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New Campus Visual Identity

May 12, 2009

To All Faculty and Staff:

The university has a number of important planning efforts underway. One important aspect of planning is focused on how key audiences perceive the university in order to continue to advance and better meet our strategic objectives.

For nearly a year, the Strategic Communications office in University Advancement has engaged in an effort to develop an understanding of the university’s current and aspirational position in the higher education marketplace. This work will help us make informed editorial and design decisions to help shape desired brand attributes and the associations our key audiences make with the institution. CSUF communications work will be more focused and effective.

Because an organization’s visual identity is a core creative expression, we have also assessed our current logo and seal as part of this effort. Recently, concepts for revisions to our visual identity have been discussed with multiple constituencies both on and off campus. Based on their cumulative feedback, I have approved a new visual identity for our university that features a consistent graphic element present in the logo, seal and CSUF emblem.

The tree stands as a symbol of academic and personal growth, knowledge, and transformation. The orange tree recalls our past, our presence in Orange County, and the campus orange grove origins. The mountain imagery, inspired by the ranges to the north and east, helps define our place in the world, while also representing strength and permanence. The sun rays convey vision, optimism, and confidence in the future. We believe these images together help communicate the qualities and values of California State University Fullerton.

Some of you know that a competing concept for our visual identity was an update to our current logo, which features the elephant or “Titan” image. The Titan elephant will remain as the university mascot and visual representations will continue primarily in the athletics program. Strategic Communications and Athletics will soon develop a refreshed elephant icon for this purpose, which will join other athletics-related images such as the Fullerton “F” and “Titans” word mark.

In the coming weeks, our Strategic Communications team will share additional information about the rollout schedule for replacing the prior logo and seal, graphic standards governing the use of these new expressions, and artwork downloads. Due to the upcoming area code change on May 30, 2009, we elected to make these revisions now so the new image could be used when ordering updated letterhead and business cards. Other items containing the campus logo and seal will be changed over time as new inventory is ordered. To minimize costs the university’s transition to the new identity will be a gradual process. The prior logo and seal will be used for 2009 graduation because most items have already been ordered.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in the transition to our new visual identification.

signature of Milton A. Gordon
Milton A. Gordon
CSUF President

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