Telling Tectonic Tale

Phillip A. Armstrong, CSUF geologist, and his students are researching plate tectonics in Alaska. The investigation calls for the mapping of deformations around the 13,000-foot-high Chugach Mountains that rise straight out of Prince William Sound.

Volcano Warning System

Brandon Browne, assistant professor of geological sciences, will be returning to Alaska's Mt. St. Augustine volcano as part of a $7 million U.S. Geological Survey effort to improve the early warning system for volcanic eruptions on U.S. soil.

How to Get a Date

How do archaeologists, anthropologists or construction companies that unearth ancient burial sites determine the age of their finds? Jeffrey R. Knott, associate professor of geological sciences, has a method.

Just Say When

Timing is everything with natural disasters, and earlier and more accurate warnings can save lives and property. Two CSUF volcanologists are working to improve efforts to predict volcanic eruptions.

Tracking Metals

Tara Kneeshaw, assistant professor of geological sciences, aims her research at untangling what natural decontamination processes work best and cheapest for cleaning aquifers.

Predicting Future Climate

Matthew E. Kirby, associate professor of geological sciences, is studying an ancient lake bed and prehistoric climate trends in his quest to make climate predictions.