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New Campus Visual Identity

Frequently Asked Questions

May 12, 2009

By Strategic Communications

Why is CSUF's visual identity changing?

In his email to campus, Dr. Milton A. Gordon outlined the process that led to the identity change. Among the planning efforts currently under way on campus has been a yearlong effort to better understand the university’s aspirational position in the higher education marketplace. Because an organization’s visual identity is a creative tool that supports aspirational positioning, we assessed our current logo and seal as part of this effort. After concepts were tested with multiple constituencies both on and off campus, the president and his senior leadership team approved the new identity based on this cumulative feedback.

What does the new imagery in the seal, logo, and emblem mean?

The tree stands as a symbol of academic and personal growth, knowledge, and transformation. The fact that it is an orange tree recalls our past as a campus that grew from among the orange groves, and also reflects our home here in Orange County. The mountain imagery, inspired by the ranges to the north and east, helps to further define our place in the world, while also representing strength and permanence. The sunrays convey a sense of vision, optimism, and confidence in the future. We believe these images together help communicate the qualities and values the university promotes.

Do I need to order new letterhead and business cards?

At the end of May, the university is changing its area code to 657. In order to avoid confusion, you will most likely want to order letterhead and business cards that reflect this change, while also reviewing the inventory you have on hand and appropriate cost considerations.

How do I order letterhead, envelopes, and business cards?

Stationery can be ordered online. The website for Reprographics here on campus will be updated in the coming days to reflect the new identity. Reprographics is the only authorized vendor for stationery orders.

How do I download the new logo?

By June 1, new artwork will be available for download on the Strategic Communications website. An announcement will be made when visual identity artwork is available.

I have a project that needs to be printed/produced prior to June 1. What do I do?

If you require identity artwork for an urgent job prior to the general rollout, please contact Andrea Davis, coordinator of client and production services in Strategic Communications, at

Is the university abandoning use of the elephant image?

No. The “Titan” elephant image will live on as part of the visual representations of our athletics program. Strategic Communications and Athletics will soon develop a refreshed elephant icon for this purpose, which will join other athletics-related images such as the Fullerton “F” and “Titans” wordmark. In addition, the illustrated “Tuffy” design, which is an informal caricature of the university mascot, will continue to be used.

What “rules” govern the use of the components of the visual identity system?

At the same time that artwork downloads become available, new graphic standards also will be posted. In short, no component of the visual identity system may be manipulated from its established form. Additionally, Athletics’ yet-to-be-created Titan image and the official “Tuffy” illustration produced by Strategic Communications are the only two elephant images permitted for use at Cal State Fullerton.

Did the university spend money on developing the identity package?

In keeping with these challenging budgetary times, we developed the new visual identity without incurring external consulting or design costs. Operational funds spent by Strategic Communications have been negligible. In addition, we've elected to make the university's transition to the new identity a gradual process to minimize costs.

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