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Student Leader Grows in Role as President of Inter-Club Council

October 13, 2009

By Pamela McLaren

Scott Kueny

Hometown: Brea

Family: John (B.A. business administration – accounting ’77) and Teresa (B.S. computer science ’79) and three sisters (Allison, Carol and Meredith)

Age: 21, will be 22 on Nov. 3

Class Level: senior majoring in business administration – marketing

Expects to graduate May 2010

Favorite Book/Author: “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill

Favorite Activities: Surfing, reading, watching movies, sports, cooking, eating and trying new things

Some students would be a little concerned about entering the current job market considering the economy, but Scott Kueny, this year’s president of the Business Inter-Club Council at Cal State Fullerton, is not. He’s been working since a sophomore in high school and since his first days on campus, been involved in the business of making business connections.

“I feel pretty optimistic,” said the senior marketing major. “I believe that if you’ve done your job in college — networking, internships and meeting the business leaders who come to campus — you shouldn’t have problems.

“Working at a restaurant has helped me a lot,” admits Kueny, a second-generation Titan. “It amplified my interested in business and provided opportunities to talk with a wide variety of people about work and the economy, plus the added practice and benefits of building relationships. “Coming to Cal State Fullerton was a pretty easy choice to make, it just felt right, especially as both my parents are graduates from here. My dad got a business degree here with an emphasis in accounting, while my mom earned a degree in computer science.

“And since I’ve come here, I’ve been really impressed by the faculty and staff — their support for the students and their efforts to help us succeed and further our education really sets Cal State Fullerton apart. Even my fellow students are amazing; club activity has increased dramatically since my first year at CSUF, and the number of active freshmen has also increased, it is all very exciting to see the levels of involvement intensify!” he added.

Q: How did you get involved in the Business Inter-Club Council?

A: Emeline (Yong, assistant dean of student affairs for Mihaylo College of Business and Economics) brought me into the organization as a freshman. I was a member of the American Marketing Association on campus when she encouraged me to consider a position within the BICC. This has since been my fourth year with the BICC.

Q: What is the purpose of the Business Inter-Club Council?

A: The purpose of the BICC is to allocate student (Associated Students, Inc.) fees to the various business organizations, clubs, fraternities, sororities, societies and associations within the Steven G. Mihaylo College of Business and Economics to further CSUF business students’ education. There are now roughly 16 plus business organizations within the College of Business available for business students; everything from accounting to marketing is offered.

The BICC is not a club, it is an elected, student-run council, supported by the Associated Students Incorporated of Cal State Fullerton. We allocate ASI funds to the different clubs to support their activities and events on campus and abroad.

Q: What types of activities and events does the BICC underwrite?

A: Typical proposals are for financial support to attend professional events, bring in guest speakers, and send Cal State Fullerton students to represent the college on both the international and national levels. Finance Week, held in September by the Finance Association, was one such event that the BICC funded.

In addition to funding its member organizations, the BICC also coordinates, funds and hosts collegewide events, such a Business Week. Business Week consists of various workshops, panel discussions, speakers and other activities students can use to enhance their education and better prepare themselves for life after graduation. Business Week 2009-10 is themed the “Many Faces of Business” and will be held Monday, March 8 through Thursday, March 11.

Q: What are your goals this year as president of the BICC?

A. This year the goal of the BICC is to increase collaboration and unity amongst business students. The theme, “The Many Faces of Business,” was an idea from Tina Safi, one of the 10 BICC board members, and it does a good job describing the global trends in business. The world is getting smaller; as business students, we will need to remain flexible to global changes, enhance our knowledge of other cultures and learn to work with diverse individuals. By promoting and increasing student collaboration, the BICC feels that Cal State Fullerton students will acquire significant skills that they can take with them when they graduate.

Expanding on this idea of collaboration, the BICC is collaborating with Orangewood Children’s Foundation to host a holiday charity dinner and silent auction in December. All proceeds will go to benefit the families and individuals of Orangewood, in an event titled “Helping Those that Help Others.” This event is an opportunity for CSUF clubs and organizations to not only give back to the larger Orange County community, but to provide opportunities to those less fortunate during the holiday season.

Q: And your personal goals?

A: I plan on starting my job search in December and using intersession to put out feelers … I’ll also apply for scholarships.

 My goal is to have a job waiting for me after graduation; I plan on pursuing a career in professional sales. It offers uncapped growth, independence and the opportunity to build relationships and work with people, which I love!

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