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Adam Polcyn, right and his father, Mark Polcyn, built this 1957 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery together. Photo by Kelly Lacefield

Perspective and Guidance

Business Student Learns True Entrepreneurship From His Father and His Classes

June 16, 2009

By Pamela McLaren

When Cal State Fullerton student Adam Polcyn attends his business courses, particularly those in entrepreneurship, he remembers the words of his father.

“He’s been in business for 30 years and has always been self-employed,” said the college senior. “He says that working for himself is what has made him happiest in life. It’s because of him that I decided to major in business with a concentration in entrepreneurship.”

Polcyn has worked with his father at his Fullerton-based car business since he was 16, and has learned countless lessons from the hands-on experience he has gained over the past eight years. He said it has made him realize how hard his father worked — especially once he became more involved in the purchase, restoration and sale of classic cars.

“I always thought of my dad’s job was just finding the cars and then to fix them up,” Polcyn said. “But, after we started working together, I learned that everything must go through an extended process before completion.

“I am currently in charge of purchasing, marketing and sales of classic cars. Although school demands a good amount of my time, I still participate in the actual labor of building the cars to be aware of what it takes to bring cars up to the high level of quality we provide.

“It’s been hard but the experience I have gained by working at his side has been great,” said Polcyn, a member of Cal State Fullerton's Young Entrepreneur Society who will finish his final semester of college this fall.

With what he has learned from his father and with the emphasis on entrepreneurship in his business administration program, Polcyn has plans for his own new business: auto accessories.

“My teachers were great in helping prepare me for what I should expect in the business world. They stressed that I must be aware of all those things around you in order to make my job a success — including the current economy. I appreciated how up front they were about the situation we will be dealing with on our own once we are out of school.”

“My wish is that he remains in charge of his own destiny, the way I have always led my life,” said Adam's father, Mark.

“I know that there are no guarantees,” said Polcyn. “Chances are that many of us in the entrepreneur program won’t be successful the first time around, but it’s the experience that is valuable.

“My father has always said to me that Orange County is the land of opportunity, which is something that I will always remember as I grow my own business.

“And having my dad there to encourage me all along the way — there’s nothing better than that.”

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