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From Dateline (November 11, 2004)

Womenís Largesse Recognized by Campus Group

When it came to philanthropy, the saying went, women give their time and men give their money. Although women continue to donate their time, they also have increasingly become more financially independent and empowered – putting them in a position to make a difference in new ways.

In recognition of this expanding role, Women & Philanthropy was organized to acknowledge women throughout the campus community as major donors, leaders and decision- makers. Currently in its formative stages, the group comprises women faculty and staff members, alumnae and friends of the university whose annual contributions to Cal State Fullerton is $500 or more.

An inaugural lunch meeting late last month featured the topic “Debating the 2004 Campaign Issues: Separating Rhetoric From Reality” with guest speakers Barbara Stone and Sandra Sutphen, emeriti professors of political science.

The organization’s mission is to: broaden the base of financial support by women at CSUF; support programs on campus that reflect the varied interests of women; engage women philanthropists through programmatic activities in the life of the university; and identify opportunities and advocate for women’s leadership at the university.

“Throughout history, women have never questioned their ability to make a difference in the world through their donations of time and talent,” says Patricia Boggs, senior director of development for University Advancement. “They have founded hospitals, sheltered the homeless and established schools. They are poised to discover their capacity to transform the world through financial giving.”

Among the statistics that illustrate women’s emerging financial strength, the IRS reported that in 1998, approximately 39 percent of the top wealth holders in the United States were women. And in 2002, the Center for Women’s Business Research found that one in 11 women in the country was a business owner, and their companies continue to grow one-and-a-half to two times the rate of all firms.

Heading Women & Phil-anthropy is its leadership committee, composed of alumnae Melinda Guinaldo (B.A. English ’89), real estate agent for Coldwell Banker; Peggy Hammer (B.A. speech ’66, M.A. teacher education ’70); Linna Hanson (B.A. art ’82), program officer for the Keck Foundation; Theresa Harvey (B.A. communications ’81), director of development for the Boys & Girls Club of Fullerton; Susan Reese (B.F.A. graphic design ’86), Susan Reese Designs; Verne Wagner (B.A. business administration ’77); and university friend Nannette MacBeth, senior vice president of Merrill Lynch.

For more information about Women & Philanthropy, visit or contact Boggs at 278-4732.