Bruce H. Weber, Chemistry and Biochemistry, James R. Hofmann, Liberal Studies, and Craig M. Nelson, Comparative Religion, served as panelists in a May 12 discussion on intelligent design at Biola University in La Mirada.

James Santucci, Comparative Religion, discussed the origins of Buddhism May 6 at the Dharma Seal Temple in Rosemead.

Janet L. Eyring, Modern Languages and Literatures, gave an April 8 presentation at the California Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages Conference in San Francisco and at the American Educational Research Association Convention April 11 in San Francisco.

In March, Nancy Snow, Communications, was invited to speak on “Public Diplomacy: Key Challenges and Priorities” at the Wilton Park Conference in Sussex, N.J.

In May, Davina Ling, Economics, discussed how uninsured children suffer as part of a community forum panel at the Fullerton Library….In November, Grady Bruce, emeritus Marketing, presented two papers at the European Academy of Management Conference in Oslo, Norway.

Raphael Sonenshein, Political Science, spoke on urban coalitions at the Clark Davis Memorial Seminar May 12 at USC.

Anil Puri, Business and Economics, was the keynote speaker at the Indian Heritage Awards May 7 in Cerritos.

Nancy Snow, Communications, served as the keynote speaker at the fifth annual Youth Conference on Political Activism April 22 at the Putney School in Putney, Vt. She also discussed "Media and Social Change" March 28 at Clemson University in Clemson, S.C.

In March, Gina Garcia, Dean of Students, presented "Adjustment to College, Social Support and Campus Climate for Latina Students" at the ACPA College Student Educators International annual convention in Indianapolis, Ind.

In February, Linda Patton, Grants and Contracts, Mohinder Grewal, Electrical Engineering, Hossein Moini, Mechanical Engineering, and Gerald Bryant, McNair Scholars Program, spoke at the Minority Serving Institutions Research Partnership Conference at the University of Texas-Pan American in Edinburg, Texas.

Stella Ting-Toomey, Human Communication Studies, delivered "Intercultural Conflict Competence: Facework Theory in Practice" at the 2006 Knapp Chair Lecture April 19 at the University of San Diego.

Gerald Corey, emeritus Human Services, gave a one-day continuing education workshop on group counseling to the Kansas Counseling Association Oct. 17 in Lawrence, Kan. He also presented “Combining Didactic and Experiential Approaches in Teaching Group Counseling" and "Approaches to Teaching Ethics Courses in Counseling Programs" at the Association for Counselor Education and Supervision Oct. 21 in Pittsburg, Penn.

Chiara Gratton-Lavoie, Economics, discussed the paper "Evaluating Compulsory Economic Education in California: Differences by Race, Ethnicity and Gender" at the 75th annual Conference of the Southern Economic Association in Washington D.C.

In December, David Bowman, Geological Science, gave a lecture on the December 2004 Sumatra earthquake and associated seismic hazards in other areas of India at the American Geophysical Union meeting in San Francisco.
Grady Bruce, emeritus Marketing, delivered "School Brand Images and Brand Choices in MBA Programs" at the American Marketing Association "Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education" Nov. 14 in Chicago.

Ellen Kottler and Helen P. Taylor, both Secondary Education, discussed “Utilizing the Learning to Teach Continuum to Develop Highly Qualified Mathematics Teachers” at the Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment/Intern 2005 State Directors Conference Nov. 9 in Sacramento.

Greg Robinson, Social Science Research Center, co-presented the results of a return-on-investment study on 'universal access' users of the Santa Ana WORK Center Jan. 13 in Santa Ana.

Barbara Stone, emeritus Political Science, spoke to the Republican Club of Laguna Woods Jan. 27.

In January, Maria C. Linder, Chemistry and Biochemistry, delivered "The Importance of Mentoring to Women’s Careers" at the 40th Western Regional American Chemical Society meeting in Orange. At the same event, felloe department faculty Katherine Kantardjieff, presented "Sustaining Crystallography in the 21st Century: Education Policies for the Physical and Life Sciences" and "Ionic Strength Effects on Structure and Stability of Cytochrome C' from Rhodobacter Sphaeroides"; Fu-Ming Tao, gave lectures on "Theoretical Study of Microsolvation and Proton Transfer of Acetic Acid-Ammonia in Small Water Clusters," "Theoretical Predictions of pKa Values of Substituted Acetic Acids Using Hydrogen-Bonded Complexes with Ammonia" and "Molecular Structure and Proton Transfer in Small Clusters of Trifluoromethanesulfonic Acid With Water Molecules"; Chandra Srinivasan discussed "Caenorhabditis Elegans Lacking a Form of Manganese SOD (SOD-3) are Thermo-Sensitive." Richard Lodyga, Science Education, also spoke at the conference on chemistry instruction at the high school, community college and college/university level.

In October, President Milton A. Gordon chaired the panel "What It Means to be a Hispanic-Serving Institution From the Macro to the Micro," and Donald S. Castro, President's Office, presented a paper on the issue at the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities meeting in Phoenix. Castro also chaired a panel on the Fullerton Collaborative at the Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities conference at Cal State Dominguez Hills. Joining Castro on the panel were Owen Holmes, Public Affairs and Government Relations, and Robert A. Emry, emeritus Human Communication Studies.

Peng S. Chan, Management, delivered "China's New Form of Capitalism" at the Nov. 13 World Affairs Council of the Desert meeting in Rancho Mirage.

In November, Alan S. Kaye, English, Comparative Literature and Linguistics, discussed "Language, Culture and Dialects of Saudi Arabia" at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. He also presented "The Egypt the Tourist Never Sees" at Orange Coast College.

Arturo F. Jasso, Modern Languages and Literatures, performed a classical guitar recital and gave a brief lecture Oct. 29 to the Newport-Irvine Rotary Club in Newport Beach.

Ephraim P. Smith, Academic Affairs, spoke on "Planning for the Future Workplace" Oct. 10 in Fullerton.

Jule B. Selbo, Radio-TV-Film, was invited to speak Oct. 15 at the Glendale Educators Breakfast.

In July, Kathryn A. Dickson, Biological Science, discussed "Environmental Constraints on Locomotion and Energetics in Tunas" at the Society for Experimental Biology meeting in Barcelona, Spain. The abstract also was published in the July issue of Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part A: Molecular & Integrative Physiology.

In September, David D. Bowman, Geological Sciences, along with some of his students, presented four posters at the 2005 Southern California Earthquake Center annual meeting in Palm Springs.

A month later, Phillip A. Armstrong, Geological Sciences, taught part of the short course on "Thermochronometers" at the Geological Society of America meeting in Salt Lake City.

Gerald Bryant, McNair Scholars Program, gave the keynote address at a Dec. 2 open house for Victor Valley College's Title V Hispanic-Serving Institute in Victorville.

Kandy Mink Salas, Dean of Students, and Nancee Wright, Education, presented a workshop on "A Doctoral Experience - Traps & Tips" at the Nov. 11 National Association for Student Personnel Administrators Western Regional Conference in Tucson, Ariz.

Ed Sullivan, Institutional Research and Analytical Studies, delivered "Who Will Have the Highest GPA? Prediction of First-term GPA for First-Time Freshmen Attending a Public University" at the 2005 Annual California Association for Institutional Research Conference Nov. 17 in San Francisco.

In November, Jesse F. Battan, American Studies, read "Parading Private Thoughts in Public Spaces: Making a Spectacle of Desire in Nineteenth-Century America" at the American Studies Association annual meeting in Washington, D.C.

Susan M. Parman, Anthropology, gave the keynote address Nov. 21 on "Creating a Culture of Learning in Cyberspace" at "The Use of Information Technology in the Research and Education in Social Sciences" conference held at Seoul National University, Korea. Parman was one of three Americans presenting at the conference that included academics primarily from Korea, Japan and China.

President Milton A. Gordon served as a panelist on "Education: Closing the Achievement Gap" during the Senate Hispanic Leadership Summit Sept. 28-29 in Washington, D.C.

Gene A. Hiegel, Chemistry and Biochemistry, discussed "Organic Chemicals Around the Home" with eight Brea High School chemistry classes in June.

In September, Pamela Fiber and Shelly Arsneault, both Politics, Administration and Justice, presented their paper on "Healthy Women, Healthy Representation? Female State Legislators and Womenís Health Services" at the American Political Science Association annual meeting in Washington, D.C. At the same meeting, Mark Redhead, Politics, Administration and Justice, read "Secularism a Little Outside of Liberalism."

In June, Raman Unnikrishnan and Dorota Huizinga, both Engineering and Computer Science, and Bin Cong, Computer Science, delivered "An Online Graduate Program in Software Engineering: Planning, Implementation and Preliminary Results" at the 2005 IEEE Frontiers of Education Conference in Las Vegas, Nev.

Jule Selbo, Radio-TV-Film, discussed her book Pilgrim Girl, Diary and Recipes of Her First Year in the New World at the Orange County Kids Book Festival Oct. 2 in Costa Mesa.

Richard Laton, Geological Sciences, co-moderated "Ground Water Education: Field vs. Classroom" and "Water Resource Strategies in Arid Environments," and presented "Building Groundwater Monitoring Wells on Campus: A Case Study and Primer" at April's Ground Water Summit in San Antonio, Texas. At the same gathering, Laton also delivered "Hydrogeologic Evaluation of a Desert Ground Water Basin: Lucerne Valley, California" with student Nick Napoli and "Hydrocarbon Soil Vapor: Actual vs. Predicted" with student Ken Kolstad. Laton was joined by Phil Armstrong, Geological Sciences, and student Tammy Surko to present "Gravity Survey of Lucerne Valley Ground Water Basin, Mojave Desert, Southern California: Implications for Basin Geometry and Structure," and teamed with John Foster, Geological Sciences, and student Brock Boeke to give "Ground Water Potential for Harper Dry Lake: Implications for Ground Water Availability in Harper Valley, San Bernardino County, California." Student Anthony Lizzi assisted Laton and Foster with "Evaluation of the Potential Ground Water Resources of the Golem Well West Rancho Bernardo, San Diego, California," while student Rene Perez helped Laton and Foster discuss "The Redefining of a Ground Water Basin, Alto Subbasin, Southwestern Mojave Desert, California." Foster and student Michael Blazevic presented "Hydrogeological Investigation of a Closed Alluvial Basin: Lucerne Valley, San Bernardino County, California."

In May, Margaret Atwell, Academic Affairs, presented "Theory and Administration" at the Language and Literacy Conference at Indiana University in Bloomington, Ind.

In April, Jerry Lege and Margaret Kidd, both Mathematics, led the workshop "Become a Talent Scout: Modeling for All Occasions" at the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics' 2005 Annual Meeting and Exposition in Anaheim. Lege also delivered "A Fine Line Between Knowledge and Understanding."

In May, Gerald Corey, emeritus Human Services and Counseling, co-presented a series of workshops for the Hanal Counseling Institute in Seoul, Korea. He also gave the keynote address on "Spirituality in Counseling Practice" at the Association for Humanistic Psychology conference at Cal State Northridge in June.

Also in June, Irene Matz, Human Communication Studies, discussed "21st-Century Leadership" at the American Association of University Women National Convention in Washington, D.C.

In July, Jesse Battan, American Studies, delivered the paper "Performing Free Love: Oratory, Print Culture and the Creation of a Sexual Revolution in 19th-Century America" at the Advanced Studies in Humanities' "Material Cultures and the Creation of Knowledge" conference in Edinburgh, Scotland.