Precautions Urged When It Comes to Personal Possessions


October 2, 2006

By Gail Matsunaga

It only takes a minute for an iPod, laptop computer or wallet to disappear when it is left unattended on a desk, bench, cubicle, or in an untended office.
University Police are urging campus and community members to remember that tip as they work, study or visit the university.
“Sometimes there are people on campus who see an opportunity to take something that doesn’t belong to them and they act upon it, ” says Judi King, CSUF chief of police. “For that reason, we urge everyone to think before leaving personal possessions in a location that may not be secure.”
In addition to keeping an eye on personal possessions, University Police have several tips for personal security as well as other university services, such as escorts to and from campus locations and vehicle assistance can be found on the site.
Cal State Fullerton also has Campus Watch, a community-based crime prevention program patterned after Neighborhood Watch. The intent of Campus Watch, says King, is to improve crime prevention through enhanced awareness and prevention education, as well as the application of safety and security techniques.