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Awards and Honors

Campus Authors Recognized
by Gail Matsunaga


From Dateline (April 10, 2003)

American studies professor John D. Ibson, author of Picturing Men: A Century of Male Relationships in Everyday American Photography, provided the keynote address for the 4th annual Author Awards luncheon at the Marriott Hotel last month. This year's event recognized 34 books authored/edited by 35 faculty members, including Ibson. They are:

Gordon M. Bakken, professor of history - editor, California History: A Topical Approach, Harlan Davidson Publishers; JoAnn Carter-Wells, professor of reading, and Jane Hopper, third edition of The Language of Learning: Vocabulary for College and Careers, Harcourt; Grace C. Cho, assistant professor of secondary education, and Sarah Cho - editors, Jo gi Yu Hwak (Studying Abroad at an Early Age), Easy Books; Touraj Daryaee, assistant professor of history, _ahrest_n_h_ _ _r_n_ ahr: A Middle Persian Text on Late Antique Geography, History and Epic, Mazda Publishers; the late Clark Davis, associate professor of history, and David Igler - editors, The Human Tradition in California, Scholarly Resources; and Angela J. Della Volpe, associate dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Karlene Jones-Bley, Martin Huld and Miriam Robbins Dexter - editors, Proceedings of the Thirteenth Annual UCLA Indo-European Conference, 2001, Institute for the Study of Man.

David L. DeVries, professor of communications, and Marvin J. Rosen, emeritus professor of communications, Photography and Digital Imaging, Kendall Hunt Publishing; Zvi Drezner, professor of information systems and decision sciences, and Horst Hamacher - editors, Facility Location: Applications and Theory, SpringerVerlag Berlin Heidelberg; Anthony R. Fellow, professor of communications, and Thomas N. Clanin, lecturer in communications, The Copy Editors Handbook for Newspapers, Morton Publishing; Sheryl I. Fontaine, professor of English, comparative literature and linguistics, Pat Belancoff, Marcia Dickson and Charles Moran - editors, Writing With Elbow, Utah State University Press; and Robert H. Gass, professor of speech communication, and John S. Seiter, second edition of Persuasion, Social Influence, and Compliance Gaining, Allyn & Bacon.

Timothy D. Green, assistant professor of elementary and bilingual education, and Abbie H. Brown, associate professor of elementary and bilingual education, Multimedia Projects in the Classroom: A Guide to Development and Evaluation, Corwin Press; Lynne S. Gross, professor of radio-television-film, eighth edition of Telecommunication: Radio, Television and Movies in the Digital Age, McGrawHill; Theodore V. Hromadka II, professor of mathematics, A MultiDimensional Complex Variable Boundary Element Method, WIT Press; and Karen S. Ivers, associate professor of elementary and bilingual education, and Ann Barron, second edition of Multimedia Projects in Education: Designing, Producing, and Assessing and the fourth edition of Technologies for Education: A Practical Guide, with Ann Barron, Gary Orwig and Nick Lilavois, both published by Libraries Unlimited.

Ellen N. Junn, associate dean of the College of Human Development and Community Service, and Chris Boyatzis - editors, ninth edition of Annual Editions: Child Growth & Development, Dushkin/McGraw Hill; Alan S. Kaye, professor of English, comparative literature and linguistics, and Garland Cannon, The Persian Contrbutions to the English Languages: An Historical Dictionary, Harrassowitz Verlag, and with Mauro Tosco, Pidgin and Creole Languages: A Basic Introduction, Lincom Europa; Ellen Kottler, lecturer in secondary education, and Jeffrey A. Kottler, chair and professor of counseling, Children With Limited English: Teaching Strategies for the Regular Classroom, Corwin Press; Jeffrey A. Kottler, chair and professor of counseling, Counselors Finding Their Way, American Counseling Association Press; Theories in Counseling and Therapy: An Experiential Approach, Allyn & Bacon; and Students Who Drive You Crazy: Succeeding With Resistant, Unmotivated and Otherwise Difficult Young People, Corwin Press; and James R. Lasley and George M. Dery III, professors of criminal justice, and Michael Hooper, the second edition of The California Criminal Justice System, Prentice Hall.

John A. Lawrence and Barry A. Pasternack, professors of information systems and decision sciences, Applied Management Science: Modeling, Spreadsheet Analysis, and Communication for Decision Making, John Wiley & Sons; John H. Mathews, professor of mathematics, and Kurtis D. Fink, the third edition of the Chinese translation of Numerical Methods Using Matlab, Pearson Education and Publishing House of Electronics Industry; Wayne E. Overbeck, professor of communications, the 2003 edition of Major Principles of Media Law, Wadsworth Publishing; Jacob Pandian, professor of anthropology, Supernaturalism in Human Life: A Discourse on Myth, Ritual and Religion, Vedams Books; and Alan L. Saltzstein, professor of political science, Governing America's Urban Areas, Wadsworth/ Thomson Learning.

Lori K. Sheeran, associate professor of anthropology, Biruté M.F. Galdakis, Nancy Erickson Briggs, Gary L. Shapiro and Jane Goodall - editors, All Apes Great and Small, Volume I: African Apes, Kluwer Academic Publishers; Susan G. Shipstead, lecturer in child and adolescent studies, and Sheryl Nicolson, the third edition of Through the Looking Glass: Observations in the Early Childhood Classroom, Merrill Prentice Hall; Ephraim P. Smith, vice president for academic affairs, Philip Harmelink and James Hasselback - editors, the 19th edition of 2003 Federal Taxation: Basic Principles, Commerce Clearing House; and Hallie K. Yopp and Ruth H. Yopp, professors of elementary and bilingual education, the second edition of Oo-pples and Boo-noo-noos: Songs and Activities for Phonemic Awareness, Harcourt Press.

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