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Veteran Chair Explains Collegial Governance, Its Role on Campus and Current Challenges


From Dateline (November 11, 2004)

Jack Bedell
Jack Bedell, professor of sociology and 2004-05 chair of the Academic Senate, presides over a recent meeting of the faculty advisory body. The veteran faculty member has served in the leadership position for three previous terms: in 1976-77, 1988-89 and 1989-90. A member of the campus community since 1969, Bedell has served in several capacities, including department chair, head of the statewide Academic Senate, acting associate vice chancellor for the CSU, acting associate vice president of academic affairs and acting director of the Faculty Development Center. Last month, Bedell served as moderator of the Issues That Divide town hall on “Same-Sex Marriage”.

Last spring, when Jack Bedell, professor of sociology, was elected to a fourth term as chair of the Academic Senate, he became the first faculty member to be elected four times to the leadership position. Recently, Bedell discussed the role of the Academic Senate and what he anticipates will be some of the challenges facing senators this year.

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Q&A with Bedell

• Jack Bedell

• What is the role of the Academic Senate? Has it changed over the years?

• What are some of the major issues this year?

• Are there other issues that are causing concern?

• Seventy-nine policy statements are out for review?

Another issue is civility on campus.

• Do Academic Senates differ from campus to campus?

• Is there a structure in terms of how the various colleges are represented?

• What are the qualities that an Academic Senate should have to ensure that it is effective?

• Why do you keep serving as chair?

• Are there any accomplishments you are most proud of?


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