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Senior radio-tv-film major Aaron Eastwood is presented an award by faculty members and a representative of the Southern California Broadcasters Association

Aaron Eastwood, a senior radio-TV-film major, was recently honored as the first recipient of the SCBA-Stan Spero award. Recognizing Eastwood, center, are from left, Mary Beth Garber, president of the Southern California Broadcasters Association, and radio-TV-film faculty members Philippe Perebinossoff, Shelley Jenkins and Heather Osborne-Thompson. Photo by Ellen Dostal, SCBA.

Multi-tasking Skills Recognized

Student Who Excels in Radio, Film, Art and Music Wins Broadcasters Scholarship

June 24, 2008

By Pamela McLaren

Aaron Eastwood makes multi-tasking look easy. The radio-TV-film and music major composes music, plays several instruments, expresses himself through drawing, writing, and audio/video production and produces feature programs for broadcast on the radio. Now the only problem, is what will he do when he grows up?

When the Southern California Broadcasters Association and Cal State Fullerton's Radio-TV-Film Department partnered in awarding an annual scholarship to a student interested in radio, it didn't take long for faculty members to come up with the name of a student who matched the criteria: senior Aaron Eastwood.

"While all the nominees are deserving of recognition, it became clear to our scholarship committee that Aaron stood out from the rest," said Edward Fink, chair and professor of radio-TV-film. "He has a solid academic record in his courses and has demonstrated a strong aptitude and interest in radio time and time again."

"I was very, very excited, very surprised," said Eastwood, who serves as general manager of the university's Titan Internet Radio. "It was important to me that the faculty members that I've worked with who nominated me for this honor — to be acknowledged by them meant a lot to me."

Eastwood entered college as a music major in hopes of pursing a career as a music composer for film, television and video games. Then he added radio-TV-film as a second major when he discovered a passion for video editing, audio production and voice-over work.

The work has kept him on his toes. In addition to his work as general manager, Eastwood has served as audio engineer, sound designer and production coordinator for "Playdio: Plays You Can't See," a series of radio dramas based on one-act plays created by theatre and dance students, as well as producer and host of his own radio show, "AM Anime!," a program that introduces listeners to and engages them in an exploration of the popular music of Japan.

In addition to his radio work and music studies — Eastwood has composed concert pieces for both solo performers and ensembles and provided sound design for animated short films created by art students — Eastwood also has explored drawing and writing, and has served as a peer mentor for Cal State Fullerton's Freshman Programs.

"If I had to add a third major, it would be in art," said Eastwood. "I also like creative writing, particularly science fiction and fantasy. I'm big on combining my interests into one big creative process."

And what about the future?

"It gives me a lot of trouble," he says with a chuckle. "I thought I had a clear idea at first, but I have so many interests. I came to Cal State Fullerton because I wanted to become a film composer but then I got really interested in video, then audio production. I'm also interested in being involved in the creative end of film or television.

"But, then, I came to realize that having so many interests is a good thing because it offers me many ways to get into the entertainment industry."

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