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Campus Announces Faculty Promotions

Fifty Three Receive Promotions and/or Tenure

July 21, 2009

Twenty one faculty members have been promoted to professor status, an additional 27 advanced from assistant to associate professor, one professor was granted tenure and an associate librarian was promoted to librarian, according to Faculty Affairs and Records.

Promoted from associate to professor are:

  • William C. Beam, Kinesiology
  • Melinda A. Blackman, Psychology
  • Jochen Burgtorf, History
  • Song C. Choi, Computer Science
  • Amybeth Cohen, Biological Science
  • Mitchell J. Fennell, Music
  • Reyes Fidalgo, Modern Languages and Literatures
  • John Koegel, Music
  • John Leighton, Art (also awarded tenure)
  • Kristi L. Kanel, Human Services
  • William D. Marelich, Psychology
  • Helen N. Mugambi, English, Comparative Literature and Linguistics
  • Kimberly A. Norman, Elementary and Bilingual Education
  • Joanna R. Roche, Art
  • Darren R. Sandquist, Biological Science
  • Ann Sheffield, Theatre and Dance
  • Clay P. Sherman, Kinesiology
  • Setsue Shibata, Modern Languages and Literatures
  • Christina Y. Smith, Art
  • Christopher P. Street, Secondary Education
  • James R. Taulli, Theatre and Dance
  • Lydia E. Velez, Modern Languages and Literatures
  • Michael LaCour-Little, who joined the campus in 2006 as a professor, was awarded tenure.

Receiving tenure and promotion from assistant to associate professors are:

  • Kristin Beals, Psychology
  • Genelle I. Belmas, Communications
  • Joseph E. Biel, Art
  • Nathan T. Carr, Modern Languages and Literatures
  • Greg Childers, Physics
  • Loretta Donovan, Elementary and Bilingual Education
  • Mark Ellis, Secondary Education
  • Margaret D. Garber, Liberal Studies
  • Maria Grant, Secondary Education
  • Christian Hill, Art
  • Susan M. Larsen, Human Services
  • Zhuangjie Li, Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Davina C. Ling, Economics
  • Stacy L. Mallicoat, Criminal Justice
  • Timothy E. Maloney, Radio-TV-Film
  • Robert A. McLain, History
  • Richard O Parry, Management
  • Patricia A. Prunty, Music
  • Lynn M. Sargeant, History
  • Christine Scher, Psychology
  • Jule Selbo, Radio-TV-Film
  • Susan Sy, Psychology
  • Jie W. Weiss, Kinesiology
  • Carl Wendt, Anthropology
  • Stephen Westbrook, English, Comparative Literature and Linguistics
  • Adam D. Woods, Geological Sciences
  • Feng Xiao, Economics

Susan Tschabrun was promoted to librarian.

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