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Bringing the Global Experience to Cal State Fullerton
Lisa Xue, Arthur Wang
Lisa Xue, director of international programs-Asia in University Extended Education, and Arthur Wang, program coordinator, display some Chinese documents related to their work. When groups come to campus from other countries for a special program or advanced training, it is often Xue and Wang who have worked with campus faculty and administrators to make their stay amenable.

May 5, 2005
By Pamela McLaren

When groups of Chinese managers or Vietnamese teachers come to Cal State Fullerton for advanced study or training, the people who often make sure that the arrival, living arrangements and other amenities are amenable are Lisa Xue and Arthur Wang of University Extended Education.

Xue, director of international programs-Asia, and Wang, program coordinator, work with universities and communities, as well as members of the campus community, to develop academic programs that bring benefits to students and faculty on both sides of the globe.

“Our goal is to build a bridge of international understanding,” says Xue. “We, working with others on campus to establish successful international programs, are creating a brand name with other countries.”

One such program is Experience China, a program begun last year. In that program two groups of California educators traveled to China: one group worked with Chinese students in an international summer camp; the other worked with Chinese teachers, helping them enhance their skills in teaching English.

Q: Do you only work on programs created by University Extended Education?

No, many times programs are arranged by administrators and faculty members on campus. In those cases we handle the administrative part so that the faculty can focus on the academic part of their programs. Arthur helps with the housing arrangements, the logistics – such as airport pick up, transportation to and from the university, etc. Right away our goal is to make these international visitors feel welcome and comfortable.

We love being able to help make the job easier for our faculty members so they can make the best use of their time in sharing their experience and knowledge.

Q: It sounds like we have developed quite an extensive effort with China.

Yes, Cal State Fullerton works closely with colleges and universities and government organizations throughout China to develop degree programs and specialized training. Our efforts include both long- and short-term training programs. For example, 13 government officials from Pudong, China, were here earlier in the year to attend a six-month training program in public administration. This was the first year in a three-year agreement with the region.

We also have a group of faculty who came here for six months from Guizhou.

They came to gain a perspective of American higher education. I have been working with Fudan University’s Continuing Education Unit on offering a master’s degree program in educational leadership, as well as a training program for administrators and faculty members.

In addition, we’ve been working with Louise Adler [chair of educational leadership] to bring public school principals from China to attend campus lectures and panel discussions. They are expected to arrive this fall, again as part of a three-year agreement Cal State Fullerton has made.

China, of course, is but one country in Asia we are working with. There are also programs with Vietnam, Japan and Korea. Last year a group of five professors from a Japanese university took part in a “shadowing” program with professors of our university, and at the beginning of this month there was a delegation from Vietnam National University-Ho Chi Minh that visited the campus to learn more about the faculty shadowing program.

Q: Why do you think Cal State Fullerton has been so successful in international programs?

China is very careful about choosing partners, so when they choose to send groups here it is a great honor. They are looking for the best quality programs. The prestige of our university and of our administrators has helped make our efforts successful. President Gordon has a great vision and his efforts have been helpful in developing Cal State Fullerton’s reputation.

We also have great support and cooperation with the deans, department chairs and many faculty members on campus. We feel very comfortable with each department and college – this helps us feel motivated to work hard. With such support, we can’t do less.

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