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Campus Meets March 25 to Preserve CSU Budget, Moment in Time in 50th Anniversary Snapshot

March 18, 2008

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Students, staff, faculty members and administrators will meet Tuesday, March 25, to define their roles as advocates and mobilize the campus community to preserve funding for the CSU, in the face of the state’s mounting budget crisis.

”We invite you to join us in our commitment to preserve access to affordable, high-quality education at Cal State Fullerton and throughout the California State University,” reads the campus memo signed by President Milton A. Gordon; Peter Dupree, chief steward of the CSUF University Police Association; Diana Guerin, chair of the Academic Senate; Janette Hyder, chief steward of the CSUF chapter of Academic Professionals of California; Jay Jimenez, president/chief steward of the CSUF chapter of CSUEU; Mougo Nyaggah, chapter president of the California Faculty Association; and Heather Williams, president of the Associated Students Inc.

CSU Trustee Debra S. Farar is among those scheduled to speak to attendees, along with representatives of the various groups hosting the session.

Gov. Arnold Schwarznegger has proposed cutting more than $386 million from the CSU, as a means to help reduce a $16 billion statewide deficit, despite data indicating that for every $1 the state invests in the CSU, California reaps a $4.41 return.

The 11 a.m. meeting in the Titan Student Union’s Portola Pavilion will offer all segments of the campus community the chance to collaborate in sending a “strong message to the governor and Legislature.”

Attendees can then join a noontime rally at Becker Amphitheater, culminating in a 50th anniversary snapshot of the campus community. Participants are being asked to come together to show their support for preserving the future for today’s and tomorrow’s students.

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