The Future of Constitutional Law

Erwin Chemerinsky, renowned scholar in constitutional law and federal civil procedure, delivers lecture on the Supreme Court, Justices John Roberts and Sonia Sotomayor and insight on the future.

Government: Problem or Solution?

The Heritage Foundation's Robert Alt and Washington Post political columnist Harold Meyerson, discuss the Constitution’s ties to government and what role it should play in solving America's problems.

Is California Governable?

Political scientists Bruce Cain, Steven Hill, Jessica A. Levinson and Kenneth P. Miller discuss the state of the state. Topics of discussion include accountability, local government and term limit reform.

State Finances

Panelists Dick Ackerman, Max Neiman, Rod Kiewiet and Robert Turnage tackle how to fix California's budget woes. They cite reasons such as term limits, the two-thirds vote and the initiative process as impediments.

The Initiative Process

Political scientists Shaun Bowler and Mat McCubbins and strategists/bloggers Jon Fleischman and Jeff Flint discuss the merits of California’s initiative process and whether it needs an overhaul.