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From Dateline (October 28, 2004)

Team Works to Make ‘Talking’ to Satellites Easier

A Cal State Fullerton team of students and faculty members is working to put a NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory telecommunications link analysis and operation system on the Web, in order to make it easier to “talk” to satellites in space.

Tae-wan Ryu, assistant professor of computer science, was recently awarded an additional $22,988 NASA/JPL contract to complete the work that began in 2002. Ryu has been awarded a total of $104,202 since the project began.

“Each user of the system has had to install it onto his or her computer,” explains Ryu, adding that the system is used at NASA facilities throughout the United States and by other countries to communicate with their satellites. “By putting the system on the Web, it will be easier to use and more flexible to use. Changes and improvements can be made and available immediately to users, rather than having to wait for the upgrades to be sent to them.

”Working with Ryu on the project are undergraduate students David Maust and Anastasia Deckard. Collaborating with them is Charles H. Lee, associate professor of mathematics.

Ryu joined the Cal State Fullerton faculty in 1999 and holds a doctorate from the University of Houston.