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There's Lots of Debate for These Professors
by Susan Katsaros


from Dateline ( January 30, 2003)

Jon Bruschke and jeannie Cobgalton
Jon Bruschke and Jeannie Congalton, associate professors of speech communication, direct the campus debate team, spending hours to prepare students to compete in numerous contests all over the country. In their spare time, they flex their debate skills in espousing their favorite baseball teams.

K. Jeanine Congalton and Jon C. Bruschke are both associate professors of speech communication and co-directors of the university's forensic team.

When two speech communication faculty members come together for an interview it promises to be a lively banter of information.

Bruschke earned a doctorate of speech communication from the University of Utah and his bachelor's and master's degrees in speech communication from Cal State Fullerton. Prior to coming to campus in 1997, he taught at Baylor University.

Congalton earned her bachelor of science degree in speech communication from Illinois State University; her master's from North Dakota State University; and her doctorate from the University of Utah. Prior to coming to Cal State Fullerton in 1989, Congalton taught at Fresno State.

Interestingly, Bruschke and Congalton coached forensics for a year while Bruschke finished his master's at Cal State Fullerton and Congalton remembers judging a high school competition in which Bruschke took part.

Both are devoted baseball fans: she for the Chicago Cubs, he for the New York Mets.


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Q/A with Bruschke & Congalton

• Introduction

• How do students get involved in debate and individual events?

What are this year's debate topics?

What is an individual event competition?

• Could you give me some examples of various individual event topics?

When did forensics begin at Cal State Fullerton?

You recently held a high school debate tournament on campus.

Why should students join the forensics team?

How many members are on the CSUF team? And what is the operating budget of the forensics team?

How many hours a week would you say our students devote to research, practice and travel? How many hours would you say you devote to forensics?

How often are you on the road with our students?

Why do you keep up this grueling schedule?

What have our forensic alumni done since graduation?

If any of the Dateline readers are interested in listening to our students in action, are there any upcoming opportunities?

Explain the Southern California Urban Debate League that you also oversee?

Have our student competitors qualified for nationals?

What are the debate team's present standings, which much like basketball, change practically weekly?

Any last thoughts?

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