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DeLana Bush-Hamblin Returns to Campus She Remembers as Home


From Dateline (September 2, 2004)

Q: What was it like opening the campus?

I really liked it because we were able to work with the architects, Physical Plant and design team from Cal State Fullerton to design the building and rooms the way we wanted. I worked very closely with the electricians and technicians. I had “hands-on” learning so I learned where all the ports and electrical network sys-tems are.


Q: Now that you’ve been here for two years, has the novelty of working in the place where you used to live worn off?

No. When I drive in, I’m always look-ing around – I see the area where there used to be a park or the area where I used to live. It’s still fun.

And I love the people I work with. George Giacumakis, the director of the El Toro Campus, is great. He used to get a kick out of telling everybody that George Bush is my father. That’s true – my father’s name is George Bush. Now he keeps telling everybody how I used to live here.



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Q&A with Bush-Hamblin

• DeLana Bush-Hamblin

• How old were you when you lived on the El Toro Marine Base? Did you live here long?

• What was it like coming back to El Toro to work?

• What are some of your fondest memories?

• What happened after you left school?

So you just can't get the military life out of your system? You sign up for the army and now you're back at the old base.

• What was it like opening the campus?

• Now that you've been here for two years, has the novelty of working in the place where you used to live worn off?


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