 10, 2008

Campus veteran Linda Ford is presented with flowers by President Milton A. Gordon, who joined the campus in honoring her 40 years of service during the recent Staff Recognition and Appreciation Day festivities. Photo by Kelly Lacefield

The audience rose and clapped enthusiastically as President Milton A. Gordon congratulated librarian Linda Ford on her four decades of service to Cal State Fullerton.

Gordon noted that the veteran staff member started her career on campus as a volunteer in the library in 1967.

"Lin Ford could not have guessed that her volunteer work would lead to a 40-year career of distinguished service to the university," said Gordon. Today, Ford serves as coordinator of acquisitions and database services, as well collection development librarian.

During her tenure, Ford worked in the acquisitions section and worked with faculty members to build the library collections and over the past 20 years, has been involved in implementing and utilizing library automation. She also earned a bachelor’s degree in history and a master’s in library science.

President Milton A. Gordon congratulates Ut V. Lee and James M. Brown for achieving 30 years of service with the university. Photo by Kelly Lacefield

"Lin commands respect from all who know her strong work ethic and willingness to go that extra step to secure desired materials — both print and electronic," noted Gordon, adding that Ford "is recognized by her colleagues for her tireless dedication to the library, her steadfast commitment to serving faculty and students and her genuine concern for those with whom she works."

35-Years Recognized

Also honored during the May 30 Staff Appreciation and Recognition Day festivities were 35-year campus veterans Ann M. Hopkins and Michael A. San Roman.

Ann M. Hopkins receives congratulations from President Milton A. Gordon on her 35 years of service with the university. Photo by Kelly Lacefield

Hopkins, administrative operations analyst for the Marketing Department, was noted for resourcefulness and problem-solving in the office. "She stays on top of new technologies in increasing productivity and making processes more efficient," Gordon reported, noting Hopkins’ ability to stay on top of challenges such as scheduling classes for a department of more than 50 faculty members and overseeing the numerous physical moves of the department — including the upcoming move this summer into the new Mihaylo Hall.

Custodian Michael San Roman, said Gordon, "has been described as a skilled communicator with excellent interpersonal skills by his supervisors. He has served on Physical Plant committees and interview panels that require him to articulate his ideas and express his thoughts clearly and concisely." Although he can be seen on campus working throughout McCarthy Hall, San Roman also can be seen in the community as a disc jockey at weddings and parties and until recently, on the stages of South Coast Repertory, Muckenthaler and Ricardo Montalban Theatre.

Recognized by President Milton A. Gordon for a quarter century of service to Cal State Fullerton are, from left, Beatrice E. Casas, Rosamaria Gomez-Amaro, Marilyn Moore and Paula Selleck. Photo by Kelly Lacefield

Others Recognized

30 Years

James M. Brown, Ut V. Le and Luis A. Perez, all Physical Plant.

25 Years

Beatrice E. Casas, Humanities and Social Sciences
Rosamaria Gomez-Amaro, Human Resources
Marilyn M. Moore, Art
Paula J. Selleck, Public Affairs
Marilyn C. Slagle, Pollak Library
Dorothy Walker, Physical Plant
Penni M. Wunderlich, History

20 Years

President Milton A. Gordon recognized and congratulated staff members who have served for 20 years. Photo by Kelly Lacefield

Teresa E. Cabral, Physical Plant
Leslie N. Chang, Financial Aid
Enrique M. Chavez, Physical Plant
Pearl Cheng, University Extended Education
William Dickerson, Auxiliary Services Corp.
David L. Duncan, Pollak Library
Ann Ehl, Auxiliary Services Corp.
Lynne D. Funk, University Extended Education
Ronald L. Gillion, Physical Plant
Catherine Higa, Children's Center
Candice L. Jones, Geological Science
Isabel Moore, Auxiliary Services Corp.
Carmela M. Ocampo, University Outreach
Richard C. Pollard, Pollak Library
Shirley K. Sato, Physical Plant
Jan Sheffield, Childen's Center
Judy Valona, Associated Students

15 Years

President Milton A. Gordon joined members of the campus community who have served for 15 years. Photo by Kelly Lacefield

Donna Baber, Auxiliary Services Corp.
John D. Beisner, Administration
Raul Camacho, Auxiliary Services Corp.
John N. Chappell, Biological Science
Kathleen D. Costello, Center for Internships and Service Learning
Robert Elizalde, Physical Plant
Marilou V. Encina, Human Resources
William Herbert, Auxiliary Services Corp.
Dan Hodnick, Associated Students
Martin Lorigan, Art
Gail K. Matsunaga, Public Affairs
Jennifer McCormick, Auxiliary Services Corp.
Lance Meredith, Auxiliary Services Corp.
Ignacio Navarro, Auxiliary Services Corp.
Valerie Ramirez, Auxiliary Services Corp.
Patricia Simms, Auxiliary Services Corp.
Pamela Skawin, Associated Students

Campus staff members — pictured with President Milton A. Gordon — who have recorded a decade of service were among those honored at May 30 festivities. Photo by Kelly Lacefield

10 Years

Lucimar Acevedo, University Police
Ryan E. Alcantara, Student Affairs
Jennifer D. Baldaray, Student Academic Services
William C. Barrett, Administration
Laura Brown, Associated Students
Amy L. Castaneda, Communications
Maria C. Centeno, Physical Plant
Susan I. Cervantes, University Advancement
Stephen Chamberlain, Design and Construction
Fang "Vicky" Chen, Auxiliary Services Corp.
Andrea E. Cowser-Barnes, Financial Aid
Robert E. Davis, Telephone Services
Steven M. Dugas, Physical Plant
Charles M. Elliott, Physical Plant
Joseph A. Ferrer, Parking and Transportation
Graciela P. Glazer, Information Systems and Decision Sciences
Richard E. Greenhalgh, Information Technology
Marco Polo Gutierrez, Auxiliary Services Corp.
Lea M. Jarnagin, Student Affairs
Norma Lamont, Physical Plant
Ligaya A. Lim, Management
Nathan L. Longcrier, Student Health and Counseling Center
Kenara Ly, Information Technology
Michael Marcinkevicz, Information Technology
Dayna M. Melton, Biological Science
James R. Mettler, President's Scholars
Edward Mohr, Career Center
Ron Morris, Associated Students
Loan Vuong Nguyen, Parking and Transportation
Robert L. Palmer Jr., Student Affairs
Wei-Cheng Peng, Information Technology
Catherine Perez, Economics
Christine I. Pircher-Barnes, American Language
Brenda Plascencia-Carrizosa, Child and Adolescent Studies
Elena Quinto, Information Technology
Anthony Ragazzo, Associated Students
John R. Reid, Student Affairs
Cynthia Sanchez, Financial Aid
Uthai Thiranop, Auxiliary Services Corp.
Yvonne M. Velasco-Ortega, Public Affairs
Lisa M. Wang, Information Technology
Candi Watkins, Parking and Transportation
Jeanette Weir, Social Work
Melissa K. Whatley, Admissions and Records
Richard E. Wickell, Physical Plant
Linda L. Wright, University Extended Education

Staff members who have served on campus for five years were recognized during a recent staff appreciation brunch and awards program held in Portola Pavilion of the Titan Student Union. President Milton A. Gordon joined the group for their commemorative photo. Photo by Kelly Lacefield

5 Years of Service

Victor J. Altamirano, Accounting Services
Diana L. Avendano, Student Affairs
Adriana A. Badillo, Talent Search
Antonieta Bartter, University Extended Education
Arturo M. Becerra, Parking and Transportation
Robert M. Burton, Athletics
Stephen W. Cardoos, Information Technology
Kathleen Cariaga, Accounts Payable
Patrick D. Carroll, President's Office
John W. Chi, Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Roberto Coronel, Academic Advisement
Cynthia G. Damron, Contracts and Procurement
Vanessa Dang, University Extended Education
Debra B. Day, University Extended Education
Stewart B. Dejong, University Police
Michael Dickerson, Auxiliary Services Corp.
Susana Espino-Hernandez, Auxiliary Services Corp.
Robert L. Flores, Cal State Fullerton-Irvine Campus
Michele M. Garden, Biological Science
Laleh B. Graylee, Information Technology
Pamela C. Hillman, University Extended Education
Nancy R. Jenner, Anthropology
Pamela A. Jones, University Advancement
Jennifer S. Kissel, Alumni Relations
Mikhail Korzhev, Music
Susan K. Leavy, Women's Center
Mary A. Lehn-Mooney, Nursing
Wai Sam Leong, Student Financial Services
Roger Little, Associated Students
John Luong, Biological Science
John Marquez, Information Technology
Carolyn J. Mathisen, Accounting
Mary E. Medico, University Extended Education
Dennis W. Morris, Pollak Library
Chi Nguyen, Auxiliary Services Corp.
Valerie M. Nguyen, University Advancement
Linda W. Patton, Grants and Contracts
Sharon Pellegrino, Oral History
Thomas R. Rahlfs, University Extended Education
Tammy L. Rogers, Communications
Gerard Russo, Auxiliry Services Corp.
Leroy L. Sanchez, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Sally Starr, University Extended Education
Judy C. Su, Finance
Edward A. Sullivan, Analytical Studies
Virginia J. Swink, Admissions and Records
John A. Tambio, Admissions and Records
Frances D. Teves, State Relations and Advocacy
Terri L. Thompson, Physical Plant
Kyriakos Toyias, Design and Construction
Evie Tyra,Fullerton Arboretum
Sharnette M. Underdue,Housing and Residential Life
Roberto Valencia, Auxiliary Services Corp.
Claudia Villanueva, Auxiliary Services Corp.
Mishu D. Vu, Strategic Communications
Howard S. Wang, Student Affairs
Leslie A. Wolbers, Student Financial Services
Anna M. Wong, Modern Languages and Literatures
Norbello Zalasar, Auxiliary Services Corp.

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