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October 4, 2004 :: No. 47

10th Consecutive Fall Enrollment Increase Posted at Cal State Fullerton

Cal State Fullerton welcomed a record 32,744 students this fall, according to census figures compiled by Admissions and Records — up from 32,592 tallied in fall 2003.

Steady enrollment growth over the course of 10 consecutive fall semesters underscores the continuing popularity of the university with area students. Earlier this year, decreases in state support for the California State University system prompted curtailment of spring 2004 enrollment and early closure for fall 2004 admissions for most fields of study. The final state budget restored some CSU funding, lessening the need to restrict admissions.

“Even though we suffered funding cuts, we were still able to deliver a record fall enrollment, and we expect to have an even larger spring class,” said Ephraim P. Smith, vice president for academic affairs. “For admission to campus this fall, we received more than 40,000 applications. Our student body is robust, and we are very pleased with its diversity.”

Fall census figures indicate that more than half of the university’s students are members of ethnic minority groups. In addition, new student enrollment was strong, while continuing student numbers decreased slightly, due, in part, to a record number of graduates in a single year — more than 6,800 in 2004.

The university’s full-time-equivalent student (FTES) count of 24,142 also is a record for the university. One FTE equals 15 units of student course work and is the basis for allocating state funding to the campus.

Female students remain in the majority at 60 percent of the student body, and more than 64 percent of Cal State Fullerton students are enrolled in 12 or more units.

The number of students enrolled at the university’s El Toro Campus is 3,034, including 1,214 attending classes solely at the branch campus.

Applications for spring admission are now being accepted for all fields of study. For more information, go to: