New Student Records Program Launch Set

September 26, 2006

Faculty, staff and students can learn how the CMS student administration program will help in registration, grades and record keeping at a Wednesday, Sept. 27, CMS Campus Solutions Project Launch.
The 2-4 p.m. workshops will showcase how the new program, which will be implemented in 2007-08, can be used, including an overview of the project and demonstrations of how it can be used. Member of the campus CMS team will be on hand to answer questions.
For students, CMS Campus Solutions will replace and enhance all the functionality of TITAN Online, from admissions application status, financial aid application and award status, class schedule search, registration and display of registered classes, fee payment, transcript and grades, to degree audit.
Faculty will be able to use the program to get a list of their teaching schedule, class list — including a mechanism to email all or select students, post grades online and view degree audits for students advisement.
Staff also will be using the new software to access student information.
For more information, go to the CMS website.