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From Dateline (September 2, 2004)

College of the Arts Gets High Marks for Hispanic Majors

Cal State Fullerton’s student diversity was reflected in a recent report published by Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education.

In its Aug. 9 issue, the publication reported Cal State Fullerton as third in a top-25 list of universities and colleges for its number of Hispanic students graduating with degrees in fine arts and arts studies. Fullerton also placed sixth place for Hispanic students earning degrees in dance and 19th for music degrees awarded to Hispanics.

The publication used 2002 data available from the National Center for Educational Statistics to determine its lists in fine arts, music, dance and film/video and photographic arts. The publication’s executive editor noted that a majority of California schools were represented in the lists of arts degrees: 47 California universities and colleges were named in the five categories out of a total of 125. Florida had a total of 18 schools listed in the rankings, followed by New York with 16.

In the rankings for arts and fine arts degrees, Cal State University campuses took the four top slots: Los Angeles, Long Beach, Fullerton and Northridge, followed by UCLA in fifth and San Diego State in sixth. Eleven California universities made the top 25 in fine arts and arts.

Earlier in the year, Cal State Fullerton was ranked in sixth place nationally for awarding bachelor’s degrees to Hispanics and 23rd for number of master’s degrees awarded to Hispanics, according to Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education’s annual “Top 100.” Both rankings were based on 2002 data gathered by the National Center for Education, U.S. Department of Education.