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Recall and Election Attracts Spotlight
by Gail Matsunaga


From Dateline (September 11, 2003)

Raphael Sonenshein
Political scientist Raphael J. Sonenshein is juggling the busy life of being a college professor and a political commentator during the upcoming recall vote and election. The political activity is providing plenty to discuss in the classroom as well as before microphones and cameras. Sonenshein has made appearances on CNN and National Public Radio, as well as being quoted in the Boston Globe, Los Angeles Times and various Associated Press articles.

One of the most compelling stories in California – in the country and even on an international level – is the upcoming recall vote and election. Political science professor Raphael J. Sonenshein has, over the last couple months, received numerous calls and requests from such national media outlets as CNN, “Talk of the Nation,” National Public Radio, Associated Press and Boston Globe for his insight and analyses.

He recently related some of his experiences and thoughts regarding this hotly debated issue.

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Q&A with Sonenshein

• Raphael Sonenshein

• This must be a fascinating time for you and your colleagues.

• What kinds of questions from the media have you been asked?

• This sounds similar to what you said in a Los Angeles Times article Aug. 11 regarding how the election would eventually feek more coherent.

• Is Peter Ueberroth out of the running?

• In the long term, what does it mean for us politically as a state? Will there be much change, or will it be back to business as usual?

• What do you think about the recall in general?

• Do you think voter turnout will be higher?

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