CSUF adds up perfectly for this math professor

Dr. Rollin Sandberg helps students exiting the foster care system through his gifts to the Guardian Scholars program.


One of the earliest members of the Cal State Fullerton Math Department, Dr. Rollin Sandberg taught on campus between 1964 and 1989. After retirement, he pursued his love of reading, including American history and science. He is also a Titan baseball fan and regularly attends the games. Even though Rollin is now a professor emeritus, he can still teach us a lot about giving.

Rollin grew up in upstate New York. He received his master’s degree from the University of Buffalo and his doctorate from the University of Arizona. He soon became involved in the calculus sequence at Cal State Fullerton and taught calculus for most semesters. He also had other interests in analysis, including advanced calculus, differential equations and probability.

Being the first in his family to go to college, Rollin understands the struggle of students with similar backgrounds to his, and he wanted to help.

In addition to his outright gifts to the university, Rollin has created a bequest to benefit the Guardian Scholars program at Cal State Fullerton. This program supports ambitious, college-bound students who are exiting the foster care system.

“I want to support the students who really need help,” said Rollin. “I truly am impressed with the students in the Guardian Scholars program. More than anything, I want to help them learn something about how to live.”

For information about making a charitable bequest, please contact Steve Tanenbaum
at 657-278-3947.