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Bayesian Conference

Richard John, associate professor of psychology at USC, delivered a talk about terrorist research during the Jan. 10-11 Edwards Bayesian Conference held at Cal State Fullerton.

Campus Hosts 46th Annual Edwards Bayesian Conference

Researchers and Students Discuss Wide Range of Topics

January 14, 2008

For two days on campus last week, faculty members, researchers and students got together to discuss such topics as “The Joy of Uncertainty,” “Physicist Meets Psychologist,” “Beating a Dead Parrot” and “My Theory is Bigger Than Your Theory.”

The wide-ranging subject matter dealing with judgment and decision theory was all part of the 46th annual Edwards Bayesian Conference sponsored by Cal State Fullerton and organized by Michael H. Birnbaum, professor of psychology, and Jie W. Weiss, assistant professor of health science.

Speakers included noted scientists from France and China, as well as researchers from California Institute of Technology’s Jet Propulsion Lab and Kansas State University.

Bayesian Conference
Michael H. Birnbaum, professor of psychology, right, chats with R. Duncan Luce, UC Irvine emeritus professor of cognitive sciences, during one of the breaks at the 46th annual Edwards Bayesian Conference held on campus Jan. 10-11.


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