Meet the Faculty

Trio Lead Chicana and Chicano Studies Courses

The mission of Cal State Fullerton's Chicana and Chicano Studies Department is to "enhance students' knowledge, skills and motivation to appreciate the history and experience of diverse Chicano and Latino communities in the U.S. through a curriculum that emphasizes the social sciences, humanities and arts."

Courses focus on myriad topics, including history, politics and race, class and gender issues.

The department has three tenure-track professors. They are:

Short description of image content Alexandro José Gradilla
Assistant professor and chair
Research interests: cultural competence, public health and medical anthropology perspectives, bioethics and minority communities, intellectual history, Chicana and Chicano and ethnic studies, post-colonial studies, new social movements, ontologies and epistemologies of the Mexican origin population; gender and masculinity; ethnography in urban and school settings

Short description of image content Erualdo R. González
Assistant professor
Research interests: community development, public policy, urban planning and healthy communities, resident participation, community-based research methodologies and immigrants and civic institutions

Short description of image content Patricia A. Pérez
Assistant professor
Research interests: U.S. educational inequality, with an emphasis on the Chicano and Latino population; higher education access and equity; college choice; college persistence and retention issues; Latino-serving institutions, financial aid policy and racial diversity in higher education


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