Faculty Member Named President Elect

John Patton Serving on the Board of the Evolutionary Anthropology Society

July 16, 2007

By Mimi Ko Cruz

John Patton, assistant professor of anthropology, has been elected to serve as president-elect of the Evolutionary Anthropology Society (EAS).

Patton, who helped found the EAS six years ago and has served on the board since its inception, beings his term of office in November. He will serve as president elect for two years, then as president for two years and past president for an additional two-year term. During the next two years, he also will chair the society’s program committee.

Part of the American Anthropological Association (AAA), EAS promotes the application of evolutionary theory to the analysis of human behavior and culture by anthropology researchers.

“EAS is a young society,” said Patton, who joined Cal State Fullerton in 2005. “We have a strong foundation, a growing membership and great promise. In recent years, the ranks of evolutionary anthropologists have expanded, yet a large number were no longer members of the AAA, until EAS was established. I am committed to expanding our presence within the AAA in terms of membership, presentations at the annual meetings and visibility.

“I strongly feel that one of the most important goals of the EAS is to support and encourage our student members,” he added. “The EAS encourages students to pursue their interests in evolutionary theory, providing awards, opportunities for professional networking and a venue for their professional presentations at a critical stage of their careers…. As president, I will be dedicated to promotion and expansion of the EAS, its goals and its membership.”


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