All appointments are effective Aug. 17 unless noted otherwise.

Susamma Barua was appointed program coordinator of computer engineering for a one-year term.

John W. Bedell, profess or sociology, was appointed chair of Anthropology for a two-year term.

Janice Burnham was appointed director of student financial services effective Aug. 2. Burnham joins the campus after 17 years as director of student financial services at Cal State Chico.

Pinaki R. Chakrabarti was reappointed chair of the Civil and Environmental Engineering for a three-year term.

Song C. Choi was appointed chair of Computer Science for a three-year term.

Victoria B. Costa was reappointed chair of Secondary Education for a two-year term.

Janet L. Eyring was reappointed chair of Modern Languages and Literatures for a one-year term.

Dagoberto Fuentes was appointed chair of Chicana and Chicano Studies for a two-academic year term.

Tom Gehrls was promoted to lieutenant of the University Police Department effective June 15.

Barbara J. Glaeser was appointed chair of Special Education for a three-year term.

Murtadha A. Khakoo was appointed chair of Physics for a three-year term.

Chris Manriquez was appointed director of the Common Management System Project effective May 2.

Shari N. Starrett was appointed chair of Philosophy for a three-year term.

Susan L. Tschabrun was appointed chair of the Pollak Library’s technical services for a three-year term.

Chris Renne was appointed to a three-year term as director of the Center for Careers in Teaching effective Aug. 17. Renne, professor of elementary and bilingual education, has taught on campus since 2000.

Claire C. Cavallaro, former chief of staff and principal adviser to Cal State Northridge President Jolene Koester, was appointed dean of the College of Education effective July 10.

Claire Palmerino
was appointed associate dean in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences effective Jan. 26.

Melissa Whatley was appointed university registrar effective Dec. 6.

Louise C. Adler was reappointed to a three-year term as chair of educational leadership effective Aug. 18.

Susan Katsaros was appointed director of community relations effective Oct. 31.