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President Milton A. Gordon joins this year's group of retiring faculty and staff members. Photo by P. O’Donnell

Recognizing Dedication to University

University Honors Faculty and Staff Retirees

June 14, 2010

President Milton A. Gordon and administrators recognized faculty and staff members during a special May retirement dinner at El Dorado Ranch.

Jack Bedell is recognized with a photo plaque for his 40 plus years of service to the university. President Milton A. Gordon made the presentation during a May dinner for university retirees. Photo by P. O’Donnell

Rick Pullen, dean of the College of Communications, was honored on the eve of his retirement by President Milton A. Gordon. Photo by P. O’Donnell

Farouk Abdelwaded is honored for service since 1973. Photo by P. O’Donnell

Gaylen Carlson has been a member of the campus community for 36 years. Photo by P. O’Donnell

A campus member since 1977, Susan Hallman was recognized in May for her years of service. Photo by P. O’Donnell

Michael Reeder, broadcast engineer in University Extended Education, was honored for serving since 1984.

Among the honorees were: John “Jack” W. Bedell, professor of anthropology and chair of the Anthropology Department, and Joseph W. Sawicki, chair and professor of English, comparative literature and linguistics, who have both served since 1969; Barbara Hooper, university articulation officer in Admissions and Records, who has been a staff member since 1970; Judith Anderson, graduation supervisor in Admissions and Records, joined the campus in 1971; and George Montoya, custodian, has served since 1972.

College of Communications Dean Rick D. Pullen joined the campus in 1973, as did Farouk Abdelwahed, associate professor of management, and Gaylen R. Carlson, professor of geological sciences. A year later, Wallace Farrelly, director of cultural events; Steven Kurvink, lecturer in political science; and Robert C. Miller, professor of accounting; became members of the campus community. Donald Crane, professor of finance, came on board in 1976.

Serving since 1977 were: Richard L. Deming, professor of chemistry and biochemistry; Susan Hallman, professor of theatre and dance; Jimmy Ivory, plumbing shop supervisor; Margaret Keough, lecturer in kinesiology; Barry A. Pasternack, chair and professor of information systems and decision sciences; and Kenneth H. Ravizza, professor of kinesiology.

Allen W. Gottfried, professor of psychology, and *Jerome Li, lecturer in accounting, became Titans in 1978; while John R. Erickson, chair and professor of finance, Diana Guthrie, accounting technician in University Extended Education, and David Petrie, lecturer in mathematics, have been on campus since 1979.

Recognized for service since the 1980s were:

Robin E. Johnson, professor of theatre and dance, and James Rotter, lecturer in music, who joined the university in 1980; David Falconer, associate professor of computer science, Jane V. Hall, professor of economics, and Thomas Johnson, professor of management, who became campus members in 1981; and Gamini D. Gunawardane, professor of management who has taught at CSUF since 1982.

Serving since 1983 were Barbara Beale, lecturer in English, comparative literature and linguistics; Barbara McDowell, director of the Women’s Center; Jack Plump, reprographics supervisor; and Gloria Sims Fargas, student services professional in the Career Center.

Michael Reeder, broadcast engineer in University Extended Education, and Terry Sharp, administrative analyst in Budget Operations, have served since 1984.

Honorees who joined in the campus in 1985: Karen Bushman, director of information services in University Advancement; Kathy Martin, administrative analyst, College of Communications; and Barbara Sideri, administrative support assistant in Economics. Kun-Jang Kim, professor of accounting, and Michael Van Guilder, lecturer in mathematics, came to campus in 1986.

Darryl Beale, lecturer in psychology, William W. Haddad, chair and professor of history; Catherine Kaye, library assistant; and Anthony Rimmer, professor of communications and director of the Faculty Development Center, all joined the university in 1987, followed a year later by Louise Adler, chair and professor of educational leadership, and Patricia Keig, associate professor of elementary and bilingual education.

Members of the campus since 1989 were: Kay Blackburn, administrative analyst, Office of the Dean, Natural Sciences and Mathematics; Carmen Dunlap, associate dean of the College of Education and professor of elementary and bilingual education; John Foster, professor of geological sciences; Jinni A. Harrigan, professor of psychology; and Michael Langford, lecturer in criminal justice.

Also honored were:

1990 — Patricia Bernard, administrative analyst, Engineering and Computer Science; Marilyn Conklin, administrative analyst specialist, CSUF Irvine Campus; and Darlene Stevenson, director, Housing and Residential Life.

1991 — Piedad Burmaz, lecturer in modern languages and literatures.

1992 — Sandra Clay, information technology consultant, Civil and Environment Engineering; and Michael Smith, director, Design and Construction.

1993 — Christopher Hall, manager of labor and employee relations, Human Resources; and Gregory Robinson, director, Social Science Research Center.

1994 — Sherry Goddicksen, lecturer in geography; Allen D. Holliday, lecturer in computer science; Virginia Pace, director of community affairs, Mihaylo College of Business and Economics; and David Parsons, technician, Engineering and Computer Science.

1995 — Cheryl Anderson, coordinator, admissions and eligibility, Athletics; Linda Parra, administrative support coordinator, University Extended Education; Sue Passalacqua, associate director, Women’s Center; and Donald Valachi, lecturer in finance.

1996 — Ellen Mack, testing associate, Testing Center.

1997 — Vy Do, lecturer in modern languages and literatures; Carleen Ibrahim, lecturer in liberal studies; Joni Norby, associate dean, Mihaylo College of Business and Economics; and Cheryl Perreira, executive director of operations, University Advancement.

1998 — Guillermo Labrit, lecturer in modern languages and literatures; and Mary Ellen Nossaman, administrative support assistant, Finance Department.

1999 — Winston Burnett, lecturer in special education; Jeffrey Herzog, analyst and programmer for enterprise resource planning, Information Technology; Cathryn Margolin, lecturer in information systems and decision sciences; Virginia Mintzlaff, lecturer in psychology; David Test, lecturer in secondary education; and Melanie Vogel, lecturer in art.

2000 — Bruce Kitchen, lecturer in CalStateTeach; and Christine Wyder, administrative support assistant, admission to teacher education.

2001 — Catherine Richert, lecturer in finance.

2002 — Anita Aguilar, buyer, Grants and Contracts; Laura Dean, lecturer in kinesiology; and R. John Lynn, executive director of Human Resources.

2003 — Holly Kaplan, administrative support assistant, Admissions and Records; and Carolyn Mathisen, administrative support coordinator, Accounting Department.

2004 — Dean Capper, lecturer in finance; and Glenda Hart, payroll services director.


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