From Static to Interactive

“Teachers need to know how to use the Internet-connected interactive whiteboards, and now, our teacher preparation students will be ahead of the curve and be leaders in this new technology.” — Loretta Donovan, assistant professor of elementary and bilingual education

Sign On, Camera, Podcast!

"The College of Education is revolutionizing teaching and learning through technology, which makes content and lessons come alive and helps to engage learners. We prepare our teacher candidates to use new technologies to become leaders in education." — Claire Cavallaro, dean of the College of Education

CSUF Puts Technology in the Hands of Future Teachers

The Elementary and Bilingual Education Department has launched a one-to-one laptop program for its credential students. The program’s goal is to give teacher candidates the tools they need to work in a digital classroom.

Class Assignment Turns into Real-World Lesson

Jennifer Ponder, assistant professor of elementary and bilingual education, teaches graduate students how they can make a difference in the lives of others, and use technology to share their story.